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New York: Tuesday, March 02, 2021
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Trump Roasts Mitch McConnell; Biden Calling Persecution of Minorities "Culturally Different Norms"


Trump Roasts Mitch McConnell; Biden Calling Persecution of Minorities "Culturally Different Norms"

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00:00 Introduction
00:37 Subject 1: Biden States China Policy Should Regard “cultural different norms”
08:12 Trump Roast Mitch McConnell On His Management Amongst Senate Republicans
16:25 Texas Face Energy Issues: What is the cause?

Our subjects this evening consist of. Joe Biden’s 2-dealt with speech about his policy towards China. Stating something while stating another, we may have a hint regarding how he will approach handling Xi Jinping.

Then we go over Trump’s severe criticism of Mitch McConnell, simply days after the senate acquittal of his impeachment. Trump is preparing his next relocation.

Then we go over the energy problem in Texas after the state dealt with a once-in-a-life time cold wave.

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Trump Roasts Mitch McConnell; Biden Calling Persecution of Minorities “Culturally Different Norms”

#TexasEnergy #TrumpMcConnell #BidenChina
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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  1. John Grillo 2 weeks ago

    Didi shift it because he got confused because I don’t think he’s smart enough to do double talk he can’t even do single talk he can’t even talk

  2. Bonnie Doon Homestead 2 weeks ago

    If Trump walked away and let China Biden steal this election without even a fucking shot fired…Trump is dead to me. Why entrust the power we already gave him which he did nothing with to remedy this shitstorm? I had faith that God would use Trump so that we did not have to take this shit into our own hands. Trump failed, I thank him for his service but no way in hell am I going to vote for someone who I fear was playing a role as a baby face all along.

  3. Czerny A 2 weeks ago

    Senile Biden's making excuses for brutal CCP oppression and brainwashing is sickening. That's what the left wants to implement here.

  4. John Grillo 2 weeks ago

    Oh my God and the scumbag president thinks this is OK oh God we got to get rid of him David’s on become the president please David for president David for president

  5. Johnny Lowell 2 weeks ago

    Mitch mc Connell is corrupted by far east cash

  6. Anthony Luna 2 weeks ago

    The way antisemitism is being pushed by the administration will justify what ccp is doing to it's own people.

  7. Michael Key 2 weeks ago

    Your the next rush Limbaugh. And you would be a dam good one also. You just need to be a little more funny an less serious. But other than that you no your news stuff better than any of the ones that are being paid millions.

  8. John Grillo 2 weeks ago

    He’s a badly made clone

  9. ugene k 2 weeks ago

    Representative Dan Crenshaw said "under-investment not "over."

  10. uncle mike 2 weeks ago

    Write in 2024

  11. Anthony Luna 2 weeks ago

    Joe Biden is lying about the ccp he knows the truth.

  12. Ken Robison 2 weeks ago

    Bought and paid for by the CCP. How many people in Congress are being paid by foreign countries with kickbacks going through their family members?
    Remember everyone deployed.

  13. Clear View 2 weeks ago

    GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy made a Speech saying Trump was Guilty of causing the Capital Uprising. David why are you suggesting that this RINO help lead the party??

  14. Amir Soltani 2 weeks ago

    It looks like there is something that no one understands, even president Trump. Biden is laying and acting. There is a plan in place with the agreement of our establishment and China to bring America down and raise China, and they don’t want to talk about this. This is the order from the top, the world bankers, and the democrats are hired to do this, China first.

  15. james bustos 2 weeks ago

    I singed up for rumble thinking that would be your go to platform.. I guess youtube didn't ban you ? How about picking one so we can enjoy the truth that you have to share . Build it people will follow your just keeping youtube going staying!

  16. Gary Storm 2 weeks ago

    Please Pray for those who Persecute us. Pray for every person on earth. We will heal ourselves and others. Immanuel God with us spoke Truth Forever… Peace

  17. Cristos Palabras 2 weeks ago

    The only Chinese history Briben knows anything about is THE YUAN IN HIS ACCOUNT.

  18. Chris C 2 weeks ago

    Thanks David!

  19. Cristos Palabras 2 weeks ago

    Saw the news about Rush. So sad.

  20. R Lop 2 weeks ago

    Blockchain technology will change how we vote…no more cheating

  21. Pawnee Pleines 2 weeks ago

    We have a brain dead actor in the WH …

  22. Jung Ja Lee 2 weeks ago

    Because CCP has different cultural norms, it's okay for them to steal intellectual properties from other countries? Now president of usa is the spokesperson for CCP ha ha ha.

  23. Peter Weber 2 weeks ago

    I find it amazing . These countries that dont believe in Human rights are on the Human righs council . That the pot calling the kettle black isnt it . What communist nations have been good for their people . If the dems have their way america will be a communist nation . Oh sorry they call it socialst nation now . Same thing just differnt words .

  24. Modeltnick 2 weeks ago

    Good job, David. Anxious to see where this excellent quality journalism takes you.

  25. Richard Louro 2 weeks ago

    thank you David. Very informative

  26. Barbie Boycat 2 weeks ago

    God is on the move, keep in exposing the lies and deception of dems and Biden politics, he's taking down our only reliable energy source to replace it for a mickey mouse cheap no good green crap.

  27. Democratic Detox 2 weeks ago

    Remember their names for your vote during primaries in less than a year.

  28. Keep Fighting 2 weeks ago


  29. Simple Things 2 weeks ago

    Graham and Kevin McCarthy both are different form of snakes. Trump is losing his touch on assessing who are the true supporters, and both of these are playing him. Sad. Both have spoken against Trump during electoral vote and an on Jan 6. I do not have confidence in Trump to win against powerful and united DEMs and their games when he cannot weed out people form the REP party. Trump and others does not have what it takes to fight against programmed elections in favor of DEMs. We are done. Good by USA and welcome 3rd world in making … under Biden and China. I am for Trump – but not for majority he supports in REP (esp Graham, Cotton, and McCarthy like). I do not want to wast my vote on REP. at least DEM stick together for crime and anything they do.

  30. Shelly H 2 weeks ago

    How much longer do we have to endure watching this illegitimate fake President Biden? The military needs to act soon before Biden destroys America.

  31. David Bishop 2 weeks ago

    Why are you playing that fool at all?
    He is not a president.

  32. Kevin Cooper 2 weeks ago

    Biden is a bumbling fool.

  33. Bella BB 2 weeks ago

    I definitely enjoy & appreciate David Zhang’s reporting & content of newscast!
    May Rush Limbaugh see enjoy eternal life & see our Lord face to face. At least Rush does not have to live through this Biden administration.

  34. William Dowda 2 weeks ago

    Yeah I can see right away that because the military wanted to spare itself from the messy job of righting the fraudulent election, so that, now the military will have to face off with a future China strengthened and emboldened by a communist sympathetic US government.

  35. Trish Ellingson 2 weeks ago

    Good job! God Bless ALL of U, for ur hard work and dedication 🙏

  36. Neda Malovic 2 weeks ago


  37. Boyd Beatty 2 weeks ago

    We dont believe you joe

  38. Robert Siphavong 2 weeks ago


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POLITICS: Trump Roasts Mitch McConnell; Biden Calling Persecution of Minorities "Culturally Different Norms" - Video

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