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New York: Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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New interdisciplinary field work has led to the discovery of the oldest archaeological site in Oldupai Gorge, which shows that early humans used a wide diversity of habitats amidst environmental changes across a 200,000 year-long period. (Michael Petraglia)
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Oldest Tool Use Thrown Back To Two million Years In Oldupai Gorge Find

An interdisciplinary group of scientists have actually uncovered the oldest stone tools at the oldest historical site in the popular Oldupai Gorge, commonly called the Cradle of Mankind. Their discoveries likewise expose how the earliest hominins dealt with environment modification two million years earlier.

The brand-new research study is released in  Nature Communications  and offers an environmental viewpoint on early human flexibility two million years earlier. It is concentrated on Ewass Oldupai – the oldest historical site in Oldupai (previously Olduvai) Gorge. The research study shows how hominins adjusted to the area’s varied ecological conditions over a 200,000 year duration.

New interdisciplinary field work has actually caused the discovery of the oldest historical site in Oldupai Gorge, which reveals that early human beings utilized a large variety of environments in the middle of ecological modifications throughout a 200,000 year-long duration. ( Michael Petraglia )

Discoveries at Oldupai Gorge, the Famous Cradle of Mankind

Oldupai Gorge  is an extremely essential paleoanthropological website situated in Tanzania in the Great Rift Valley. For more than a century, scientists have actually been excavating in this location, and cumulatively they have actually discovered numerous fossils and stone tools which go back countless years. The website was made popular by  Louis and Mary Leakey  and is a UNESCO World Heritage website.

EurekAlert! reports that, in spite of the long history of studies and excavations at the Oldupai Gorge, there has actually been an absence of environmental research studies related to the cultural remains which have actually been discovered there. This enables the brand-new research study to cast light on the ecological contexts in which the early hominins lived.

The research study originates from a worldwide and interdisciplinary group of scientists from limit Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Germany, the University of Calgary in Canada, and the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The scientists assembled for excavations at the Ewass Oldupa and they have actually uncovered the oldest Oldowan stone tools ever discovered at Oldupai Gorge. The stone tools date from approximately 2 to 1.8 million years earlier.

Excavations at Ewass Oldupa uncovered the oldest Oldowan stone tools ever found at Oldupai Gorge, dating to ~2 million years ago, and also unearthed fossils of mammals, reptiles and birds. (Michael Petraglia)

Excavations at Ewass Oldupa discovered the oldest Oldowan stone tools ever discovered at Oldupai Gorge, dating to ~2 million years earlier, and likewise uncovered fossils of mammals, reptiles and birds. ( Michael Petraglia )

Staying Steady in Altering Environments

Paleoanthropologists at the website studied fossils from a range of animals, consisting of primates, wild livestock and pigs, hippos, panthers, lions, hyenas, reptiles, and birds. They discovered that over 200,000 years, the environment altered and consisted of fern meadows, forest mosaics, naturally burned landscapes, lakeside palm groves and dry steppe environments.

Outcrop geometry, stratigraphic architecture, and idealized vegetation at Ewass Oldupa. a) Post-eruptive, fern meadow. b) Coarse Feldspar Crystal Tuff mosaics. c) Woodland with palms and ferns. d) Grasslands. e) Open woodland. f) Asteraceae-dominated scrub. (Mercader, J. et al. Nature 2021)

Outcrop geometry, stratigraphic architecture, and idealized plants at Ewass Oldupa. a) Post-eruptive, fern meadow. b) Coarse Feldspar Crystal Tuff  mosaics. c) Forest with palms and ferns. d) Grasslands. e) Open forest. f) Asteraceae-dominated scrub. (Mercader, J. et al.  Nature 2021 )

The combined paleoanthropological and historical proof reveals that hominin activities repeated, however were occasionally missing in the altering environment. Dr. Pastory Bushozi of Dar es Salaam University, Tanzania,  stated that “the occupation of varied and unstable environments, including after volcanic activity, is one of the earliest examples of adaptation to major ecological transformations.”

Although the environment was altering, the scientists discovered that the ancient hominin toolkits stayed basically the very same. The renowned  Oldowan pebble and cobble cores, sharp-edged flakes, and polyhedral cobbles were still utilized to butcher animals and procedure plants, no matter how the environment altered over the 200,000 years.

Who Made the Ewass Oldupa Tools?

You might be questioning by now which group of our ancient forefathers made the oldest Oldowan  stone tools  ever discovered at Oldupai Gorge. The possible toolmaker group is not particular, because no hominin fossils have actually been discovered at Ewass Oldupa yet, however it has actually been limited to 3 possible hominin types.

Selection of stone tools from Ewass Oldupa. (Mercader, J. et al. Nature 2021)

Choice of stone tools from Ewass Oldupa.  (Mercader, J. et al.  Nature 2021 )

One possibility is that  Homo habilis  developed the tools. Their fossils have actually been discovered in 1.82-million-year-old deposits at a place simply 350 meters (1148.29 ft.) far from Ewass Oldupa. Teacher Julio Mercader of the University of Calgary  mentioned that “these early humans were surely ranging widely over the landscape and along shores of the ancient lake.”

However Mercader likewise kept in mind that  australopithecines were likewise around Ewass Oldupa at the time and most likely making and utilizing stone tools in the location and members of the  Paranthropus genus likewise resided in Oldupai Gorge in the very same period; both of these groups might be not be eliminated as the ancient toolmakers.

Setting the Phase for Larger Things

The scientists  compose that their findings at Oldupai Gorge are “unique for this period and depicts complex behavior among early  Pleistocene hominins.” They discuss  that the capability of the hominins to adjust to the altering environments at Oldupai Gorge ready our ancient forefathers for larger objectives.

Integrating the current Oldupai Gorge discoveries with other discovers throughout eastern Africa recommends that by 2 million years earlier, hominins had the behavioral capabilities they required to broaden into  brand-new communities , and they utilized those capabilities. As Teacher Michael Petraglia of limit Planck Institute  kept in mind that “This behavioural flexibility arose in the context of the dawn of the evolution of our own genus, Homo, and it set the stage for the eventual global, invasive  spread of Homo sapiens .”

Leading Image: The excavations discovered the oldest Oldowan stone tools ever discovered at Oldupai Gorge, dating to ~2 million years earlier. Source:  Michael Petraglia / Mercader, J. et al.,  Nature 2021

By Alicia McDermott

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SCIENCE & TECH: Oldest Tool Use Thrown Back To Two million Years In Oldupai Gorge Find

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