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[WATCH] Whistleblower Makes Allegations Against Boeing Supplier * * by Danielle

NEWS HEADLINES: [WATCH] Whistleblower Makes Allegations Against Boeing Supplier * * by Danielle

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A Boeing whistleblower alleges the airplane manufacturer’s biggest supplier regularly let plane parts riddled with defects leave the factory.

Santiago Paredes, who worked for Spirit AeroSystems, told the BBC he often found up to “200 defects” on parts getting ready for shipping to Boeing.

Spirit AeroSystems reportedly said it strongly disagreed with the allegations.

Per BBC:

Mr Paredes made the allegations against Spirit in an exclusive interview with the BBC and the American network CBS, in which he described what he said he experienced while working at the firm between 2010 and 2022.

He was accustomed to finding “anywhere from 50 to 100, 200” defects on fuselages – the main body of the plane – that were due to be shipped to Boeing, he said.

“I was finding a lot of missing fasteners, a lot of bent parts, sometimes even missing parts.”

Boeing declined to comment.

US transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg said that the government was “putting Boeing under a microscope” through ongoing investigations by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

“They need to demonstrate that they are meeting the quality standards and the safety standards that FAA has set forward,” he told the BBC on Thursday.

“They have a responsibility to meet our standards, but we don’t simply take it on faith… we’ll hold them accountable to do so.”


Per The U.S. Sun:

While at Spirit, Mr Paredes found several flaws, some of which were minor, but others were more significant, he told the BBC.

He added that he felt pressured to be “less rigorous”.

The whistleblower claimed: “They always made a fuss about why I was finding it, why I was looking at it.

“They just wanted the product shipped out. They weren’t focused on the consequences of shipping bad fuselages.

“They were just focused on meeting the quotas, meeting the schedule, meeting the budget… If the numbers looked good, the state of the fuselages didn’t really matter.”

Many of Mr Paredes’ alleged experiences at Spirit are part of his testimony in a legal action filed by shareholders against the company.

But he is simply referred to as “Former Employee 1” in legal documents.

Mr Paredes claimed that things reached a breaking point when his manager allegedly ordered him to alter the way defects were reported in order to lower their total quantity.

He claimed that after he objected, he was demoted and sent to a different area of the facility.

In addition to two deceased whistleblowers, Boeing reportedly faces up to 10 additional whistleblowers.

From the New York Post:

A second whistleblower has died under mysterious circumstances, just two months after another one allegedly shot himself in the head — and the attorneys for both men hope their deaths don’t scare away the at least 10 more whistleblowers who want the company to clean up its act.

Joshua Dean, 45, a former quality auditor at Spirit AeroSystems, which assembles fuselage sections for Boeing, died Tuesday morning from a fast-growing mystery infection.

Dean’s death comes less than two months after Boeing whistleblower John Barnett, 62, died from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound on March 9.

Barnett, who had worked for Boeing for 32 years, was found dead in his Dodge Ram truck holding a silver pistol in his hand in the parking lot of his South Carolina hotel after he failed to show up for the second part of his testimony for a bombshell lawsuit against the company.

At the same time, Boeing said last month that it lost $355 million on falling revenue in the first quarter, another sign of the crisis gripping the aircraft manufacturer as it faces increasing scrutiny over the safety of its planes and accusations of shoddy work from a growing number of surviving whistleblowers.

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