Are Hells Angels Heading to Seattle To Fight Antifa?


Are Hells Angels Heading to Seattle To Eliminate Antifa?

In June 2020, a report began distributing on social networks that the Hells Angels Bike Club was heading to Seattle, Washington, to combat antifa, or anti-fascists, in the city’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), a so-called “cop free” location that was established in the middle of prevalent demonstrations versus cops cruelty and racial oppression:

However no proof has actually been offered to support this claim. The media consisted of in the above-displayed tweets is a couple of years of ages, and Sonny Barger, the creator of the Hell’s Angels, has actually provided a declaration refuting this report.

The leading image was taken in 2018 as members of the Hells Angels rode to a nationwide event in Quebec, Canada. The short clip consisted of in the 2nd image originates from a 2011 video by Girl Gaga:

Comparable videos professing to reveal the Hells Angels “on their way” to Seattle to combat anti-fascist protesters can likewise be traced back to old and unassociated occasions. One video published to YouTube in June 2020, for instance, declared that it revealed “Hell’s Angels and Mongols riding together on their way to Seattle to scrap with Antifa Terrorists,” however in fact utilized video from2010

Sonny Barger, the creator of the Hells Angels, dismissed these reports in a Facebook post on June 13, 2020, in which he wrote:

“People have asked me about these fake articles involving the Hells Angels and another club going to face antifa. Stop, It’s untrue and will never happen.”

Bike clubs are regularly utilized in online scams trying to demonstrate how right-leaning causes have the assistance of “tough” people. While there genuinely is a “Bikers for Trump” group that has actually revealed assistance for the president at different rallies and occasions, the assistance and impact of these bike groups has actually been hugely overstated in social networks posts.

For example, 100,000 bikers did not show up for a rally in 2016 supporting U.S. President Donald Trump, and this video does disappoint motorcyclists riding to Washington, D.C., in assistance of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s election to the Supreme Court. This video does disappoint a big group of bicycle riders riding to Trump’s inauguration, and this video does disappoint 5 million bicycle riders heading to Washington in 2018 to require an end to the Trump/Russia probe.

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