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SNL Does Actual Comedy, Mocks JoJo Siwa, LGBTQ, and Wokeness * * by Noah

NEWS HEADLINES: SNL Does Actual Comedy, Mocks JoJo Siwa, LGBTQ, and Wokeness * * by Noah

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Is comedy about to make a comeback?

For the past decade, comedy has been under attack in America.

No, I’m not being overly dramatic, and that’s not just my opinion.

There’s not much better of an expert on comedy than Jerry Seinfeld, and he just said this:

Jerry Seinfeld Admits It: The “Extreme Left” Has Ruined Comedy

And he’s right.

Not only that, but did you know there is not ONE single new sitcom on network TV this year?

Not a single one.


Because Hollywood is so afraid to offend anyone and so infected by the Woke Mind Virus that they literally just tapped out and said we’re not even going to try comedy anymore.

Very sad.

But I’m starting to see glimmers of a comeback.

The standup comedians held the line for everyone over this past decade, they never gave in.

And now others seem to be starting to turn back.

The latest is Saturday Night Live which did an actual sketch of comedy last night when it skewered JoJo Siwa, LGBTQ, and Wokeness!

In order to understand why this sketch is so funny, you probably need to start with this:

Public Service Announcement: JoJo Siwa Is Now a “Provocative Lesbian”

For the better part of the last 10 years, JoJo Siwa was synonymous with sugar pop songs made for kids.

Very wholesome.

Now she’s…..well…..just look above.

By her own admission, she’s trying to have her own “Miley Cyrus” moment, but it’s not going very well.

In fact, it’s going so badly that SNL even decided to break ranks and skewer her with actual comedy.

And it was funny!!

Watch here:

Backup here on Rumble:

I’ll post that full article below explaining her “transformation” in case you missed it:

Public Service Announcement: JoJo Siwa Is Now a “Provocative Lesbian”

This is a public service announcement for all the parents and grandparents out there.

A little different from what we normally cover here, but I felt I should get the word out.

Some of you, perhaps many of you, have no idea who JoJo Siwa is….

You’re the lucky ones.

But most parents probably know, especially from a few years ago.

Take this video for example, this is a younger JoJo Siwa putting out a music video that has been viewed 207 MILLION times:

To put that in context, has all of CNN been viewed 207 million times?  I’m not sure, especially if you cut out all the inflated airport numbers.

My point is, Siwa was MEGA popular for several years and you gotta admit even if it isn’t your style of music (it’s not mine) it’s catchy!

Here’s another one, 279 MILLION views on this one:



Mostly good entertainment.

Well, now I need to advance the story to 2024 and give you the reason for this Public Service Announcement…

Because just as happened with Miley Virus (errrr, Cyrus) and all the other kid pop stars, Siwa is now going through quite a transition.

A transition into a “provocative lesbian”, at least that is according to Dom Lucre on Twitter:

Charming, right?

Here is a video a couple years back, somewhere in between the kids videos I showed you above and what we have now — this is Siwa announcing to the world how she’s now LGBTQP+:

And speaking of Miley, here is Siwa saying her goal was to follow in her footsteps.

Not sure that’s what I would want my kids to do, but it’s what she is doing:

What do you think?

Do you like the new look?

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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