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New York: Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Totalitarian control regime and de-programming of Trump supporters
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Totalitarian control regime and de-programming of Trump supporters

This article is from a Danish News Paper: 24nyt.dk
Written by: Michael von Qvalen
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In his inauguration speech on 20 Jan. Joe Biden referred directly to Abraham Lincoln’s “Proclamation of Liberation” from Jan. 1. 1863. The proclamation had two main purposes: securing the unity of the states (USA) and the end of slavery. When Lincoln put the pen to the paper to sign, he said, “If my name ever becomes known for anything, it will be for this action that my whole soul is involved in.” The reference to Lincoln became identifiable when Biden said, “On this January day, my whole soul is involved in this: Bringing the Americans together.”

With this in mind, Biden signaled the conformity of one of history’s most recognized American presidents and his struggle against the division of the nation and against the oppression of the blacks. These two evils are both some Democrats and the media, as you know, accuse Trump of promoting. The implication is thus that Biden is on the same side as the GOOD Lincoln against the splitter and racist, the EVIL Trump. And among Democrats and the media, not an eye was dry as Biden continued his speech with the words, “I want to unite our people, unite our nation, and I urge all Americans to follow me in this matter. United, we can do great things. ” Tv2’s anti-Trump correspondent in the USA, Jesper Steinmetz, who as always was high on a huge dose of CNN, repeated what news hosts had said here, namely that Biden’s speech “was very touching to hear”.

Biden would hardly have been released so easily around the reference to Lincoln, if people in the United States and the rest of the so-called enlightened world, i.a. Denmark, had actually been enlightened instead of having their heads full of intelligence-degrading propaganda. Thus, many of today’s Democrats believe that the Republicans were the evil slave owners, while the Democrats were the good ones who, along with Lincoln, fought for the blacks. But Lincoln was a Republican, and as such led the Republican Party in the fight against slavery in the Democratic Southern states. The Civil War of 1861-1865 was thus a war between the Republicans, the slave-fighters, in the north, and the Democrats, the slave-owners, in the south. As you know, Trump is a Republican. Ideologically, it is he, not Biden, who is Lincoln’s heir!

It should be added that the Ku-Klux-Klan is not a Republican phenomenon, but a Democratic one that arose in the Southern States in the wake of the defeat of the Civil War in 1865! The Democrats’ ongoing accusations against Republicans of being racist have been at the heart of their propaganda since the 1960s to secure power in society and erase all traces that show they were racists. Many Democrats were members of the Ku-Klux-Klan in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. One of these was Robert Byrd, who was the clan leader in the 1940s. Both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden had a good relationship with Byrd. Hillary called him “my friend and mentor” and Biden said at Byrd’s funeral in 2010 that he was “a dear friend” and praised him for elevating the Senate. (“Robert C. Byrd elevated the senate”).

As recently as 1964, Byrd displayed the racism that had previously made him a clan leader, opposing the new civil rights laws that ended a highly segregated American society. An impression of Byrd’s attitudes is obtained by e.g. to read a letter he wrote to Senator Theo Bilbo in 1944 (during World War II): “I will never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side (…) I would rather die a thousand times and see our honor trampled down in the dirt to never come to its right again than to see our beloved country degraded by a race mix ”. In a letter to the clan’s supreme leader (“the Grand Wizard”) it was stated in 1946: “Today the clan is needed more than ever and I can not wait to see its rebirth here in West Virginia and in all the nations of the nation. ”.

Back to the present and Biden’s speech. The speech was not only the call for unity, which the media cheered and were then moved by. Yes, in principle, there was no call for unification under the auspices of a society with free and competing opinions, a democracy. On the other hand, union in Biden’s speech was a totalitarian and one-sided entity. It demands that one supports the ideology and worldview of the Democrats and not put forward opinions that come across these. People, including a minimum of 75 million Trump voters, such as believes that Biden’s “election victory” was cheating and fraud, can thus not be part of Biden’s national and popular association. They are political extremists and racists, and with implied address to the attack on Congress on 6 Jan. and the 75 million Trump voters, Biden’s speech stated that the United States is the subject of “increasing political extremism, demands for white supremacy” and “domestic terrorism”, which we must confront and will defeat! ”

Biden thus gave the start not only to the establishment of a totalitarian community, whose cohesiveness is based on hatred of those who have a different political view, ie. Trump supporters, he also proclaimed a pat on the back of the same supporters. Already on the day of the inauguration and in the days leading up to this, the Democrats’ fight against the so-called “internal terrorism” was seen only too clearly. Thus, for the first time in the history of the US presidential inauguration, the streets of Washington DC were completely empty of people – that is, one just ignores the 26,000 soldiers (National Guard) who were deployed to prevent a rebel attack by the violent extremist Trump people. As such, the scenario could be compared to a presidential inauguration in ancient Eastern Europe or a military state, rather than a similar one in a modern Western democracy. Something that, on the other hand, was an excellent physical expression of the Bidens / Democrats’ new totalitarian-oriented anti-Trump control regime.

Subsequently, the Biden government has decided that a force of 10,000 of the troops must remain in DC until at least April to prevent the Trump rebels’ violent aspirations. Jan. 27, i.e. one week after the inauguration speech, Biden’s Ministry of the Interior then issued a bulletin which was “based on an increased threat environment throughout the United States”. It was called i.a. in the bulletin: “Information shows that ideologically motivated violent extremists who do not recognize government authority or the change of president and provide other resistance based on false narratives will continue to incite or commit violence”. The bulletin encourages citizens, ie. the totalitarian network, to monitor and report suspicious behavior and threats of violence incl. online activities for local police and FBI offices.

Recently (Feb. 5, Tucker Carlsson) it emerged that the Federal law enforcement agencies, in the hunt for political extremists, had the second largest bank in the United States, Bank of America, with 60 million customers, secretly review its customers’ financial transactions in the days surrounding the congressional attack on Jan. 6. The government had defined 4 criteria on which the bank should work:

1 / Use of credit cards in Washington DC on 5 and 6 Jan.

2 / Payment for Hotel stays or Airbnb’s in DC, Virginia or Maryland after Jan. 6.

3 / Shopping in a weapons-related store between 7 Jan. and on 20 Jan.

4 / Purchase of airline tickets after 6 Jan.

The criteria are each so broad that they include any of the bank’s customers, who e.g. used his credit card in DC on 6 Jan. or e.g. had bought a plane ticket after the 6th of January. The bank identified 211 people who matched all four criteria and compiled a list of these, which was handed over to the Biden government. This is a direct breach of “the 4th Amendment”, but in a fascistoid totalitarian context it is kind of irrelevant, and the 211 people who had no idea about the bank’s breach can now look forward to be questioned by the FBI in a terror case.

Concepts such as “re-education”, “re-education”, “de-programming”, “de-radicalization” and “stitching” / “snitching”, which have nothing to do with a democratic society, have under the Democratic totalitarian control regimes gained new life not seen in a western country since the fascist regimes of the last century. Thus, the big question among Democrats and the media right now is how to get the 75 million Trump supporters de-programmed and re-educated for their many false ideas, not least the idea that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from them.

Alisyn Camarota hosts CNN (Jan. 19): “Experts say they have seen cult-like behavior among Trump’s most extreme supporters. So how do you de-radicalize them? ”. Katie Couric, journalist and host of the American edition of Jeopardy (d. 15/1): “The question is how do we get the people who have become part of the Trump cult de-programmed.”

Eugene Robinson, editor of the Washington Post (d. 12/1): “There are millions of Americans, almost all whites, almost all Republicans, who need to be de-programmed in some way.”

One of the Democrats’ more influential politicians and a member of Rep. House, the strongly left-leaning Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has a very simple answer to the question. She says (19/1): “We have programs for the de-radicalization of racists (” white supremacists “) (…) that we probably need to triple the budget or at least increase the subsidies for these de-radicalization programs. . ”

Without the petty distinction of “the first amendment”, the left-wing news media Axios mentions that extremists can be banned from speaking. An article (Feb. 9), titled “How America’s Extremists Deprogrammed,” states: conspiracy theories. (…) Twitter’s decision to close Trump’s account is seen in itself as a strong initiative in the fight to delay or reverse radicalization. ”

A lesser-known Youtuber, “The David Pakman Show,” asks, “How do you de-program 75 million Trumpists?” He believes that the more established solutions take far too long and states: “One of the fastest de-programming we have ever seen was in China during the Cultural Revolution, under Mao Zedong, it happened over a ten-year period. The remnants of capitalism were here cleansed brutally and quickly ”.

It is in this newly created fascist-totalitarian United States of the Democrats and the media that it is possible to bring a former president of a federal court with an accusation that he called for violent rebellion when he said: “I know everyone here will soon go over to the Congress building for PEACEFULLY and patriotic to let your voices be heard ”. It is in the United States of hatred that it is possible to blame a president for a violent attack on Congress, although the State (FBI)’s own investigations show that the attack was planned days in advance by some of those arrested. It is in this sick and inflamed political environment that it is possible to pursue a supreme court case against a former president, although a supreme court case, according to the constitution, can only be brought against a sitting president. It is in this culturally degenerate United States that it is possible to try to get a president deposed who cannot be deposed because he is no longer president!

Jan 6 had gathered up to a million Trump supporters in Washington DC. On the same day, approx. 200 protesters – ie. two tens of thousands (!) of a million – the congress building. Investigations have subsequently shown that there were left-wing activists among the attackers. Several of these acted as primus engines for the attack. The arrow-ridden United States of the Democrats and the media have a golden rule of popular upbringing that one never fails to make the mob aware of, namely that one must not generalize from the few sharp vessels to everyone else. However, the rule is suspended in relation to Trump supporters. Here one has to generalize from a few hundred protesters to 75 million voters, including justifying the launch of a terrorist bulletin with “an increased threat environment across the United States”. A bulletin which urges citizens (= the totalitarian network) to keep an eye on and identify (Trump’s) violent extremists. How deadly these are, one got a clear impression of the 6th of January. Here they did not use completely insignificant weapons such as pistols or grenades and they did not blow up the congress building. No, it was much worse! Some of the Trump terrorists rummaged around in the papers of Congressmen (uf!), Others sat in the chairs of Nancy Pelosis and Mitch McConnell (add!). No wonder Democrats and the media compare the grenade-free lectern attack with Al-Qaeda’s airstrikes on the Twin Towers in 2001, in which approx. 3000 people were killed.

The political elites of the United States are corrupt deep into their core, and they are bought and paid for by Wall Street and China, by roughly: Highest bidder. The maintenance of this politically blunt and degenerate order – “the Swamp” – is the reason why Trump had to be removed at all costs (electoral fraud) and prevented from becoming president again (Supreme Court), and that his supporters must be demonized, demarcated and de- programmed.

This article is from a Danish News paper:

Klumme: Totalitært kontrolregime og de-programmering af Trumps tilhængere


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Totalitarian control regime and de-programming of Trump supporters

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