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Exposing Communist Infiltration of the Church: Eric Metaxas

POLITICS: Exposing Communist Infiltration of the Church: Eric Metaxas – Video

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What Do You Think?

  1. False prophets are everywhere. To many pastors, preist, etc have been using our lord for a commerical business to profit either through the government or the christian ppl. If u cant stand up for Gods ppl you are a false prophet.
    Same with the Christian ppl that sit idol and not stand up to the evils being commited against this nation, not wanting to get involved or speak up against trafficking, pushing this trans thing in schools, antisemetic protest supporting genocide and terrorist, etc.
    They are committing evils theirself by letting these things to happen and not standing up for our lord. They are the Judas of this country that turned his back and denied Jesus.

  2. All of us individually need to be working on waking up first… INDIVIDUAL AWAKENING. Without it you can forget about a group of people getting together to make their voices louder if they're a bunch of sleepers. Communism is implemented in steps…done this way to avoid detection by the adversary

  3. I know that a lot of people probably won't like what I'm going to say but different denominations of churches cause division and that is what the word means we could all come together think about it.

  4. Unfortunately, it may already be too late. This administration is coming after any church that has a political view unless it's on their side. Not long ago, they took down a preacher for suggesting on his own to suggest a candidate. They're threatening him with investigation and taking away the church's tax-free statis.
    This is a cunning and evil administration that will do whatever it takes. Its up to us, all of us to just say no. To force this ideology out of our lives. We saw how many churches folded during C19. Practically all of them with very few exceptions. If it were up to the churches, we'd lose. It's up to all of us.

  5. Bless the Lord for you both!!!!!!

    Stand strong!!!!


  6. Coincidentally Germany let women vote right before Adolf Hitler gained power. The women voted for him in Mass.. they always vote for freebies.. random thought

  7. If you understand bible prophecy you will know that we are in the end of days. JESUS is building his church and in process of separating the sheep from the goats. ALSO America is under judgement and by the way America is not in bible prophecy. Eric it is the end of the world as we know it. Christ's kingdom is comming. The game is over..

  8. The Christian churches in America have been infiltrated by an evil force, and it is not communism. It's worse than that. It's worse than Naziism. It is so thoroughly racist that it seeks the destruction of all societies outside of it's own. It is so ruthless that it celebrates the slaughter of whole cities, towns and villages, bombs hospitals and aid workers and buries it's victims (50% children, some buried alive) in mass graves, so deceptive that it murders news reporters. It is so prevalent it has a popular name: Christian Zionism. Christian Zionism is a contradiction in terms. If you are a Zionist, you are not a Christian.

  9. The IRS is the tool the govt used to silence the Church.
    Tax breaks allowed the Church to become dependent on that savings to survive instead of pushing all membership to tithe and make up for that tax break being removed, so now the govt uses that tax break to cow them.

  10. I saw the 'churches' get involved in commie politics in the early '70s and quit them then. Mind your own business is still the best policy.

  11. What's the Bible say about politics. What should our involvement be?
    For those who say the church should stay out, consider this: The first five books was to teach the recently freed Hebrew slaves how to govern. Joshua, Judges puts it in practice and give warning to backsliding from it. Esther is about speaking out. Ezra and Nehemiah is about a wall of protection. Proverbs and PSALMS gives wisdom for good governing. All the prophets spoke to governing leaders for or against their deeds. The new testament took over countries that were against God. Jesus and John the Baptist spoke against political leaders. The apostles said to obey God rather than man.
    Don't get me wrong…the Bible doesn't support anarchy. It say righteousness exalted a nation. Also, the government is upon his shoulders. (If not, the consequences are bad). We all have a part to play. I'm not saying we should all run for office or grab a sign and protest. We all have a part to play and doing nothing is not an option.
    Apostle Paul spoke before leaders, often in court. Revelation is God saying enough. I'm taking over. He rewards those who were bold and punished the cowardly.
    Ok, just to be sure you don't misunderstand me, the Bible is a holy book that addresses a multitude of issues. It's not just a political handbook. But it is very clear about what it says.

  12. We are seeing more and more sin and violence in this world. We do need to stand up.
    We are getting even closer to the rapture of Christ's church! Amen!

  13. the Acronym N A Z I stands for NationalSOCIALISTgermanWorker'sParty… anyone pushing for S O C I A L I S M is pushing for history to repeat it's self…History is cyclical..

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