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New York: Friday, May 24, 2024
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Politics: Don't Buy The Left's Gaslighting — 'outside Agitators' Aren't

POLITICS: Don’t buy the left’s gaslighting — ‘outside agitators’ aren’t behind campus antisemitism

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Far-left and pro-Palestine extremists mobilized at Columbia University last week for an occupation that’s shut down campus.

Promoters of revolutionary “direct action” chanted explicitly in support of Hamas and urged the Palestinian Islamist terror group to “Burn Tel Aviv to the ground.”

Over the weekend, a group of pro-Israel counterprotesters were met by a keffiyeh-wearing woman who held up a sign and arrow declaring: “Al-Qasam’s next targets.”

Al-Qassam Brigades is the Hamas military wing that led the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks in Israel.

Occupations have spread to dozens of higher-educational institutions across North America, becoming violent — and more organized.

In response to the bad PR, left-wing politicians are gaslighting us.

“Throughout history, protests were co-opted and made to look bad so police and public leaders would shut them down,” Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted.

Her daughter, a communist activist, was arrested at Columbia last week.

New York City Councilman Chi Ossé wrote: “I unequivocally condemn the vile antisemitic incidents from OUTSIDE perpetrators we’ve seen in the area.”

Blaming outsiders was a left-wing tactic when the 2020 George Floyd riots burned down neighborhoods and killed people.

But those weren’t and aren’t outsiders.

These are people on their side, in their movement, with similar goals.

From the immediate hours after Oct. 7, Nazi imagery, leftist justifications and Islamic extremism have been at protests’ forefront.

I tried my best through reporting on Antifa and Black Lives Matter to warn the public, especially liberals, that normalizing political extremism and violence would come to harm us all, not just those on the right.

For this, I became persona non grata to liberals and was branded “far right.”

CNN host Jake Tapper’s left-wing followers shamed him into deleting a post expressing solidarity with me after I was hospitalized for a brain bleed following a 2019 Antifa mob beating.

Today’s anti-Israel extremism is part of the same moving train that drove violence in 2020, the anti-MAGA riots before that and the campus social-justice craze before that.

In fact, the people and tactics are largely the same.

The campus occupations are modeled after Seattle’s 2020 “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” where masked far-left militants occupied urban land by force and created a separate society that didn’t recognize American laws.

Seattle and Washington state’s left-wing leadership allowed CHAZ to operate, much like university administrators are now.

As then, extremists are using Venmo, GoFundMe, Cash App and other platforms to raise cash for supplies, food, tents and bail money.

Chicago-based journalism professor and occupier Steven Thrasher described Columbia’s camp: “I saw students experiment [with] making a society: they are experimenting [with] self governance, and with educating, entertaining, praying with, feeding, defending, organizing and caring for one another. How beautiful is that?!”

Note: CHAZ’s experiment quickly devolved into a “Lord of the Flies” nightmare where the police “no-go zone” became a magnet for criminals, rapists and murderers.

Six people were shot at CHAZ; two, including a child, died.

CHAZ was defined by violence and authoritarianism, which we’re increasingly seeing at campus encampments.

A student journalist was bashed in the face at Yale last week.

Photographers are asked to identify themselves and follow made-up police-state media restrictions.

At Cal Poly Humboldt, extremists barricaded themselves in a building and bashed responding police on the head with weapons (the campus remains closed).

And Thursday morning, masked extremists mobilized to a fire alley by Boston’s Emerson College and deployed an “umbrella brigade” to assault police.

Four officers were injured, one seriously.

Umbrellas became a dual-usage tool of 2020 rioters: to block themselves from cameras and to assault people.

In Portland, police arrested an Antifa rioter and confiscated an umbrella whose tip had a blade affixed.

The violence against police also serves the purpose of escalating physical confrontations that form the basis of future frivolous civil lawsuits where Democrat-run cities settle for tens of millions of dollars.

Taking advantage of dismantled anti-masking laws because of COVID, militants go to lengths to hide their identities because their movement is filled with criminal activities.

Jurisdictions like New York used to ban masking in public, which made it easier to disrupt Ku Klux Klan events and prosecute those committing crimes.

Now masking is a defining feature of American leftist direct actions.

Beyond the violent tactics, far-left extremists see the occupations as an opportunity to radicalize and recruit through political propaganda justifying terrorism against America and Israel.

In 2020, text distribution became a fixture of Antifa riots, aiming to brainwash sympathizers into becoming fellow “revolutionaries” willing to kill police and burn down state institutions.

One of the texts being distributed at the University of Michigan encampment, “10 Anarchist Theses on Palestine Solidarity in the United States,” shows a man holding a rifle.

The booklet’s instruction is clear: “Freedom for Palestine means Death to America.”

Another text is titled “’Operation Al Aqsa Flood’ Was an Act of Decolonization,” referring to Hamas’ Oct. 7 terrorism.

Far-left critical race theorists support those acts of terrorism as “decolonization in action” — and they’d like similar attacks to take place domestically.

The inability of liberal leadership, legacy media and Democrats to respond to years of spiraling far-left extremism in America is an indictment against themselves because they control the institutions tasked with educating the public about extremism.

So-called counter-extremist academics and “hate watch” groups, part of a bloated multimillion-dollar industry, have focused exclusively on the right.

Some might be implicated in far-left extremism themselves. 

Thomas Webb Jurgens, a Southern Poverty Law Center attorney, was charged with domestic terrorism last year over an Antifa-linked attack on Atlanta police. (He has pleaded not guilty.)

The left continues to gaslight us about who the extremists are and fault phantom “outside agitators,” but this is your Frankenstein’s monster.

Own it and finally do something.

Andy Ngo is a senior editor at The Post Millennial and author of The New York Times bestseller “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.”

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