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Senate should confirm Gina Haspel immediately. We need her to keep our great country SAFE!

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  1. Anonymous 4 days ago

    President Trump carefully chooses qualified people for open positions. He nominates many women but the Left’s War on Women continues. President Trump and First Lady Melania 2020!🇱🇷

  2. Anonymous 4 days ago

    Country needs people of integrity & nationalistic minded. If the highest office 🏢 things to be proper in respect of some person that should be respected may be suggesting with some modifications.

  3. Anonymous 4 days ago

    Because … “She is the most qualified.”
    I’ve heard that same claim before, and I didn’t believe it.
    What makes it credible now?
    Isn’t the guy who lied about the 17 “intelligence agencies” baloney, endorcing her?

  4. Anonymous 4 days ago

    All appointments should be fully vetted, Mr. President. I know it’s a lot to expect from you, but respect the process.

  5. Anonymous 4 days ago

    Yah Gina you are going to be awesome,and you are especially awesome president Trump I love you and I love the things you are doing for our country and the American people sir just incredible 😏

  6. Anonymous 4 days ago

    Never have I seen so many American citizens able to meet and have their voices heard with a sitting President. Honoring our veterans and heroes, consoling families who have lost loved ones, bringing in businesses, both big and small to determine the needs of the country and how to improve for the 21st century. Don’t feed into the trolls. we can beat them

  7. Anonymous 4 days ago

    When someone comments on a post about our government, I always tap on their picture to 1) make sure they have a real profile, and 2) that they are actually American! We need to stop wasting our time having discussions with people who do not matter….it is none of your business! There is not a country in this world that doesn’t have problems….go work on your own glass house, before you throw stones at ours!

  8. Anonymous 4 days ago

    What did Gina Haspel know about the spy placed in the Trump campaign and was she a part of it? Did she know about the FISA warrants? These questions should be asked before Gina Haspel is confirmed!! She may be part of the swamp!

  9. Anonymous 4 days ago

    The Senate should and I think will. We need to reform the way we select directors of the CIA and FBI. They should be career people not politicos. They should be recommended to the president by a non-partisan commission comprised of prominent citizens. The president could pick from a choice of three. Only the commission could fire these people, not the president or one of his cabinent members. Candidates could come from throughout the Intelligence community, to includde military intelligence officers. For instance, a DIA career person might serve as Director of Central Intelligence or an Army general with intelligence experience, etc. This woman is, however, superbly qualified. She’s a legend in the community. She’ll be great. DO IT! Confirm her.

  10. Anonymous 4 days ago

    Our country’s not safe Mr President my sister just had a home invasion yesterday in port st Lucy Florida we need more Policemen on the Streets Like yesterday Please these People are out of control!!😡

  11. Anonymous 4 days ago

    another one of those moments where Trump isnt giving a woman tremendous oppurtunity……oh wait, thats the senate.

  12. Anonymous 4 days ago

    Please endorse the ONLY California candidate running for governor
    #travisallen #mcga #takebackourstate

  13. Anonymous 4 days ago

    We need somebody in that job who knows who actually knows who the bad guys are, and who the good guys are. I think she fits the bill.

  14. Anonymous 4 days ago

    Yes ! I’ve called my Representative Doug Jones. Pray he changes his mind and votes Gina in. That is the Will of Alabama

  15. Anonymous 4 days ago

    Whatever was done to those three terrorists after 9/11 was justified. We got the information needed. Being “politically correct” does not save lives…our enemies torture, slash, shoot, maim, behead.

  16. Anonymous 4 days ago

    She’s the most qualified woman in America! A great credit to women’s leadership and a great patriot of America! Godspeed and thank you for your service! 😁

  17. Anonymous 4 days ago

    Yes Sir., President Trump she shall be confirm and all of your other members in the cabinet, Congress also need to confirm the judges.

  18. Anonymous 4 days ago

    Maybe she could set up a water boarding session with you. Then maybe we could get the truth out of you for once.

  19. Anonymous 4 days ago

    Agree with you for once. ..I guess some people think we should bake cookies, offer foot massages and beg Terrorists not to kill all of us ..

  20. Anonymous 4 days ago

    You need to fix healthcare immediately! What good is protecting a country of sick people who can’t afford healthcare or medicine?

  21. Anonymous 4 days ago

    Serious question why her there’s tons of other perfectly qualified non-controversial people he could have chosen but he goes with the woman who is known is famous for torturing. And then destroying the evidence and claiming it was legal.

  22. Anonymous 4 days ago

    Vote against anti American / Globalist Democrats in your 2018 local and mid term elections. Please help spread the word.

    There are 468 Congressional and 39 Governors seats up for election this year. 🇺🇸

  23. Anonymous 4 days ago


  24. Anonymous 4 days ago

    God has anointed President Trump for this special time in American history.
    We are truly blessed and god bless also James Shaw Jr for supporting Trump and showing a wonderful heroism .
    He (Trump) was delivered to us in the darkest hour to strike the libtard serpent on the head.
    Even though I was in the valley of libtards and millennials I fear not, for Trump is always with me, and we thank you for your GREAT Courage.
    We know you have our backs, as we have yours.
    The People will fight with you until the very end, even as Muller’s handcuffs wrap around your thick manly wrists, we will resist the made up phoney impeachment laws. And you will be our President forever. AMEN.

  25. Anonymous 4 days ago

    HIT LIKE if you’re going to vote for Trump 2020

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