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New York: Sunday, February 28, 2021
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TRUMP TELLS ALL on riots, race relations, Biden, China


TRUMP TELLS ALL on riots, race relations, Biden, China

In a Newsmax TELEVISION special at The White Home with previous White Home Press Secretary Sean Spicer, President Donald Trump remarks solely on the most recent action to demonstrations-turned-violent throughout the nation, his take on the death of George Floyd, ideas on Joe Biden‘s political profession entering into the 2020 election, his present working relationship with China, legislators who he declares are ‘stone cold insane,’ and beyond.

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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  1. Robert Franchell 1 week ago

    you should be shut down for broadcasting false news oh moron don you killed over 400,000 peopke you heartless dumb phuckhead

  2. Simply Me 1 week ago

    Psycho. First off you pure idiot It's not a plague a plague is a bacteria, this is a virus.

  3. goog le 1 week ago

    House back in 22 – Trump back in 24 Joe

  4. Democracy and Capitalism don’t mix.  Democracy suggests; Capitalism demands.  Democracy fights for an equal playing field by proclaiming every human being has right to shelter, food and clothing.  Capitalists sell clothing.  At heart of Capitalism and success lies failure; it depends on the misfortune and guilt of others to survive.  Democracy plays Gambit at a deficit in a bid to eliminate the Voting System.  Democratic illumination rests in the idea being President is like a job, and most qualified host should play the part.  Capitalists like holding votes; but all votes really are, is Census of Country, a popularity pole.  President assassinated, or had an attempt assassination on is life, or died of suspicious natural causes, good bet he was a good president.  Trump no exception. Fact that Covid was manufactured in a laboratory makes it an act of War versus China, and since Trump caught the virus, and actual assassination attempt on his life.  Trump versus Biden just that, Capitalism versus Democracy.  Democracy wasn’t going to allow popular vote to win out in the name of Trump.  But perhaps Democrats are right and voting will no longer be the defining defacto when it comes to who is in power.  Problem this time with Trump, he was better candidate, lesser of two evils.  A revolution did take place because in the midst of turning voting process upside down, Democrats forgot to practice what they preached and became Capitalists.  Now the country can’t tell the difference between Democracy and Capitalism.  The country is in anarchy.  Democrats incited the violence not Trump.  It’s called the instigation penalty, meaning you get an extra 2 minutes for starting a fight.  Trump did not start the fight, but for some reason he’s getting the extra 2 minutes, and only because the Democrats had deeper pockets and beat Trump at his own game, Capitalism. Capitalism could be a just concept if it realized although everyone is equal, we are different, learn at different rates, have different things to offer the world besides fortune and fame.  Not everyone is adept, not everyone is an academic or a sales person, some of us are artists, have disabilities.  We talk allot about making the world a better place for our children and our grandchildren, but a better world doesn’t include Capitalism and it doesn’t include popular opinion and votes.  It doesn’t include mass savings accounts.  It includes recognizing the hard work of people that got you there.  Work equals Force times distance squared. It means stop feeding on the young and abandoning the old with pensions that don’t even match the standard of living.  If we rewarded the elderly and freed up their savings so they can spend more money the Economy would boom.  What strengthens the Economy is the spending and flow of money, not the saving of money.  Being economical has nothing to do with saving money, that’s just what they tell you, greed through fear and a lack of faith in God. So we live in a godless Capitalist society instead of a truly Democratic one.  Democracy has a demon and it’s called Capitalism.

  5. Lon Danner 1 week ago

    I went to boot camp in 1984 in San Diego They told us to say out of tiawinia.

  6. The Internet Church 1 week ago

    A civil interview, who knew that was possible. So refreshing thank you.

  7. Pea Nut 1 week ago

    16k likes less than 1k dislikes. That's a poll in itself! Trump should never have lost the election. It had to have been rigged for Biden (or for Harris)

  8. Randy Berry 1 week ago

    This man is lost spiritually. Good conservative, but lost

  9. catbgood 1 week ago

    What Wal-Mart started Amazon is finishing. No Mom and Pop stores in small towns, single owner operators are extinct. Even grocery stores are going out of business- no local hardware stores. Globalist are choking us out…

  10. Trump 2020!!!!!!

  11. Bill Jackson 1 week ago

    TakedowndemsthatMadePoliceStanddown <—— Put in search for Prayer

  12. nelly domingo 1 week ago

    that's your great legacy,long live mr. president Donald Trump, re-election 2020

  13. Gary Sakamoto 1 week ago

    Don't underestimate the Democrats. They're going to lie and cheat to try to win.

  14. Sherry Hagerman 1 week ago

    Just subscribed and so far I love this show, please tell us more information about the things that has happened to president trump, on TV, right now only place for real news is YouTube or digging for yourself and everyone doesn't have time, I think you will grow so fast

  15. Nameless Ghoul 1 week ago

    What a couple of completely worthless fucktards.

  16. Mark Haynes 1 week ago

    President Trump, United States Champion. Keep pushing to drain the swamp.

  17. StephoniX 1 week ago

    As soon as I see Sean Spicer I know this will be “Fair and Balanced”. Oh, sorry. That’s the other network’s slogan. Who do you turds think you’re fooling. The new Trump network, until someone says something the boss doesn’t like. If you don’t like the news, then it must be FAKE Right?

  18. Dak D Jonsey 1 week ago

    Tax Amazon, federal excise tax, state taxes AND "VAT" (Value Added Tax, UK & GB has it) on all products that can be made in USA.

  19. Steven Choi 1 week ago

    Trump's response to the question, "since you've become president have you grown in your faith?" So spiritual and Christian. Actually, never mind. There's nothing remotely biblical in what he said. 7:08

  20. Dexter Boone 1 week ago

    No body but trumps puppets are going for this bull. Nov will be here soon cant wait

  21. Sheila Bachynsky 1 week ago

    You have my greatest respect President Trump 👏

  22. kingq01 1 week ago

    An interview with Sean Spicer? What a coward! Now if he let Don Lemon, Jim Acosta, Roland Martin or Anderson Cooper interview him that would be impressive; although he’d get tremendously exposed!

  23. J Adam 1 week ago

    Demonstrations and rioters took part in almost every president including Obama but funny part fake news are glorifying trump as a racist? Common he is a president he has to defend the poor businesses they have suffered through the covid 19 and they get burnt down? And he was suppose just to keep quite, you should go and see the small businesses owners crying when they lost of their life savings. I do agree racism is an issue but it should be discussed in congress and by the way I am not white and immigrant.

  24. Sisilia Saluni 1 week ago


  25. Dick Fitswell 1 week ago

    Systemic Racism. The left runs the system. The run the media, the dem controlled cities, the house. Talk to them.

  26. Dick Fitswell 1 week ago

    Greatest President in the last 100yrs easily. Obama, Bush, clinton, are all actually tied at the hip. I used to Love Bush. Then I opened my eyes after I came back from Iraq. I voted Trump cause I always loved when he fought back against Rosie. Before The Apprentice. But he wasn't part of the "family". He doesn't go to The Creation of Care or Builderburg meetings. He said he wanted America first. And we are despite the PLandemic, despite the rise of facist democrat / democrat socialist Antifa

  27. joe valenzuela 1 week ago

    Well, I've done my research what he was saying about the media throwing fake news all over is all TRUE. What he's been doing to stop human trafficking should be enough for a Nobel.

  28. Nemanja Radojkovic 1 week ago

    Totally true. If they are for the people and better economy democrats would not attack trump on everything good he has done because he is economic genius and they can not buy him, simple.

  29. Jose Jotuani Turu 1 week ago

    If President Trump is not check he will destroy all the American values and jail all former president and their state secretaries.

  30. Anselem okani 1 week ago

    i have ordained trump for 2020 nothing can run him or put him down

  31. How was the g;

  32. Zegeye Mekonin 1 week ago


  33. Everton Tomlinson 1 week ago

    He speaks sweet nothings

  34. Everton Tomlinson 1 week ago

    How about one love one heart 💓 simple

  35. Everton Tomlinson 1 week ago

    Kmt bunch a rubbish

  36. Nicole Jennifer 1 week ago

    Why does he look like he got a white mask over his eyes…. I guess he got ashy eyes lol

  37. It Luv 1 week ago
  38. Denise Richardson 1 week ago

    "If we lose law, and order we lose the country." Trump
    "The democrats hate the country…" Trump
    The democrats narative will destroy this country. People wake up!!! Defund the police wow you're a new kind of stupid

  39. dbsrlqh2001 1 week ago


  40. Milissa Mackenzie 1 week ago

    Trump 2020.

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POLITICS: TRUMP TELLS ALL on riots, race relations, Biden, China - Video

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