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Join me Tuesday, August 21st at 7 PM ET in Charleston, West Virginia for a MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN RALLY!➡️ https://bit.ly/2P0wqt6

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  1. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Eighteen months. No change. Campaign style rally. Still talking about the election and the crowd size. Blaming the media. Blaming Obama. And a new low tonight. Re-reading, justyfing and making a mockery of his morally inadequate comments re: Charlottesville. Still can’t believe this is our president. I can’t understand how anyone believes he cares about workers when his entire professional life has been spent cheating workers.

  2. Anonymous 1 week ago

    I am so glad our great President is returning to West Virginia! I can’t wait to hear what our brilliant commander in chief has to say. Definitely the best President of my lifetime. Perhaps the greatest President of all time.

  3. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Hi,donald trump how are you?good to make america great again.have you seen titanic movie.now there is a new one its my love story how it begin.

    Salina 💗 harrison.my heart will always go on.love you my man,love you my love & love you all the way……….😍😘

  4. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Tenney claims you are coming to Utica, NY for a pricey, closed-door fund raiser on Monday, August 13th around 4:30 and our local TV station says you are hosting the event. Is that true? Tickets were $1,000 to get into the reception, $5,000 for reception and photo with you and $15,000 for roundtable seating at the reception and photo. Is this FAKE NEWS?

  5. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Wish I could be there! I’ll DEFINITELY be watching on Fox. I love your rallies. After dealing with the fertilizer in DC, it’s great to see you in front of real people!

  6. Anonymous 1 week ago

    I wish you would Come to Cincinnati Ohio! but nevertheless I’m going to see the VP Pence on Tuesday he is coming to talk about TAX Cuts I’m looking forward to it ❤

  7. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Imagine, if you will, the President publicly says, “Give me a conservative House and Senate, and we will drastically cut spending in two years, especially in areas the Constitution does not authorize spending. I cannot do this alone. I need true fiscal conservatives in Congress. No accounting tricks, no just slowing the rate of increase. Real, actual, substantial cuts! If we cannot run this country’s government on the 3-1/2 TRILLION DOLLARS we collect per year, then we do not deserve to serve you as President and the majority in Congress.”

    IMHO, that would draw a lot of voters. But it would do a lot to actually make America great again.

  8. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Some people prefer profit. Not concerned whether their country becomes hell or heaven. Earmark them to be cautious. Go ahead Mr. President majority of Americans are with you.

  9. Anonymous 1 week ago

    My home state…WV stay with the President. He is strong and will win a second term. I support him all the way.

  10. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Mr President – I am in WV. but Charleston Wv is 4 and half hours from me- I sure wish there would be a Rally closer to the eastern panhandle — even Morgantown is 3 hours from me – I would love to be able to go and bring my 13 year old Triplets ( who dearly love you ,and get picked on in school for standing up for you) but I know there isnt a stadium or big enough space for a Rally here 🙁 – God Bless you and ty for MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ♥

  11. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Dear President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Tramp, You are one of the most influential people in this world representing an incredibly honorable nation. Therefore, we are asking for your help. Around 70 Ukrainian citizens are currently kept in captivity on the territory of the Russian Federation and temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Many of them declared a hunger srike. Some of them already in CRITICAL condition. Please demand their immediate release and prosecution ceased from the Russian government. #freeUkrainian

  12. Anonymous 1 week ago

    “There are only two people I’ve met: only two; people who show no mien to crappy or festive English. So long as you gesturally have what they want you are automatically infront of their crankshaft,” Donaldi Trump

  13. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Oh what a joy it is watching our President melt the minds of all these liberal losers. Keep up the awesome work you are doing for our country and may God bless you and keep you safe.

  14. Anonymous 1 week ago

    I’m in pa. Haven’t been able to get to any of TRUMPS rallies yet but really hope I get to attend one soon!! God Bless America!! God Bless our president–TRUMP

  15. Anonymous 1 week ago

    For the American people, they are fortunate enough to have a head of state and a stateman with distinction, to improve his country’s economy without tirelessness, but the media does not speak much about his achievements.🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️🇺🇸️

  16. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Who is paying for all of your rallies and golf trips?
    Seems like that money could be used to help the American people, economy, environment or infrastructure instead of all of the presidents propaganda and play time.

  17. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Wish I could but i live in NE Atlanta GA and I am still searching for Employment. PLEASE pray for me.

  18. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Only one problem with your rallies. If you are not there 2-3 hours early you won’t get inside. Standing room outside only. And you have to park a mile away too. So many people wanting to get a glimpse of the greatest president since Ike.

  19. Anonymous 1 week ago

    I wish you’d come to Paducah or Murray Kentucky, but I don’t know if there’s a venue to hold the crowds… (it’s not a bad thing) , but it’s disapointing to us locals….

  20. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Please encourage all the people to pray 🙏 for California and the devastating Fires, we need help. And thank you for giving up your normal life and millions to help our USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🙏

  21. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Must VOTE ALL Republicans in November, go vote!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Why isn’t Obama the Community Organizer in his home town Chicago trying to organize against and stop the violence? I guess he would rather go overseas and bad mouth our president

  23. Anonymous 1 week ago

    I will be there Mr. Trump! This will be the 7th rally I’ve attended! They are always a great time!

  24. Anonymous 1 week ago

    Trump 2020!

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