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Social Community Network

Also tired of liberals skewing the mainstream news, we too

We have taken notice of the increasingly shrill left wing echo chamber in the press and we are starting to get fed up with the so-called “News Headlines” that simply parrot Democratic Party talking points.

Here you get the opportunity to change this and come up with your own opinion! Join us today

With your Social Community Profile you can:

1. Comment on all the our news articles
2. Participate and share your opinion in the news groups and forums
3. Follow other users and write openly or privately to each other.
4. Write your own News Articles (guest writer) and get it online


What about Facebook and Twitter?
Facebook and Twitter profiles and groups might seem like an obvious and hassle-free choice for hosting and growing your online community, but the bad news is that you ultimately have to hand over control. You can spend years building up a thriving profile or group, investing in it and nurturing it, only to wake up one day and find that Facebook or Twitter has removed your group or even your profile, with no warning or explanation, and you’re back to square one. Don’t take this risk! We gives you complete control and you can trust that all the energy and hard work you put into this community will pay off.


Think a Group is Missing

Create your own open, closed or secret groups and forums then invite your friends.
e.g a group for your family, friends, local community, school, class or sports club, about your interests, hobbies, politics etc.

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