New York: Friday, May 17, 2024
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New York: Friday, May 17, 2024
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Politics: Joe Biden Is Far From 'decent' Despite What The

POLITICS: Joe Biden is far from ‘decent’ despite what the media and celebrities may claim

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Joe Biden is the least popular president of the past 70 years, according to a new Gallup poll.

But you wouldn’t know it if you were at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington on Saturday night. The glittering event is supposed to be a roast of the president.

Instead, it was a flattering suck-up to Biden amid jabs at Donald Trump.

“SNL” comedian Colin Jost, best known as Scarlett Johansson’s second husband, is a Staten Island boy who reads The Post, so you’d think he’d be cluey. But he ended his performance with a gushing tribute to Biden’s “decency.”

“My grandfather, a Staten Island firefighter, voted for you, Mr. President . . . because you are a decent man. My grandpa voted for decency. . . . Decency is how we’re able to be here tonight. Decency is how we’re able to make jokes about each other and one of us doesn’t go to prison after.”

For that sycophantic slop, Jost got a standing ovation from the people who are supposed to hold the government accountable.

Laughable speech

Joe Biden is not “decent.” He made that clear a few minutes before Jost took the stage when he gave a graceless, inappropriate stump speech in which he lied about Trump and then laughably urged the assembled media to fight “disinformation.”

As if Corn Pop’s pal isn’t the leading source of disinformation.

Biden rolled out his favorite lies about Trump, like: “He said he wants to be a dictator on Day One.”

False. When asked if he would be a “dictator” in office, Trump joked, “No, other than Day One.”

Biden said Trump “promised a bloodbath when he loses again. We have to take this seriously.”

False: Trump said there would be an economic bloodbath if he were to lose the election.

Biden then called on the journalists in the room to report “truth over lies. . . . In an age of disinformation, credible information people can trust is more important than ever.”

Honestly, there’s nothing decent about a president who lies and gaslights the American people day after day.

There’s nothing decent about throwing your political opponent in jail, as Biden and his cronies are trying to do to Trump.

“I’ve had a great stretch since the State of the Union, but Donald has had a few rough days lately. You might call it ‘Stormy’ weather,” Biden quipped, referring to Trump’s Stormy Daniels hush money trial.

Boom boom.

There’s nothing decent about:

  • Helping your family sell out the country to shady foreigners for tens of millions of dollars — and then pretending you know nothing about it.
  • Inviting millions of illegal migrants into the country — and then lying that the border is secure.
  • Inviting a transgender influencer to the White House who bares their breasts on the White House lawn.
  • Sniffing and fondling children and women every chance you get.
  • Allegedly sexually assaulting Tara Reade.
  • Presiding over such a decline in decorum in Washington that cocaine is discovered at the White House and a Democrat staffer posts an X-rated video of his gay sex romp inside a Senate hearing room.
  • Rewriting Title IX into a radical attack on girls and women.
  • Allowing White House and campaign staff to refer routinely to Trump as “Hitler Pig.”
  • Cursing out staff and calling a reporter a “Stupid son of a bitch.”
  • Refusing to acknowledge your out-of-wedlock grandchild until forced to issue a statement as part of a child support settlement Hunter Biden struck with the mother, and then failing to include the little girl in the annual family Christmas stocking lineup at the White House.
  • Lying that the innocent truck driver involved in the fatal collision with your first wife was drunk.
  • Refusing to provide Secret Service protection to Bobby Kennedy Jr., despite threats against him and the history of assassination in his family.
  • Botching the withdrawal from Afghanistan so that 13 service members are killed by a suicide bomber and then ordering a revenge hit that takes out an innocent Afghan aid worker and his family.
  • Continually looking at your watch in boredom as the bodies of the 13 heroes are repatriated to Dover Air Force base, and then infuriating the families by making it about yourself and the fantasy that your son died in combat, too.
  • Allowing your dogs to attack Secret Service agents.
  • Larping as a devout Catholic while championing abortion on demand until the moment of birth.

If you want to vote for Joe Biden, that’s your choice, but don’t pretend it’s a vote for decency.

Pot and Pandering

A reader in Larchmont has sent me a flyer he received in the mail from some outfit peddling marijuana products.

It has photos of buds “grown in American soil by passionate family farms,” as well as edibles, vapes, joints, concentrates and cookies.

The small print says you have to be 21 to partake. So, as long as you swear that you’re of age, you can avail yourself of “easy ordering with just a few clicks” in “discreet and confidential packaging.”

Honestly, what is stopping teenagers from ordering this stuff and frying their brains? What are gummies but gateway drugs for kids? It’s sick that it’s easier for an 18-year-old in America to consume pot than to get a beer.

While his administration moves to ban menthol cigarettes, Joe Biden used his State of the Union address this year to promise “cannabis reform,” a k a legalizing marijuana.

The legalization of marijuana is an unmitigated disaster. The scientific evidence has been incontrovertible for decades that marijuana triggers psychosis in the genetically vulnerable, especially when the brain is developing between puberty and the mid-20s.

For example, a longitudinal study of 50,000 Swedish conscripts from 1987 found that cannabis users were twice as likely as nonusers to develop psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia.

Heavy users had a six times greater risk. And back then it was a far-less-potent drug than what’s being pushed now by Big Weed.

There’s no going back once you’ve had a psychotic episode.

The mental illness epidemic evident on the streets of American cities owes a lot to the cowardice and cynicism of politicians on both sides of the fence when it comes to drugs.

Marijuana legalization was never going to stop the illegal drug trade. It is just about making money and pandering to young voters.

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