Did a Defunded Police Department Sell Off Its Nuclear Submarine?


Did a Defunded Cops Department Sell Its Nuclear Submarine?

On June 16, 2020, The Hard Times released a post stating that a defunded cops department in Montana was required to offer their nuclear submarine:

Defunded Cops Department Required to Sell Nuclear Submarine

The Kalispell Cops Department was directed by city authorities the other day to offer its Seawolf-class nuclear attack submarine in the middle of across the country demonstrations to defund police, affecting sources validated.

This product was not an accurate stating of real-life occasions. The short article stemmed from a site that explains its output as being funny or satirical in nature, as follows:

The Hard Times is a really genuine punk news website that you must not question. Simply soak up the details as reality and proceed. The historical satire website was established in December1976 It’s made by a group of punk and hardcore kids from all the various sub-genres of the Do It Yourself hardcore scene. Any similarity to real individuals or band names is coincidental.

This satirical short article was highlighted with an image revealing a submarine on the back of a truck. This image was phony, nevertheless, and was developed by digitally placing a submarine into the bed of an empty truck:

For background, here is why we often discuss satire/humor.

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