New York: Thursday, June 13, 2024
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New York: Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Politics: Trump – The Beltway Report

POLITICS: Trump – The Beltway Report

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President Donald Trump has voiced grave concerns regarding Joe Biden’s ability to effectively lead and has questioned his fitness for the 2024 presidential race. In a recent interview on WABC 770 AM’s “Cats & Cosby Show,” Trump fiercely criticized Biden’s mental capacity and leadership style, suggesting that Biden is not only unfit to govern but also unlikely to be the Democratic contender this November.

Host John Catsimatidis expressed his confusion over Biden’s foreign policy, saying, “We can’t take care of the whole world. I don’t understand what President Biden is doing and why he’s doing it.”

Trump responded by saying, “He’s shot, and he doesn’t understand it either,” implying that Biden is mentally incapacitated and cannot comprehend the consequences of his own actions. Trump further claimed that Biden is merely a pawn in the hands of more radical elements within his administration.

“He’s surrounded by a bunch of Marxists, a bunch of fascists, and they want to keep their jobs, and they want to destroy our country. But he has no clue, he doesn’t, if you look at him, he doesn’t know where he is,” Trump said, emphasizing Biden’s alleged incompetence and the influence of radical advisors.

Trump cast significant doubt over Biden’s participation in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, stating, “And I doubt he will even be running frankly, I just can’t even imagine it.”

There have been rumors circulating about a potential replacement for Biden in the 2024 race. New York Post columnist Cindy Adams reported that former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama are considering a plan to replace Biden with Michelle as the Democratic nominee. Adams claims that Michelle Obama has been surveying “Dem biggies” about her potential candidacy and that she expressed her intention to run in 2022.

Adams reveals a secret plan to remove Biden from the race. According to her sources, Biden is expected to announce he’s not running around May, and then at the August convention, Michelle gets nominated. The plan also involves Hunter’s father, Biden, dropping out just before the convention.

According to ABC News, Washington state has joined Ohio and Alabama in suggesting that President Biden could be left off their general election ballots due to conflicts between the Democratic National Committee’s nominating convention and state ballot deadlines. This development further fuels speculation about Biden’s potential withdrawal from the race.

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