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Harley-Davidson should stay 100% in AMERICA!

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  1. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I hope this reaches Harley-Davidson in some way or manner. Lots of Americans have sworn by Harley. And I am guilty as charged. They pull out, ( no pun intended) , they lose the loyalty of its people. Hello Indian.

  2. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Let Harley Davidson move, hopefully they will go out of business and be bought out by a company that will know how to build a motorcycle that doesn’t leak oil.

  3. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I hate to generalize but bikers are generally very patriotic and love our country. HD may be making a big mistake.

  4. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    You have no right to tell companies what they can and can’t do, this is a direct result of your ignorant actions, they took their corporate tax cuts you handed them on a silver platter and now they’re escaping your arrogant and greedy tariffs. I HATE YOUR GUTS!!!

  5. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Harley Davidson is junk. They’re made in my city. I’ve dealt with Willie G and how he “forgot” he spent $73k on a Cadillac CTS-V back in 2011. They’ve been trying to get me and my dad there for years but only offer 9 month contracts. If you’re having a mid-life crisis don’t blow $40k on a Harley, spend half that on almost anything else. Wonder how the 115th anniversary will be here in Milwaukee..

  6. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Harley has received HUGE bailouts in the past from the government and should honor what this country has done for their company.

  7. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    They don’t call us UNITED STATES for no reason!
    UNITED we will stand and fight the unfair trade practices of others against our nation.
    President Trump is leading us to make our country great again, asking only for equal and fair trading. Wish others would have fought this hard for us! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I was going to buy a new motorcycle this year I was thinking to buy a Harley but we got to buy whatever we built in America so I’m going to buy an Indian

  9. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Motorcycles of all brands are slipping, the kids and young adults are glued to cell phones, as a child of 8 I was exposed to mini bikes go karts, not todays kids

  10. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Over rated and over priced!!! 6 years I could hardly keep it running, got a BMW and 50,000 miles later runs like it just rolled off the line!!!

  11. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    This has been in Harley’s plans for a long time. Way before the tariffs changes by President Trump. They closed a large plant in Kansas City Missouri over. Year ago!

  12. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    If a Harley didn’t cost twice as mush and was half as reliable as a Honda, they’d sell more bikes right here at home.

  13. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Does he realize that Harleys have been built overseas for years? And, the productions that are moving now are the production lines that build bikes to be shipped and sold overseas. The bikes that are sold in the US will still be built in the US.
    When will he and his daughter bring their companies to the US?

  14. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I won’t buy Jeep any more since their parts are from Mexico! I would rather drive a Honda if I’m paying for foreign anyway!

  15. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Harley brass must have short memories. Back in the 80s, Pres Reagan levied TARIFFS on foreign bikes to SAVE HD from impending doom.

  16. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    HD should take into account that they were once BK and were, after a few years, returned to solvency via the U.S. of America!!! HD must remember it is an AMERICA COMPANY, lest it loses it’s identity!!! I wonder just how many customers want to buy a HD that is “Made in the E.U.”???

  17. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    They have been struggling for years. Their target market is getting old. Only so many executives paying $25k + for a motorcycle. They needed an excuse to lower their labor costs by moving them offshore. Now with the tariffs they have one.

  18. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    They absolutely should stay…we were about to buy another but that has been cancelled. Hello Indian. I understand that the head of Harley made no bad comments about the President. But unfortunately the company is exiting the U.S. Sad

  19. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Harley is cutting off their nose to spite their face and will regret their decision. Probably Damocraps.

  20. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    They are a corporation not a government entity. Trump has had his say and now needs to shut his mouth. Let the market determine HD’s future

  21. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    If Harley-Davidson mmoves it will not be good for them, what will they known as, not a “rice rocket” but a “taco-cycle”? the reputation will be GONE. I wouldn’t buy one then.

  22. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Why aren’t you setting an example by having Trump products 100% American

  23. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Goodbye Harley-Davidson, hello Indian.

  24. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Harley-Davidson’s sales fell sharply in 2017 and they have struggled to reverse a four year slide, with growth overseas helping offset a decline in the U.S. bike market. In January they announced plans to consolidate manufacturing operations, including closing its Kansas City, MO plant. They also had a $29.4 million charge for a voluntary recall.

    With baby boomers aging in the U.S. their international markets, particularly in Asia and South American are expected to have much higher growth rates. Add to that, that Japanese motorcycles have come down 25% and discounts range up to $3,000 per bike. To place the blame for their move on Trump’s shoulders is just not appropriate or accurate.

  25. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    They haven’t been 100% American in a long time.

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