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Did Kroger Tell Employees They Can Wear BLM Masks, but Not Flag Masks?


Did Kroger Inform Staff Members They Can Use BLM Masks, however Not Flag Masks?

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On Sept. 5, 2020, a message began flowing on Facebook declaring that grocery chain Kroger had actually prohibited its workers from using face masks decorated with the American flag, however allowed its workers to use masks in assistance of the Black Lives Matter motion:

There is no basis for this claim. This claim appears to have actually been comprised out of entire fabric and put versus a vibrant background, which, for some unusual factor, provides declarations unearned reliability.

Kroger began needing workers to use face masks in shops in April 2020 in order to adhere to CDC standards on how to best slow the spread of COVID-19. Kroger stated at the time that they would be providing masks for its workers. A staff member news from Harris Teeter, a supermarket owned by Kroger, kept in mind that workers might supply their own masks as long as the masks were of a strong color (or a basic pattern) which they were missing of mottos or 3rd party logo designs.

We have not encounter any newspaper article about Kroger workers being informed not to use American flag masks. We have, nevertheless, encounter a number of stories about Kroger clearly restricting workers from using BLM masks.

In August 2020, there was a little debate after some Kroger workers at shops in Detroit, Michigan, began using BLM t-shirts to work. According to Fox 2 Detroit, some workers likewise place on BLM masks. Management at these shops, nevertheless, informed workers to eliminate or conceal these products, and a representative for the shop stated that Kroger’s consistent policy states that clothes “must be clean, professional, and without visible pictures, logos, words or abbreviations.”

Kroger stated in a declaration:

“Our uniform policy must be clean, professional, and without visible pictures, logos, words or abbreviations including masks (ONLY exception is Local UFCW 876 mask or company provided mask). All associates must wear aprons to show that we are here to serve our customers, communities and each other.”

Kroger launch a 2nd declaration acknowledging it wished to “offer a workplace that is uplifting, inclusive, and consistent with Our Values: Integrity, Honesty, Diversity, Inclusion, Safety and Respect” which it had actually produced wristbands that workers might use in order to reveal their assistance for Black consumers and neighborhoods:

” At Kroger, we make every effort to use a work environment that is uplifting, inclusive and constant with Our Worths: Stability, Sincerity, Variety, Addition, Security and Regard. Numerous partners have actually revealed a desire to stand together with their neighborhoods and reveal their assistance through their clothes, facial coverings and devices. While we are not changing our existing gown code, guidelines or policies, we acknowledge our partners’ feedback and desire all to feel supported and heard.

“To offer a more consistent solution, we produced wristbands and made them available to all associates. Working with our partners, including a Black-owned supplier, we produced two wristband options, which were distributed in early July: one that represents our commitment to Standing Together with our Black associates, customers and communities against racism in all forms, and the other to serve as a reminder of Our Values that guide us.”

Simply put, Kroger does not permit its workers to use BLM masks (or any masks including mottos or logo designs) as declared in the viral Facebook post. It’s possible that flag masks would likewise be restricted under this policy too, however Kroger did not prohibit flag masks while enabling BLM masks.

It’s possible that the above-displayed Facebook post conflated Kroger with another grocery chain, Food Lion, which was quickly stuck in debate when they restricted workers from using American flag masks. This, once again, was not a “ban” on the flag, however an enforcement of the supermarket’s consistent policy, which, like Kroger, restricted workers from using products with “writing, insignia or symbols.” Food Lion later on customized its policy to permit flag masks.

In summary, Kroger began needing workers to use masks to fight the spread of COVID-19 in April 2020. The business offers masks to workers. For those who select to use their own masks, these face coverings need to comply with the business’s consistent policy, which restricts the screen of mottos and logo designs, such as BLM. It’s possible that this policy would likewise avoid workers from using flag masks, however we have actually yet to come throughout any reports from workers specifying that this holds true. Regardless, it is incorrect to state that Kroger prohibited flag masks while enabling BLM masks.

We have actually connected to Kroger to find out more, and will upgrade this post appropriately.

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