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Thank you North Dakota. Together, we are MAKING AMERICA SAFE AND GREAT AGAIN! #MAGA

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  1. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    President Trump really rocked the place! Trump is a president that delivers the message to the people that they want to hear! He is blunt and delivers with “no holds barred.” That is such a refreshing change from past presidents. We, the people, understand his message; it resonates within us, and we have waited too long to hear it!

  2. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    ALMOST made it to the door to get in to see you – but it still worked out – got to see the motorcade come back to the airport and seen you waving!! Watched Air Force One take off too!! Was a great day!!!

  3. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    This picture speaks volumes! This was how everyone of his campaign rallies looked, while Hillary’s paled in comparison. The so called fake news would and did everything to make her look good and the American patriot look bad. They are still at it!

  4. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    as someone once said , Elections have Consequences, get over it.. hellerry lost, when Ginsburg retires it will be three judges . MAGA

  5. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I noticed last night the media only showed President on stage and just a few hats being waved in the air. Not one photo of the thousands inside and out!!! So thanks for posting this one!!

  6. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    To quote Pres. Trump!!! A vote for a democrat is a vote for Chuck Shummer, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxcine Waters!!!! The gruesome threesome (my quote)

  7. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Hillary would have killed for crowds like this. No Russian Collusion – just people wanting a change.

  8. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    This picture speaks volumes. Deny the guy all you want. Keep getting run over. Keep up the propaganda, cause it’s not working!

  9. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    the ralleys he’s going to speaks volumns, the people there show that all the lies going around are just that, lies, the people who show up to ralley him on is awesome and those numbers don’t lie

  10. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Thank you POTUS 45 for dismantling 44’s EOs that circumvented Congress and bypassed We the People’s shellacking!

  11. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    While the democratic terrorist cult continues to divide, obstruct and LIE, President Trump continues to Make America Great Again. Just think what we could be if WE all worked for that same goal.

  12. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Great speech from our Great President Trump! I hope to go to a rally one day, looks like lots of fun!!!!!

  13. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Thank you President Trump for MAGA…we love you more today than yesterday…Good Luck on your search for the next Supreme Court Justice..can’t wait to have a more conservative court…Keep pounding and stay strong!!!…

  14. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    1. We’re not tired of winning yet! 2. Obama is just a bad memory thank The Lord! 3. Help Michigan vote out liberal Dem Senator Debbie (do-nothing) Stabenow and elect Conservative Veteran John James…. 4. Another Supreme Court Justice? Are you serious right now….. LOL take that you liberal jerks.

  15. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Please come back soon, Mr. President! The thousands of us out in the parking lot that didn’t make it in would love to see you! Keep up the good work and God Bless!

  16. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Trump called himself and his followers the Super Elite. This is a dogwhistle for Master Race V2.0.

    We, the American people, must band together and say “NO!” to this kind of talk, and stop Trump from continuing his anti-American agenda.

  17. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Another great rally! BTW PLEASE DONT PICK A FEMALE FOR SCOTUS(we already have 3 wacky ones on the bench)…ONLY A LEVEL HEADED TRUE TO THE CONSTITUTION KIND OF GUY, PLEASE!!!! 👍🏻🇺🇸

  18. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Thank you Mr President, my family is devoted to you and we will back you all the way. You are simply amazing!!

  19. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Trump haters, shouldn’t you be looking for a safe space? Don’t forget your tissues and make sure your shrink is on speed dial!

  20. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I bet the “msm” will claim there were only 300 attendees! 😆

  21. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    it was great keep standing up for our president and country he will bring it back to civility

  22. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    build a wall between Canada and North Dakota

  23. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Could use a little help in Colorado with the Governor’s race. We cannot allow Jared Polis to be elected.

  24. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    All those red hats, I’m proud I have one too here in Australia Mr President Trump ❤️🙏

  25. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Wish I could of been there

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