New York: Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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New York: Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Politics: Icc Issues Warrants For Israeli Officials, Letters

POLITICS: ICC issues warrants for Israeli officials, Letters

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Kangaroo court

The International Criminal Court lacks jurisdiction in Israel (“Unwarranted,” Post­Opinion, Orde F. Kittrie, May 1).

If the ICC issues a warrant for the arrest of Israeli officials (including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) on bogus war-crimes charges, it would not be enforceable. It would, however, complicate United States and Israeli diplomacy. For President Biden, it complicates his failing campaign.

The Israel Defense Forces are justified in their campaign to destroy Hamas terrorists anywhere in Gaza, including Rafah. Officials at the ICC are playing into the hands of Hamas by making outrageous and inflammatory claims about fake war crimes, human-rights violations and genocide by Israel.

James Patterson, Washington, DC

Flatiron heyday

The Post’s story on the Flatiron District is inaccurate on multiple counts (“Flatline,” April 30).

Flatiron is thriving. Retail vacancies are between 10% and 13%, lower than the Manhattan average. Since January, 32 businesses have either opened in the district or announced they will be opening soon. Robberies and burglaries are down from last year, by 36% and 64%, respectively.

In March, average daily pedestrian counts on the vibrant Flatiron Public Plaza hit a post-pandemic record of 67,000. The district’s residential population has grown nearly 20% in the last decade.

The closure of big-box stores, like those The Post reported on Sixth Avenue, is a nationwide trend and not a symptom of a declining neighborhood. Just walk a couple of blocks east and north, into the Flatiron District, to see a resilient mixed-use neighborhood that remains a hub for hospitality, culture and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

James Mettham, President, Flatiron NoMad Partnership, Manhattan

A dictator’s dream

To be completely honest, I feel that it’s quite possible that the Supreme Court rules that former President Donald Trump’s immunity claims are legitimate (“Constitutional abyss runs deep,” April 26).

The court sure appears to favor Trump over democracy. Why else would it support his delays?

Nothing in our 248-year history suggests a president needs absolute immunity. The Supreme Court is losing its legitimacy, spiraling down a path where its rulings will eventually be rejected by the American people.

Richard A. French, Pasadena, Calif.

Brooklyn’s bard

So sad to hear about the passing of literary giant Paul Auster (“Paul Auster, best selling author of ‘New York Trilogy,’ dead at 77,” May 1).

His words painted worlds, stirred emotions and ignited imaginations. Rest in peace, Paul Auster. Your legacy lives on through the pages you’ve gifted to the world.

Paul Bacon, Hallandale Beach, Fla.

C’mon, Marjorie

I mean, really: Where is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene going to go with this (“MTG vows vote to boot Mike,” May 2)?

The bottom line is she simply doesn’t have the votes to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson — and she knows it. This is beyond courtroom theatrics. This is childish, immature and just plain stupid.

Greene should look for a face-saving way out of the fiasco she has created for herself. This is what happens when you see yourself as much more than you really are. One way or another, MTG’s hubris will be humbled.

All that Johnson needs do is stay his course and wait her out.

Arthur Saginian, Santa Clarita, Calif.

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