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If we want to keep winning and continue all the incredible progress we’ve made, then there’s only one thing to do: KEEP FIGHTING!

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  1. Anonymous 1 week ago

    My son is in Great Lakes, IL Navy Recruit Training Command. He turns 18 next Friday. He is proud to have President Trump as his Commander in Chief!! If he could have voted in 2016, he would have picked Trump. Now he Proudly says how he can’t wait to Vote in 2020 For Donald Trump!! This family is on board the train! #TrumpTrain ~V

  2. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Stop uour weekly vacations, it is costing taxpayers $3.7million each. You said uou eouldnt leave the WHITE HOUSE , you’d be working hard. We patriotic Americans are waiting for you instead of Steve Miller running the show

  3. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Now these are incredible statistics. If anyone can disprove them, I would like to hear from that person, without bias or rumor, just plain facts. without media venom. I really am interested in learning from everyone.

  4. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Thank you Mr. President Trump and with a leader like you that fights everyday for all people the hard working citizens are now fully aware that to fight on against corruption, lies and manipulation is exactly what it takes!

  5. Anonymous 1 week ago

    One thing to do is get out and Vote. We had a 28% Republican turn out to 89% Democrats in Ohio. Come on.

  6. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Thank you President Trump for all you and VP Pence are doing for our nation. I have one request… demand the DOJ to come clean and let us, the American people know exactly what the FBI ignored, covered up for Obama and Hilarious!

  7. Anonymous 1 week ago

    I hope you are still thinking about those in this country that have no affordable health care options. Im grateful to have a job, but that doesn’t help me much if I can’t maintain my health enough to make it to work.

  8. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Sir, whom you are trying to get defeated? The clients of your business, who are supplying you their best to get your people be rested in prosperity and happiness. Bur remember not a single dynasty or nation could reign over the world over a 100 years with dignity being atop. Nor your nation. Remember the Holy Bible didn’t note a single name of your nation or American people nor your place to be a part of warring nations in the coming days of resurrection. So you are leading a prosperous nation to be demolished by one sidedly declaring and waging war on the rest of the world which would isolate your people once for all. I believe that the Great Presidents of United States Of America from Abraham Lincoln to Roosevelt all were the makers of a Great USA. You are going against the teachings of those. Please be correct. Time is the biggest traitor – you will be defeated by it helplessly.

  9. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Happy Tax-Free Weekend for many Americans!

    Thanks in part to last December’s historic tax cuts, the U.S. economy is revitalized and in the midst of its longest-ever streak of monthly job growth.

  10. Anonymous 1 week ago

    you keep fighting for us and we will keep voting for you mr. president you are doing an awesome job thank you for caring about the usa

  11. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Please encourage all the people to pray 🙏 for California and the devastating Fires, we need help. And thank you for giving up your normal life and millions to help our USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🙏

  12. Anonymous 1 week ago

    If it weren’t for the Left and their off the wall comments, we might have boring posts to read here on FB.

  13. Anonymous 1 week ago

    “Real News Update”… “Paid For by Donald J. Trump For President, Inc.” In other words, it’s a campaign ad.

  14. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Mr. Trump is the best and the most successful. When he speaks, he speaks with wisdom, intelligence and complete genius that he is the best in the world

  15. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Our great Veterans after years are not seeing any comp increases, even w/Dr’s letters for years, this must be corrected, We rhought you were going to help Vets have a better life before fake refugees. Our great Vets deserve this. The women and men that served our country would liketo vote for you again, howevere it’s not looking that way.

  16. Anonymous 1 week ago

    By “we” he means those with millions who will save those millions thanks to the tax bill. All the drooling base can do is prop up their dear leader as their lives slowly start to fall apart. They’d rather pay for space force than healthcare and education for their kids.

  17. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Two words: chris Collins
    Two words: insider trading
    Two words: republican crook
    Two words: not surprised

  18. Anonymous 1 week ago

    But but but…”there’s no magic wand that can b waved and bring those jobs back…..” 😉

  19. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Keep fighting for America, President Trump!

    Marines for Trump, 2020.

  20. Anonymous 1 week ago

    TRUMP ROCKING THE USA! Liberals are crashing and burning. Haha

  21. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Most people on disability are just getting benefits….but are completely FINE!!!! And should be working! Not all but mostly!

  22. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Soros & Friends are waging a Purple Revolution against the traditional American people. We need to fight the Deep State and their lackeys in the mainstream media, on university campuses, and in Silicon Valley.

  23. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Always praying for your good health long life and prosperity Most Respected Mr.President.

  24. Anonymous 1 week ago

    My grocery bill just went up by 25%, you orange buffoon. Your tariffs decreased competition and the free market reacted by increasing prices!

  25. Anonymous 1 week ago

    How about that chain migration for Mel’s parents?

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