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FAKE NEWS is alive and well! No matter what I do or say, they will not write or speak the truth. While they continue spreading their lies, we’ll keep spreading the TRUTH!

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  1. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Mr. President, for all intents and purposes objective journalism in this country IS dead. The main stream media lost their objectivity when they climbed into bed with Barrack Obama and never left. The more victories you have the louder and shrill is the language. Continue to come right at the people with your message. However, if I may suggest, consider an oval office prime time speech outlining where the country has been since you were elected and where you see the country going. It’s your message, something the Left doesn’t have. God Bless.

  2. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Rough week for Democrats:
    Lost every major Supreme Court decision
    Loses Kennedy who was a swing voter and supported gay marriage decision Maxine Waters calls for civil unrest
    Lost high ranking Dem. to socialist in NY
    Trump approval at all time high And it’s only Wednesday

  3. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I think the majority of Americans are fully aware of the liberal media’s & the beltway swamp’s attempt to undo the choice of the American people. If they keep pushing, eventually conservatives will have no choice but to push back. We stand by our president. #GodBlessAmerica #GodBlessTrump #MAGA

  4. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Thank you Mr. President for being the first President in my 67 years to actually do the things you campaigned on. Those of us that have a brain and know how to think for ourselves quit watching the MSM a long time ago. We know that all they do is promote the liberal agenda.

  5. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    We stopped watching those stations a couple of years ago, and left that party. That’s not the democrats we knew.

  6. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    The Fake news reporters are stupid if they think we don’t see them. Fox plays tapes of their lies and stupid claims every night. You can’t deny what you said on tape.

  7. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Good honest journalism must be unbiased, truthful and factual. Not fabricated, not taken “out of context”, and not quoted from “anonomous” sources. When that happens I will start believing it again.

  8. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I truly believe we are living in different dimensions. It’s almost like a real life Twilight Zone. Thank you American Citizens for voting for Donald Trump. We have seen the unlawful acts of the “Would Be” President Clinton’s administration. It would be been the same old thing all over again. With that being said, I also believe that any other Republican would’ve been the same old thing. Two sides if the same coin. Our President is exactly what we needed. Jerusalem, North Korea and our incredible comeback in our economy are enough reasons to see the good that has come. I cant wait to see the progress in the next 6 and a half years!

  9. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Makes us wonder why the MSM hates our Country so much? They do nothing but cause unrest with all their lies and fake so called reporting.

  10. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    True Americans know whats going on mr. president and we see right through it…just keep pushing forward and get it done….we back you so do not sweat the small change stories…

  11. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Every day a different truth about the same reality, that is your truth. And you feel no remorse, you think it’s all logical and fair. But it is not logical and fair. You just say something which fits best in the situation of the day and the next day you say something else expecting the people to “understand” what you mean. But nobody does !

  12. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Number 1 … We are NOT and never have been a Democracy. We ARE a REPUBLIC and it’s noted in all our founding father’s docs.

  13. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    We love you. You and your family are in our prayers. Thanks for talking directly to us. Love those rallies. You are smart, funny, amazing and On the right track.

  14. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Our problem is that we need some way to quickly demand and get honesty in the press. We have no way to do that, legally, I mean, right now. I don’t know how they can do this with our present law, but we need these journalistic standards to be enforced.

  15. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I don’t know who tells more lies, you or the media. Nevertheless you’re still the worst president ever! That’s not a lie.

  16. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    We are not a democracy. Who cares about details just keep pissing on liberals and globalism and I’m cool

  17. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    These horrible trade agreements that led to over 60,000 companies closing up shop here in America and moving overseas greatly contributed to the mortgage meltdown that came to a head back in 2008, but politicians do not want to acknowledge that.
    Tens of millions of Americans lost their jobs therefore they couldn’t pay their mortgages and therefore they lost their homes, and you don’t hear a peep about this from these globalist free traders!

  18. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I agree. How they can bluntly lie and get away with it is ridiculous. It reminds you of communism where they control what people believe and hear all for a agenda. There should be a law holding them accountable.

  19. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    There should be an Amendment to the Constitution that “defines press” has factual honest provable news—> its freedom of the press, not freedom of the propaganda. or why not have an executive order define it ? ? ?

  20. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Thank you so much for fighting for us Mr. Trump. We Patriots love you and are with you! I am so proud to have voted for you in my New York primary, and then again on November 7th. But more than proud, I am immensely grateful that you won. God bless you Sir.

  21. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    You just keep communicating with us directly via Facebook and Twitter. We elected you in spite of the mainstream media

  22. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Be Strong and Courageous 🙏 know ur cover by Prayer n on our community’s we know the news don’t get their stories right they also will had to answer to the Higher God that knows n see everything

  23. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Fake News has been around long before Obama, it’s only gotten worse in the past 9 years. It would really be nice to see truth in reporting instead of left wing agenda being put before truth.

  24. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Not even watching #FakeNews in Canada either.. Totally support you President Trump ! Wish you were MY president but you are in my heart 😉 My great great grandpa from Italy landed in the USA but then they lost track of him but I believe I must have American roots for sure lol #MAGA #MCGA

  25. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Keep up the amazing work. We the people love you & what you’re doing!

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