The removal of a Confederate statue in Kentucky uncovers a 1936 newspaper dedicated to Manuel Azaña

The removal of a Confederate statue in Kentucky uncovers a 1936 newspaper dedicated to Manuel Azaña

This Saturday the removal of the statue of the Confederate President, and one of the biggest proponents of the slave system, Jefferson Davis at the Kentucky Capitol, has uncovered an empty bottle of bourbon and a 1936 newspaper with a full-page headline about the march of the republican president, Manuel Azaña, from Madrid to Barcelona.

During the transfer, the statue was lifted with machinery and a bottle of Kentucky bourbon (with a note whose content has not come out) and a copy of the ‘The State Journal’ newspaper in Frankfort, Kentucky, of the October 20, 1936 with a five-column headline: “Azaña moves to Barcelona”, referring to Azaña’s departure from the capital during the first moments of the Civil War.

Anecdotally, both the Glenmoremore Bourbon Distillery continues to operate in Owensboro and the ‘The State Journal’ newspaper, founded in 1900, also continues to be published, though the coronavirus epidemic and its associated crisis have forced its publication only twice per week.

The statue has been moved after a vote of 11 to 1 by the Kentucky Historical Heritage Advisory Commission and will be located at the Jefferson Davis Historical Park in Fairview.

The only African-American member of the commission, Cathy Thomas, has explained that she voted in favor because the monument does not belong to the Capitol. “It is a symbol of the Confederation that would still have me chained and that is why the removal of these dividing symbols was necessary for a long time, especially in spaces with public financing that I pay,” she argued in statements to the local station WFPL.

The only vote against was Brandon Wilson, who has argued that he joined the commission to “protect history, not to remove it.”

The statue was installed on Capitol Hill in 1936 even though Kentucky never belonged to the confederation. However, Davis, a member of the Democratic Party, was originally from Fairview, Kentucky. Also from Kentucky is the great leader of the Union during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, born in Hodgenville, Kentucky, and a member of the Republican Party.

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