Did Trump Say He Won't Leave Office at End of Elected Term?


Did Trump State He Will Not Leave Workplace at End of Chosen Term?

In mid-June 2020, social networks users shared posts stating U.S. President Donald Trump had actually as soon as recommended he will not leave workplace at the end of his elected term, triggering readers to ask Snopes if he in fact stated such a thing.

The questions seemed based upon a speech Trump gave up December 2019 at the Israeli-American Council [IAC] National Top, throughout remarks about his administration’s controversial choice to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In the rambling speech, Trump resolved his pal, billionaire entrepreneur and project donor Sheldon Adelson, and mentioned the brand-new embassy structure would be built with “Jerusalem stone.”

In the remarks, Trump likewise seemed deriding his critics, who had actually revealed fears that he would not voluntarily leave workplace if described out, or if he lost reelection. Here are his exact words:

THE PRESIDENT: No, however consider this. Think about this, right? So we’re going to invest $2 billion. It would not be developed, Sheldon, for 10 years, fif— do not forget: Eventually, whether it’s 5 years from now, 9 years from now, 13 years from now– I’m doing this to drive the media insane. (Applause.) Due to the fact that a great deal of them state, “You know he’s not leaving, don’t you?” Among these characters– these individuals are so silly. Among them stated– among them stated, “You know he’s going to win, don’t you? And you know, at the end of his second term, you know he’s not leaving. He’s not leaving. You know that.” And I believed he’s a comic. I believed he was joking. He’s genuine. So now we need to begin considering that, due to the fact that it’s not a bad concept. (Applause.)

No, however these individuals are going bananas. When they all yell, “Four more years, four more years,” I constantly state, “Make it 12 years and you’ll drive them crazy.” Twelve more years. However if I do not get the construct—

AUDIENCE: Twelve more years!

THE PRESIDENT: (Chuckles.) However if I do not get the structure developed, it’s never ever going to get developed due to the fact that you’re going to have some man like Obama or Crooked Hillary.


However though he has actually joked about it more than as soon as, we have actually discovered no circumstances of Trump seriously mentioning he would not leave workplace. In June 2020, he told Fox News he will leave workplace to “go on, do other things” if not re-elected.

We for that reason rate this claim “Mostly False.”

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