New York: Saturday, May 25, 2024
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New York: Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Politics: Alec Baldwin May Have To Rethink His Strategy If

POLITICS: Alec Baldwin may have to rethink his strategy if he wants to offload his $18.9M Hamptons house

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Hamps has lots to salebrate

Alec Baldwin cut his price to $18.9M, but still difficult to sell his handsome historic Hamptons home. He’ll soon even throw spaghetti at its walls to get it sold this summer.

Ideas include a celeb party for some cause and/or direct calls by Alec to prospects, plus additional social media.

The property’s costly. His legal defense fund needs cash. There’s interest but no hard offers.

Developers suggest ditching his current strategy.

Reprogram it to suggest even a teardown because “the backyard is too big anyway” or be stuck with the seven-bedroom home — circa 1740 — for another hundred years. 

Sketched out

Everyone’s unloading something. In some cases, wives. In other cases, shmattas.

Legendary doodler Al Hirschfeld was called “The Line King.” Now a Playbill full of actors have signed his drawings. All up for auction to benefit Broadway Cares.

If you care, bid on Alan Alda, Julie Andrews, Kevin Bacon, Joel Grey, Mark Hamill, Jessica Lange, Liza and her “Z,” Bernadette Peters, Linda Ronstadt.

It’s more than a dozen Tony winners in the group. 

Table manners

Meantime, if in the city and trying for a decent table at Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bar — just so you’re not seated in Asbury Park — better get to know Nelly Moudime. She runs the room. Just letting you know.

More meanwhile. Jude Law in Queens stopped in at Wyckoff Avenue Starbucks. Alone. Ordered just coffee. See, he didn’t know Nelly Moudime. 

Divas unleashed in Midtown

It’s been Westminster time. Take a dog to lunch.

My Yorkshire terrier Jellybean is 5 pounds. The size of a trimmed beard. And spoiled? You’d divorce a guy for less difficulty.

He has a personal trainer. I weigh 115. I do not have a personal trainer. For my ferocious animal one came in to first interview me.

My former spoiled Yorkie — named Jazzy — was given a personal fitting at Ralph Lauren’s Madison Avenue shop. He was getting a cashmere sweater.

I also got a cashmere sweater there but I was never given a personal fitting by a Ralph Lauren manager.

A dog is like a husband. You have to feed him, pet him, take care of him, let him out once in awhile and you definitely have to give him toilet training.

Stuffing Jellybean in his bag I took him once to a church. Bad move.

They had a replacement substitute soloist who sounded like someone tearing a dishrag. I was OK. Jellybean, not.

He jumped from his bag and made it up the aisle. Thank goodness he’s low-slung. My head down, I lunged after him. Fellow parishioners thought my hairpiece had dropped on the floor.

I hope you enjoyed Westminster. 


This rarely pops up in daily conversation but due to my extremely elevated IQ I thought it important information for civilization to know.

A group called the Academy of Carnal Arts and Sciences once nominated Denzel Washington’s posterior as “The Best Male Butt.” You’re welcome. 

Our attorney general. A lawyer of extremely enormous and fabulously top draw and super great achievement

In the legal world this man has bagged some great assignments. Just last week friends saw him at Safeway. He was bagging bananas.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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