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Print your own Absentee Ballots Today

Print your own Absentee Ballots Today

Welcome to “Print your own Absentee Ballot Today” Q&A

Q1: How to print my Absentee Ballot’s ?
A1: Download the “Print my Absentee Ballots Today” .PDF file at the bottom of this post and send it to your printer

Q2: Can i only print one Absentee Ballot ?
A2: No no you can print as many as you need 1, 10, 100 or even 1000 but put them in bundles of 100 max. before you put them in the mailbox (it’s more easy to handle for the postworkers and of course also for the election officials) If you want to help your neighbor or your family and friends, you can ask if you should print some Absentee Ballots for them too.

Q3: Do i have to live in the State, County or City where i post my Absentee Ballot’s ?
A3: Before the 2020 Election you should (sort off) but no, that’s not a problem any more.

Q4: How can it be that all the fields on the Absentee Ballot have already been filled out ?
A4: This is a good question and you are not the first person to ask about that, the answer is a little bit complicated but if you absolutely want to know, then it is because when all the Fields is filled out in advance, the voting machine then sort your Absentee Ballot’s into a separate pile and the it is much easier for the Election Officials (it’s usually a Democrat) to take them as a bundle and then based on your intent and of course also based on the candidate who needs your votes the most, will then get your vote and everyone is happy.

Q5: What if i get my Absentee Ballots sent a little late for the election ?
A5: If it’s only late by 1 or 2 weeks the Postal Employees and/or the Election Officials will help you, by back dating them.

Q6: What if i do not have enough envelopes or none at all ?
A6: The first thing the Poll Workers removes and throws away is the envolope, so this is not a problem at all.

Q7: Can it in some way be illegal to print out my own Absentee Ballot’s ?
A7: See (A3) But no, not anymore.

We hope we now have answered all your questions…

Happy Ballot Printing

Download the “Print my Absentee Ballots Today” .PDF file – Click Here


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