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PROOF: US Voting System is rigged and the same they use in Venezuela

PROOF: US Voting System is the same they use in Venezuela

Folks we got some news out of Michigan and this could be very significant from the Detroit, well actually we’ll go to Jenna Ellis first breaking this evening the county board of canvassers in
Wayne County Michigan refused to certify the election results if the state board follows suit the republican state legislator will select the electors huge win for Donald Trump very very interesting they found, major problems with let’s see here: absentee voting precincts didn’t match, the number of ballots cast the imbalances between august and november are not an exact comparison but look there’s a lot here and uh we’ve got the perfect person Sidney Powell standing by member of president trump’s legal team

Sydney welcome and i know you’ve been handling a lot of the Georgia situation and Dominion but your reaction to the situation in Michigan please

Oh that’s an excellent development and i would expect the entire Michigan board to reject the accounts from the ballots the the election could not have been more rigged than it was and i think it also affected the race of uh senator John James the same patterns fall there we’re still doing statistical analysis of that race but this the math just doesn’t add up for anything and we know Dominion has a long history of rigging elections that’s what it was created to do to begin with we’ve introduced the affidavit of a person who worked with Maduro a high-ranking military officer who saw it all happen and explained how it worked and it’s it’s out for the public to see on my twitter feed at Sydney Powell number one so don’t tell me there’s no evidence of fraud we’ve got increasingly mounting evidence of significant fraud across multiple states that casts into question the validity of the elections in every swing state including Nevada and Arizona and Michigan Wisconsin Georgia and it went beyond that too

You know regarding Dominion um you’ve raised this and we saw the letter last night people like Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar have raised significant concerns about Dominion now they’re trying to make it seem like a right-wing wacko conspiracy concern even though people like pbs were raising serious issues about Dominion just before the election i heard you say today Dominion the software was actually designed to be hacked and i’m looking at one of the agreements they had with the county of Santa Clara on this is a contract between them and Dominion item 226 allows staff to adjust tally based on review of scanned ballot images uh look you’re the lawyer i’m no tech expert but that sounds very very funky to me and worse than that it had a back door so it could be manipulated by anyone who could access it through that back door and that was a deliberate feature the affidavit of the young military officer we provided yesterday to the public explains how it was created for that very purpose so Maduro i mean so uh Hugo Chavez would never lose another election and he did not after that software was created he won every single election and then they exported it to argentina and other countries in south america and then they brought it here and it’s a foreign company no matter how you look at it so they’ve already violated the President’s order against foreign interference in our elections our votes were actually eventually counted in uh Barcelona Spain or Frankfurt Germany on foreign servers it’s absolutely stunning and what’s really stunning is the effort that is being mounted against getting the truth out on this but you have to realize that every tech company every media company every social media company scads of globalist corporations have been doing business in countries with these dictators that have been installed through this rigged election system for decades the corruption is actually worldwide it is going to upset a countless number of elections across this country and and around the world.

Nearly 2,600 uncounted Trump ballots found in Georgia recount; Dominion part of DHS



01:35 Whistleblower Alleges Vote Rigging System
03:02 Dominion Part of Council in DHS Agency
03:53 Dominion’s Ties to Socialist Venezuela
08:01 Georgia Recount Finds 2600 Missed Ballots
09:21 GA: Blue Counties Finish Recount Quickly
11:55 Perdue Says He Won’t Debate Ossoff Again
12:24 Arizona GOP Reps. Call for Maricopa Audit
13:32 Discrepancies in NV Race, Result Tossed
14:26 Dershowitz on Trump Team’s Legal Strategy
17:59 McConnell Criticizes Afghan Pullout Plan
19:40 Data Scientist on Unusual Change in Votes
21:45 Current Election Reverses What’s American
26:10 Pompeo on Religious Freedom
26:55 Chinese Ministry Congratulates Biden

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  1. f.s.j 1 week ago

    If you don’t think the US voting system is rigged, then take a look on this article and think again

  2. f.s.j 7 days ago

    Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history!

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