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We’re accomplishing our #MAGA agenda at a record pace – faster than even Ronald Reagan!

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  1. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    And we are so proud of your accomplishments, even with the left fighting you. Let’s clobber them in November so you can Make America Even Greater,

  2. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Public servant #1 doesn’t even take a president’s salary. Thank you for working so hard to keep your promises to us, Mr. President. The majority of us are extremely grateful. Most negative people spend all their energy and time being a troll instead of doing just one act of kindness toward their own neighbor today,

  3. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    That’s great Mr. President, but you need to understand that you are not in any race or some sort of competition with any past president. Our concern is that you are doing good things for America and her citizens today and tomorrow. That’s all that really matters. And you are doing a good job. Thank you.

  4. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I am fm Canada–keep up the good work–we need someone like you–our leader is a joke – full of drama and is giving away our country and selling us out.

  5. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    This is how the gov’t should be run – like a business, not a law firm. Keep up the good work! This is what doing the work of the people, for the people looks like and as it should look like! Keep going no matter what the haters say and do because they are just going to hate!

  6. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    To be fair, Mr President, Ronald Reagan only had to fix Jimmy Carter’s screwups. It’s amazing how much you’ve been able to accomplish with the democrats so set against you. Keep up the great work!!

  7. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    The sad truth is Mr. President that you are under investigation. You are a Federation sympathizer by straining relations with our EU allies and NATO.10 of your closest lawyers and Campaign Managers have been indicted ) Manafort, Cohen,Flynn,Stone,CaputoPage,Gordon,Prince,Bannon) even your phony Charity was a fraud.

  8. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I am proud that I twice voted for President Ronald Reagan. I am also proud that I did not vote for trump and I will never vote for trump or anyone who supports this buffoon.

  9. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Let us show our support to our President in the voting booth! Trump 2020, vote Republicans all the way!

  10. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    liberals…Leftist..democrats has proven to world…How psychotic they are…Do we want these mentally ill people running our government?….President…is bring jobs back to United States…Why are the American people not filling out those applications….There is jobs in these area…truck driver’s is needed…airplane pilots is needed…school bus driver is needed..Manager of a small retail store…starts a person out at 45 thousand dollars a year…Job’s are there…job’s in law enforcement….Leftist…Liberal Fascist Democrats…don’t want the American people to work

  11. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Love The Trumpster! You haters need to buckle up. We survived the Kenyan, y’all will survive. Maybe even thrive if you free yourselves from the shackles of libtardment and hate. You who think you’re so kind, tolerant and enlightened. I am talking to you. That is all.

  12. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    President Donald Trump is a man called of God to be the leader of our great country for such a time as this. Only he has the strength and resolve to lead America during this violent, hostile attack on our country by left wing Socialist/Communist operatives working from within every facet of our culture, including government, media and entertainment. God bless President Donald Trump 🇺🇸

  13. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Go, go, go!!!We knew voting for you was the right choice! I do wish there was some way to instill patriotism 🇺🇸 in all Americans. I am so tired of the haters 😡

  14. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I don’t really care about the math or the comparison. But we do have someone in office that is following through with his campaign promises. How unreal is that?

  15. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Thank God for Pres. Trump …. and his great agenda, and intelligence and perseverance to carry it out. ‘

  16. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    you have done amazing so far ….but I will say if you dont put Crooked Hillary in jail…it will not be enough. one of my top reasons i voted for you do not let WE THE PEOPLE down!!!!

  17. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    You have done more than any President so far, unfortunately, America would be at 100% if there wasn’t so much opposition.

  18. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Trump’s previous week.


    At 6 a.m., Trump sought to contrast his immigration policies with Germany’s, tweeting crime “is way up all over Germany”. German government data shows crime at a 25-year-low.

    Two hours later, in the wake of a Justice Department report criticizing former FBI director James Comey, Trump called special counsel Robert Mueller “Comey’s best friend.” No evidence suggests that is true.

    “The whole world is looking up to the U.S.,” he declared, making the country “respected again.” Gallup reports that the worldwide image of U.S. leadership is weaker than at any point under presidents George W. Bush or Barack Obama.


    Justifying his tariffs, Trump said the US suffers a trade deficit with Canada. United States government data shows the opposite.

    Citing a newspaper report, Trump said Canadians smuggle shoes from the U.S. to avoid import tariffs. Neither Canada nor the U.S. imposes tariffs on shoes made in the other country.

    Trump called himself the first president since Ronald Reagan to achieve a major tax cut. Bush did it twice.

    Trump claimed credit for adding 3.4-million jobs since Election Day 2016 – which “nobody would have believed back then”. Since 4.1 million jobs were created in the previous 19 months, the claim makes no sense.

    Recounting a meeting with House Republicans, Trump tweeted that “they applauded and laughed loudly” when he demeaned Rep. Mark Sanford, a Trump critic who lost his seat in a primary. All GOP lawmakers present at the meeting called the assertion untrue.

    Trump falsely said Obama admitted he lacked legal authority for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program even as he implemented.

    He falsely said wages for US workers had begun rising for the first time in 20 years; they rose during the latter years of Obama’s term.

    At his packed rally in Duluth, Minnesota, Trump tweeted, at least 10,000 people were turned away. The mayor of Duluth said 2,000 people were turned away.


    After the Supreme Court allowed states to impose some new online sales taxes, Trump called it a “great victory for consumers.” It was not; consumers will pay more for almost all online transactions.

    Justifying his assault on trade agreements, Trump asserted that “nobody ever looked at trade deals” over the previous 25-30 years. Administrations of both parties continually negotiated new trade terms during that time.

    Touting the document he and Kim Jong Un signed at their summit, Trump declared, “If people actually read it to the public, you’d see…the number one statement is ‘we will immediately begin total denuclearization of North Korea.’” The document includes no such commitment. It observes “mutual confidence building can promote the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.”


    Throughout the week, Trump justified border policies separating immigrant children from their parents. Without his tough approach, the president said, millions of illegal immigrants would pour into the U.S. and unleash a crime wave. He invoked the horrors of MS-13 gang members, boasting his administration was deporting them “by the thousands.” He closed the week alongside survivors of people killed by illegal immigrants.

    That painted a false picture. Illegal immigration across the southern border has been declining for more than a decade. Illegal immigrants, studies show, commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans. MS-13 has roughly 10,000 US members, and authorities told Politifact roughly 1,200 were arrested between Oct. 2016 and the end of 2017.

    The president’s aides and critics have offered multiple explanations for his misstatements.
    He’s new to politics, unconventional and sometimes ill-informed. He exaggerates for salesmanship and negotiation – as Trump himself has acknowledged.

    He is, as GOP Sen. Ted Cruz once charged, a “pathological liar.”Tony Schwartz, who got to know Trump as co-author of their 1987 best-seller Art of the Deal, offers a different explanation. He says narcissism warps Trump’s perception of reality about himself and others.
    “Every move he makes is a response to this distorted inner world he lives in,” That condition, he warns, is “getting progressively worse.”

  19. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    And this is why the left can’t stand it, you Sir just put a big dent into their NWO manifesto of socialism with Faith and Patriotism.
    One of the most economically and internationally strong president in modern times.
    Trump 2020

  20. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Ryan and a few others let all of us down regarding Healthcare. Other than that an excellent 500 days in office.

  21. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    And we are going to look back on the Trump years as some of the darkest in U.S. history. Congratulations.

  22. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Lefties on here can’t handle facts, don’t and won’t believe facts, because they have been following MSM fake news. Its fact. Its true, and those of us who hired President Trump know he has. In actuality, had all of the Presidents appointees would be approved by now, that number would be even higher.

  23. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Politicians say the term limits wouldn’t give them enough time to do their job. President Trump’s had enough time to do things that they haven’t been able to accomplish in decades. Maybe we should quit electing politicians and start electing business men and women , doctors and lawyers instead of politicians . Just saying

  24. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Slow down a little! Sleep in a couple days a week, you’ve got another 6 years to complete your agenda!

  25. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I voted for a strong brave leader that man is President Donald J Trump

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