WHO warns that Coronavirus pandemic is “far from over”

The coronavirus pandemic “is far from over,” WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Monday after Brazil closed its worst week of infections and as cases continue to rise in the United States and China, there is a “complex” regrowth.

“We all want it to end. We all want to get on with our lives. But the harsh reality is that we are far from the end,” added the director of the World Health Organization.

Indeed, the number of infections and deaths continues to grow globally, with 10,220,356 and 502,947 respectively, according to the most recent AFP count from official sources.

In the last 24 hours, 42,000 new coronavirus infections were registered in the United States, according to the balance of 00H30 GMT on Tuesday from Johns Hopkins University, and the most affected country in the world adds more than 125,000 deaths and almost 2.6 million of cases.

And while the daily death toll continues to drop (355 in the past 24 hours), infections have increased particularly in the largest and most populous states in the southern and western United States: California, Texas, and Florida.

Florida faces a “real explosion” of the disease among youth, said Governor Ron DeSantis.

Miami and other cities decided to close the beaches again starting next weekend, long due to the national holiday on Friday.

The city of Jacksonville where Republicans will hold their national convention at an event President Donald Trump hoped for free from physical estrangement announced the mandatory use of a face mask.

This has become a new element of political division between Trump and his Republicans and the Democratic opposition.

But even Republicans like influential Senate leader Mitch McConnell speak in favor of the urgency to wear facemasks: “It is not about protecting ourselves, but about protecting everyone we meet,” he said.

In Los Angeles, the beaches will also be closed during independence celebrations and authorities have already ordered bars to be closed again.

In this scenario, the pace of the revival of the US economy is “extremely uncertain,” according to Federal Reserve (Fed) President Jerome Powell, who also said that the recovery started earlier than expected.


Brazil had the worst week of the pandemic, registering 259,105 infections in the seven days until Sunday. In addition, it had its second highest weekly death record, at 7,005, just slightly below the previous week’s record of 7,285.

As of Monday night, Brazil had 1.36 million cases and 58,314 deaths.

Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s health emergency management program, encouraged Brazil to fight the disease and not to “underestimate the size and complexity” of the situation in Brazil, which “faces a major challenge and a comprehensive response is necessary at all levels.”


Growth in the pandemic is also accelerating in Asia, with India leading the way, with nearly 120,000 cases reported in the past seven days.

China, where it all started late last year, is rebounding. Excluding Hong Kong and Macao, it registers a total of 83,512 cases, including 4,634 deaths.

According to the authorities, the Chinese army authorized the use of a vaccine against the new coronavirus, created by the Military Academy of Medical Sciences and the pharmaceutical company CanSinoBIO to be tested on the soldiers.

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