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Politics: Voter Gender Gap Is Bigger Issue For Biden Than

POLITICS: Voter gender gap is bigger issue for Biden than Trump

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Ever since the Democrats needed to find a small sliver of hope before Walter Mondale’s 1984 loss to Ronald Reagan, they would often point to the gender gap among voters.

Yes, there was a gap.

Reagan won among men 62% to 38%, but also won among women 58% to 42%.

There was an 8 point gap, but Mondale got crushed overall.

Today, 40 years later, as Republican Donald Trump leads incumbent Democrat Joe Biden, the liberal media points to the same gulf.

According to the media’s 2020 exit polls, Trump beat Biden among men 53% to 45%.

Biden won among women by a wider margin, 57% to 42%.

But the issue is more complex and nuanced than the liberal spin portrays it.

Party, marital status and education are more defining than gender for voters.

More distressing to liberal Democrats are the breakthroughs for Trump among minority voters — especially men.

Now, according to the recent April national poll of 1,000 likely voters for McLaughlin & Associates, among all voters, Trump leads Biden 49% to 45%.

Some more recent media polls give President Trump an even bigger lead.

What the liberal Biden spinners fail to mention is that among all men Trump leads 54% to 41% — up a net 6 points from 2020.

But among women Trump has cut Biden’s 15-point 2020 lead to a mere 4 points.

Biden barely wins 48% to 44%.

Sure, there’s a gap, but not one that will make a difference.

The gender gap is more a Biden deficit among men rather than a Trump deficit among women.

Trump’s message to keep America safe is attracting “Safety Moms” who vote on the issues of immigration and crime.

There’s really no gender gap inside the Republican Party were Trump wins among Republican men 95% to 5% and wins among Republican women 90% to 6%.

But among Democratic men Biden, wins a smaller 83% to 14%, and among Democratic women 85% to 10%.

While some polls have Trump winning among independents, our poll has Biden ahead among independent men 48% to 42% and in a dead heat among independent women Biden 42%, Trump 40%.

Trump’s maximizing Republicans, gaining a significant piece of the Democratic men and women which puts him in the overall lead.

There are other very significant gaps that Biden needs to worry about.

There’s Biden’s marriage gap.

Trump wins among married men 58% to 39% and wins among married women 49% to 44%.

While single men are about even — Trump 47%, Biden 46% — Biden only wins among single women 52% to 38%.

Then there’s Biden’s working class gap.

Trump has transformed the Republican Party into the party of working men and women, while Biden represents the college educated, pseudo intellectual, country club elites.

Trump wins among men without a 4-year college degree 63% to 32%, and Trump wins among women without college degrees 50% to 42%.

In contrast Biden wins among male college graduates 54% to 43% and among women college graduates 57% to 34%.

Trump wins among white men 56% to 40% and among white women 50% to 41%.

This gap is to Trump’s advantage. Scranton Joe has lost touch.

However, the real distress is in the Democrat core where Trump now gets 31% among African American men and 24% among African American women — more than double 2020.

Finally, Trump wins almost half of Hispanic women at 45% and wins Hispanic men 58% to 38%.

John McLaughlin is CEO of survey-research firm McLaughlin & Associates, which does polling for the Trump campaign.

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