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New York: Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Why we're objecting | Marsha Blackburn


Why we're objecting | Marsha Blackburn

Democrats withstood and blocked President Trump every action of the method when he was chosen, which’s why Senator Marsha Blackburn states it is essential that she and lots of other GOP legislators challenge votes today acknowledging a Biden win. – by means of American Program with Bob Sellers, weekdays at 2PM ET on Newsmax TELEVISION

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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  1. Mark Yale 3 weeks ago

    if the electorial votes and elections are challenged WHY NOT CHALLENGE THE VOTES FOR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES
    its not just President Trump

  2. Him Bike 3 weeks ago

    Dog and pony show.
    Republicans are putting up a show.
    Then they can say
    “Oh well we tried.”

  3. Maria A 3 weeks ago

    It is time to bring in military courts and increase the size of Guantanamo Bay. Reinstate that female guard with her dog leash!

  4. samuel rodriguez 3 weeks ago

    Hey trump wants a job needs to do the work playing golf and election job at Georgia stay on this no more Rudy get better lawyers or show evidence good luck 2021

  5. earlysda 3 weeks ago

    God bless you Senator Blackburn. You make me proud to be a Tennessean!

  6. JOHN SMITH 3 weeks ago


  7. Marina Furijan 3 weeks ago

    The dear kale congruently peck because face monthly colour mid a nutty tom-tom. adorable, interesting elbow

  8. Thomas Hörz 3 weeks ago

    Trump lost

  9. Charlotte Perry 3 weeks ago

    Put Joe and the others in jail

  10. J G Ni 3 weeks ago

    Never give up, Trump will win ✊✊✊⚔️⚔️⚔️💪💪💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. Bloody Hotspur 3 weeks ago

    Hey remember when trump said Obama wasn’t legitimate. Blackburn is full of it.

  12. Bloody Hotspur 3 weeks ago

    Why was that an issue in 1877? Some states votes WERE NOT CERTIFIED… they are here…. all 50 states cert their voted.

  13. D Z 3 weeks ago

    Republicans trying to be democrat's now….little to late don't you think.

  14. Marsha if this is a strategy by Rhinos we the People have 2million in DC…we will make sure this is done the right way.we don't trust congress

  15. Shirley Whitefeather 3 weeks ago

    My vote is, that we vote again, this time in person, (except absentee voting) with proper I.D. and signature verification, on legal ballots and processed the legal way, without machines that can manipulate votes.

  16. graffitypsycho 3 weeks ago

    YOU LOST MITCH! Now get out the way and sit your rear! Say bye bye to the senate.

  17. Edward Samuel 3 weeks ago

    She explains things so clear.
    I cannot understand why fake media twist things and have trouble understanding it.

  18. Hitesh Kundnani 3 weeks ago

    hahaha the Donald and his dumbies are considered the retards of the world right now hahaha, what nonsense

  19. Monique Smith 3 weeks ago

    “Bob” here is uninformed which is Silly!! Hey Doofus: it is a mandated 2 hour debate per State Objected by one Congressperson snd One Senator, ergo 2 Hours PER EACH STATE! Then It goes back to Representatives To THE STATES, Not the Congress or Senators At All, but Delegated Representatives!! These are ALL constitutionally laid out and already has happened: 50 States, 50 votes, not More such as in the Electoral college, NOPE! So, there are 30 Red states 20 Blue states, Majority Wins, President Trump Stays President. Gee Bob a 5 year old could ‘get it’.

  20. Chip Smith 3 weeks ago

    Marsha Blackburn needs to go away like the Wig Party. She should be happy I don't live in Tennessee.

  21. Romero J 3 weeks ago

    This makes for great TV and thats about it. Pence can't do anything and neither can any republican. The next President of the United States of America is President Biden

  22. An Nguyen 3 weeks ago


  23. Chip Smith 3 weeks ago

    what is sad is there is no voter fraud. Bill Barr said officially there is no election fraud. In the judicial side, 0 out of 60 cases have proven election fraud. In many states, multiple recounts and audits have shown no election fraud. Shame on Marsha Blackburn for following this ruse.

  24. hheidrick 3 weeks ago

    If there was so much evidence for someone accused of murder, that person would be put away. This isn’t only about this election is about this country’s future elections.

  25. Bari Mayberry 3 weeks ago

    Blackburn go for it

  26. Annie WAP 3 weeks ago

    Kamala, pretending to want “fweedom” after falling out of her stroller, only to grow up and try to take away her country’s freedoms.

  27. Araya Buchichi 3 weeks ago

    Civil War or Martial Law 🇺🇸

  28. Anthony Flores 3 weeks ago

    Voter fraud claims have not gain traction in courts for a reason, there will be no exception in congress tomorrow, they all know it but want to show support before Trump leaves on Jan 20 so they can politically climb as high on the MAGA base ladder as possible. Sadly they ALL know this and use it as strategy for political gain.

  29. Lori Thompson 3 weeks ago

    Warnock has not won stop saying it

  30. DEAD FOUR EVER 3 weeks ago

    hiden joe biden and kamel toe harris are criminals , voter fraud is a crime.

  31. Anthony Flores 3 weeks ago

    Ha, they are all objecting because they want to politically positions themselves as high on the MAGA base ladder as possible. Sadly they ALL know challenge won't flip election results from Trump to Biden but are using as strategy for political gain, we will witness this happen after Trump inevitably leaves office Jan 20. Another sad truth is that none of them assures they have the evidence necessary to overturn election and also ALL of them know Trump will be gone on Jan 20 soon after all of them will make moves to better political positions. This will happen not because I say so but because facts are true and we will all see this happen tomorrow night

  32. My Ukulele Daily 3 weeks ago

    The democrats resisted for 4 years after President Trump was LEGITIMATELY ELECTED. We can certainly resist a FRADULANTLY ELECTED Biden for 2 months.

  33. Alfred Sutton 3 weeks ago

    Good discussion. Keep them coming.

  34. Pedro Loewen 3 weeks ago

    Stupid crazy 😷😷☠️

  35. Daniel Fowler 3 weeks ago

    The ballads should also have folds in them or they're fraudulent

  36. Sherrie Walkey 3 weeks ago


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