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New York: Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Trump: Massive evidence to be presented on Jan 6; If Congress avoids challenge, then emergency audit


Trump: Massive evidence to be presented on Jan 6; If Congress avoids challenge, then emergency audit

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The 11 Republican politician senators who stepped forward on January second had a condition: if leading leaders in Congress desire to prevent a challenge to the election outcomes on January sixth, then Congress need to designate an “Electoral Commission” that would provide complete investigative authority.

President Trump tweeted on Jan. 1: “Massive amounts of evidence will be presented on the 6th.”

Benjamin H. Friedman, policy director of the Defense Priorities Group, stated that it’s tough to understand what Iran is believing today. However the Trump administration hopes to boost military existence in the Middle East. This will offer some deterrence to Iran and the armed groups it manages in Iraq.

The creator of a personal site in the U.S. Ron @CodeMonkeyZ just recently tweeted that numerous hotels in Washington DC, have actually chosen to close their services in between Jan. 4 and 7. He advised individuals who have actually made hotel appointments for their check outs in DC around Jan 6, to inspect their reservation status.

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Trump: Massive evidence to be presented on Jan 6; If Congress avoids challenge, then emergency audit

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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  2. sherie ellis 2 weeks ago

    The whole Pelosi BS was staged. look closely at the garage door right side. What terrorist or radical as you call them tapes off the brick before spray paint graffiti?

  3. shepard man 2 weeks ago

    Nancy is completely and utterly insane
    And the more crap she says only gives more evidence that she’s bonkers and so far away from real life

  4. falconaloft9 2 weeks ago

    I hope 01/06/21 is epic!

  5. Carlos Rivera 2 weeks ago

    Well,🤔 AMERICA!?! could blow the crap!!! outta IRAN EASILY!..but we don't…yet.🙏✝️🇺🇸🌹🤫

  6. Gerald Notah 2 weeks ago

    If you read the bible you would know there are three . All have the one color .

  7. Luke R. 2 weeks ago

    Micheal will you be in Washington on January 6th?

  8. Marie Baumes 2 weeks ago

    Excellent reporting on the TRUTH!!!!

  9. Mjiacob 2 weeks ago

    Real news.

  10. jerryholbrook13 2 weeks ago

    They sadly will screw over trump I just got a feeling but I'm gonna keep praying that god does not let this left succeed

  11. sherie ellis 2 weeks ago

    The post about hotels canceling reservations is false. People are trying to stop the rally. They are not. People in DC and surrounding area's say the rooms are still reserved.

  12. Steve Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    Thank is for the info!

  13. J Smith 2 weeks ago

    Iran's arms were paid for by B. Hussein Obama's pallet of cash.

  14. allan paull 2 weeks ago

    Send in the hanging judge

  15. James Causey 2 weeks ago

    Biden team don't need to know anything. They would give that information to the enemy just to make Trump look bad not even caring about American soldiers

  16. John Quinn 2 weeks ago

    I just want to know who the 6 idiots who thumbed down this newsreel is ???

  17. NICK KNOX 2 weeks ago

    Korea for Trump ✌️

  18. Believer 2 weeks ago

    Where is our world coming to when they think we are robots to be programed we are not uneducated fools like them to think we can't say mother or father , brother or sister ,WHAT do they have Alzheimer's disease where are they're brains.

  19. Diane Salsburg 2 weeks ago

    Bitchute! But I did join with email.

  20. Russ Mess 2 weeks ago

    Israel always the worm in the woodwork. The Israeli military and the Isreail Mossad's motto they live by is, "By Deception we do war".

  21. Sheri Alvandian 2 weeks ago

    The same trick was used by Israel before US was mislead to attack IRAQ.
    Israel is the true enemy.

  22. James Causey 2 weeks ago

    Need to take out this guy to

  23. CYRIL RAMPERSAD 2 weeks ago

    If GOD is with you, who can be against you.

  24. Joyce Poe 2 weeks ago

    Pelosi has lost what little mind she had. She and McConnell belong in a senior home.

  25. arsherwin1234 2 weeks ago

    Thank you.

  26. in2JC Lala 2 weeks ago

    American History will now be known as "BEFORE TRUMP( BT) & AFTER TRUMP ( AT)

  27. shepard man 2 weeks ago

    It’s so simple
    Biden is owned and paid for by China for China and is a massive security threat to Americans and America
    Biden will sell America to who ever has the money he already has and between his son brother and other members of the crime family needs to be punished to the max
    It’s so simple Trump puts Americans first Biden only cares bout himself and money
    I wouldn’t trust Biden with a bag of doughnuts tho he would probably gives them to kids the creep he is

  28. illustrious ekoodina 2 weeks ago

    Can I have the thumbnail picture?

  29. Bocbo 2 weeks ago

    That this chaos might pass soon is my prayer.

  30. SchuylerDutchboy 2 weeks ago

    Trump swore to uphold the Constitution when he took his
    oath of office. Like all the promises he made and kept, I'm
    guessing he will do his duty and crush these corrupt traitors.
    I stand with the President. How about you?

  31. Vernon Roach 2 weeks ago

    If Biden doesn't admit he cheated and lost, he needs to go to jail!

  32. carolyn lewis 2 weeks ago

    Micheal you are do knowledgeable 2021 we will prevail

  33. Stephanie Perez 2 weeks ago

    Excellent fair reporting. Thank you
    God Bless

  34. Flight Sim Nihon 2 weeks ago

    US Army doesn't send submarines @2:15

  35. Amyra Batya 2 weeks ago

    BLM did share in Biden's fake victory, they were the thugs who kept attacking and blocking repub appointed poll watchers on Nov 3rd.

  36. tony marti 2 weeks ago

    It wasnt an assassination
    It was taking out the trash
    A Global Head Of An Iranian Exporter Of Terrorism and infiltrator

  37. rawl91 2 weeks ago

    Antifa will come with or turn MAGA caps backwards. Pass it on!!

  38. Kevvie Kevvie 2 weeks ago

    There is a rumor they gave Biden some fake information which with a few hours China knew about. They may have been testing his loyalty and he failed but they then cancelled the transition

  39. Flynn News Blog 2 weeks ago

    Trump won 84% of the 3,243 counties in the USA. There is no way Biden won this election. People need to be indicted, put on trial and if found guilty, sent to federal prison.

  40. Tdot321 Action 2 weeks ago

    Doing a great job Mike…love your channel. Such clarity and explanation. Send my noti's… I can't watch MSM.

  41. Alex Spalding 2 weeks ago

    THE US WILL NOT GET INVOLVED IN MIDDLE EASTERN CONFLICTS. That’s what’s the deep state wants as an excuse for their great reset people. Trump would never give them what they want . He just lets them walk through the front door

  42. RANDY RQBBINS 2 weeks ago

    First time viewer. Subbed.

  43. Candida Eittreim 2 weeks ago

    Bottom line Michael, we are in a war on our beloved country soil. Surrounded by traitors, our Republic is in peril. Emergency orders are needed to arrest the enemies within.

  44. casesusa 2 weeks ago

    Seven Patriots on our way from FL.

  45. R L 2 weeks ago

    This is absurd. I can't imagine if any military action needs to be responded to how the heck Biden will behave if he's president, he seems so weak. This thing not using mother, father, son and daughter. What the ???? 🤬

  46. MECHANIC MAN 2 weeks ago

    The very best journalist of all time… hands down!

  47. John Washington 2 weeks ago

    Communism brings destruction, and the United States supports President Trump to save the United States in the darkest moments! ! !

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POLITICS: Trump: Massive evidence to be presented on Jan 6; If Congress avoids challenge, then emergency audit - Video

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