Is This Aracely Henriquez, the Woman George Floyd Allegedly Assaulted?


Is This Aracely Henriquez, the Female George Floyd Apparently Assaulted?

In June 2020, as demonstrations versus authorities violence and racial oppression continued throughout the U.S. following the killing of George Floyd, a Black guy who passed away while in authorities custody in Minneapolis, a photo started to circulate on social networks. The image allegedly revealed a female called Aracely Henriquez, in addition to the claim that Floyd as soon as “brutally” attacked her in a burglary.

This is not an image of Henriquez. Prior to we discuss, we ought to keep in mind the authorities encounter that led to Floyd’s death in May 2020 started with a report about a fake $20 costs passed at a shop, not with an arrest warrant or an examination into Floyd’s supposed criminal history.

Additionally, the claims made in this meme are either overstated or straight-out produced. While Floyd was undoubtedly apprehended for his participation in a house break-in in 2007 (we performed a comprehensive analysis of Floyd’s rap sheet, consisting of the break-in from 2007, in this article), no proof recommends that Henriquez was pregnant, or that Floyd threatened to eliminate her infant. Henriquez was hurt throughout the event, though the authorities report states the injuries were caused by another guy, not Floyd. However the above-displayed image does not highlight the level of her injuries due to the fact that the image isn’t of her.

This is in fact a photo of Andrea Sicignano, a trainee who was apparently attacked and raped in Madrid in2018 Sicignano published these pictures of herself to her Facebook page, in addition to a message detailing her attack. The Spanish news outlet El Pais reported:

A 27- year-old trainee living in Madrid was assaulted and raped by a male 2 weekends back near the bus station in the Aluche area in the south of the capital, according to sources from authorities head office.

Andrea Sicignano, who has actually been residing in Madrid for the previous 6 months, explained by means of a public post on her Facebook account what occurred to her as she returned house from a night out with a good friend.


“It’s unclear exactly what happened next, but as soon as I started to realize I could be in danger, I tried to leave. But this man became forceful and violent towards me,” she goes on.

” As I combated, he began to beat me. I was shrieking and combating with all of the power I might summon. I frantically attempted to grab my phone however he called out in Spanish, ‘I have your phone, you can’ t call anybody.’


“I was sure he was going to kill me,” she continues. “Eventually I closed my eyes. With the hope that he would stop beating me, I pretended to be dead. I prayed that when I opened my eyes he would be gone. I don’t know how much time passed before I finally opened my eyes, but when I did, he had disappeared.”

Lastly, she composes: “He raped me.”

In other words, the above-displayed meme genuinely includes a photo of a female who was extremely attacked. The lady portrayed, nevertheless, is not Henriquez, and the attack explained in the meme remains in no chance linked to Floyd. This meme likewise misstates, overemphasizes, and makes information about Floyd’s 2007 break-in arrest.

Readers can get a more extensive take a look at hiscriminal record here

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