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New York: Sunday, September 26, 2021
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What's the deal with Sleepy Creepy Joe?


What's the deal with Sleepy Creepy Joe?

Grant Stinchfield examines President Joe Biden’s urge to take a nap every 5 minutes and more – via ‘STINCHFIELD’ on Newsmax

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  1. peyman p 3 weeks ago

    Thats a Disgraceful shame to have such Imbecile as the president of U.S.

  2. JOHN YORK 3 weeks ago


  3. Stephen Craig 3 weeks ago

    If you want rid of Biden and the Demonrats you have to do better than a first term failure, traitor to Democracy and big liar Trump.
    The Republican Party must find a leader and not continue with a loser.

  4. mark p 3 weeks ago

    He's not sleeping, he's till moving his thumbs. He's exhibiting the behavior of a dementia patient. He tunes out and appears to be asleep. He might as well be sleeping, since he's likely not paying attention.

  5. Herman S.J. Pot 3 weeks ago

    He has such a creepy look in his eyes..makes me shudder !

  6. Tyrone Powell 3 weeks ago


  7. The Bobbit 3 weeks ago

    Thanks Grant !!

  8. Cay Mann 3 weeks ago

    I don't get why someone who helps the enemy and abandons American Citizens to be tortured is allowed to continue being President. He protects China, protects Taliban and God knows what else he is doing behind the curtains.

  9. M Bkworth 3 weeks ago

    Biden Harris Shameful Disgrace

  10. Stinchfield, you needed to ask that teacher who you interviewed that escaped Afghanistan and had no political affiliation about all the men and people who swarmed the first exiting planes if in their
    opinion many were terrorists trying to blend in with the crowd. Many more people who were recently there who might have an ounce of credibility should be questioned as well.🤔🤔🤔

  11. Andre Martinez 3 weeks ago

    😩 As an Australian, i can't believe America would leave anyone behind. So frustrating! |

  12. Pollyanna Hardesty 3 weeks ago

    Biden’s destroying America’s Future 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  13. Kathleen Salvatore 3 weeks ago

    Every hour is Happy Hour for Joe!TRUMP 2022!

  14. Diana Sloan 3 weeks ago

    Dementia or not, he has caused the deaths of our Americans and countless Afghan citizens so he can make a political statement on 9/11 claiming that he ended the war. Still no mention of how he gets paid for "gifting" the terrorists $ in military equipment that will be used against our country!

  15. Laila Hinds 3 weeks ago

    That's odd. I thought Biden wore his wristwatch on his ankle. |

  16. Victor Milera 3 weeks ago

    The smartest person he knows is a crystal queen, a rock jockey, come on man |

  17. Leader One 3 weeks ago

    Should have asked Mr President if would like a pillow and some sleep music

  18. Lisa murphy 3 weeks ago

    Who are the people walking behind ???????????????????

  19. Lisa murphy 3 weeks ago

    Umm could someone please tell me while he was suppose to be on a conference call why it looked like it was set up by a 4yr old and who the heck were all the people walking behind him. That was not normal at all..

  20. Maya Ratner 3 weeks ago

    Psuki is a wealth of misinformation and deflections…pack your junk R a g g e d y. |

  21. Fox Mulder 3 weeks ago

    How could Biden possibly blame Trump who has been out of office for months now. + he never would have let this happen.
    Biden is totally to blame for this complete lack of failure.

  22. olivia medina 3 weeks ago

    And other times he look lucid who is those caracteres

  23. leah 3 weeks ago

    I appreciate rachel news analysis. Great job. |

  24. max lopatkin 3 weeks ago

    Anyone out there who voted for Biden, this is for you! Do you still vote for him? |

  25. A T 3 weeks ago

    This "reporting" is so weak

  26. Chris Laque 3 weeks ago

    Impeach creepy Joe

  27. bergssprangare 3 weeks ago

    We should all pull his plug

  28. Blessed One 3 weeks ago

    Just a matter of time now before he's removed and another fraud installed like a toilet.

  29. bergssprangare 3 weeks ago

    I guess the most popular president in history is even more popular now..Amongst the Talibans and Chyna

  30. Ralph Annam 3 weeks ago

    Biden is the Greatest Failure of all time. |

  31. BerJ 3 weeks ago

    He can't control His PiPi
    How he want to Control the USA & WORLD as America's President.

  32. Lexie Walker 3 weeks ago

    Gotta admit she's really good at her job |

  33. Brooklyn Skinner 3 weeks ago

    ✌ If I had lost that much money, my father would have killed me! 😉 |

  34. Angela Correnti 3 weeks ago

    Are you kidding me the 25th Amendment him

  35. Mejia Eduardo 3 weeks ago

    I can't imagine leaving my family in a hostile country this is bs |

  36. Pathetic! she's more concerned about a word then actually getting everyone out. |

  37. Jordan Fisher 3 weeks ago

    This is just embarrassing. We know the radical left cheated so why are we not kicking them out?

  38. Andrew Pewter 3 weeks ago

    the most popular president ever…….lol

  39. kylie michelle 3 weeks ago

    When Biden made this decision he was smoking crack |

  40. Willy Lynch 3 weeks ago

    Need to get rid of this entire evil illegal administration that's goal is to DESTROY AMERICA

  41. Adela cecunjanin 3 weeks ago

    💛 Hostage is a better term than stranded. |

  42. Geisha Viera 3 weeks ago

    And the Americans who don't want to leave are just suicidal !! …. c'mon lady |

  43. akalroop Singh 3 weeks ago

    He should resign .he can’t handle his body how he can handle such a great nation

  44. chris butcher 3 weeks ago

    Everything about this current regime is absolutely disgusting

  45. LEGIT LIFE 3 weeks ago

    She never answers questions. |

  46. CullTheMeek 3 weeks ago

    🤼‍♂️ 🚿 It’s time for Jim Jordan to hit the showers. |

  47. Nice Person 3 weeks ago

    2 much Haldol

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POLITICS: What's the deal with Sleepy Creepy Joe? - Video

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