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New York: Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Trump declares emergency in DC; Big Tech censorship triggers international criticism | Front Page


Trump declares emergency in DC; Big Tech censorship triggers international criticism | Front Page

Because of YouTube’s current notification to start censorship of videos challenging the 2020 United States governmental election. We are asking all of our audiences to REGISTER to our e-mail list to REMAIN EDUCATED:

Tech giants joined to obstruct President Trump and his fans, triggering international reaction. Twitter’s stock rate toppled as much as 12% on Monday after the social-media business completely suspended President Trump’s account.

Rep. Alex Mooney on Monday obstructed Democrats from presenting a resolution through consentaneous grant contact Vice President Mike Pence to conjure up the 25th Change to get rid of President Trump.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s statement that he is raising “self-imposed restrictions on U.S. engagement with Taiwan officials” has actually unlocked for leading-level U.S. sees to Taiwan.

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Trump declares emergency in DC; Big Tech censorship triggers international criticism | Front Page
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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  1. Joseph Starr 1 week ago

    Everyone should boycott Facebook Twitter and Instagram or any social media. Period !

  2. Joel 1 week ago

    All the suits are spuing useless words that go nowhere while the left keeps on plowing down the country.

  3. Ken 1 week ago

    These last few days I grow increasingly worried nothing will be done about the rapid takeover of our country. I sit here now knowing in my heart President Trump knows exactly what is happening and knows he was elected by the people to fight against what we are facing today. Perception is time is running out but he has never failed us and he knows the consequences of not taking action. If you think for minute this isn't the same thing that's happened in so many countries resulting in the extermination of millions think again. He knows this is where we are headed, he's a very wise man.

  4. Her move is a criminally motivated move

  5. Vanessa Rhice 1 week ago

    Twitter just reported an $8.4 billion dollar lost.

  6. Douglas Foster 1 week ago

    Great report Scott!

  7. Joseph Starr 1 week ago

    TRUMP please inact Partial Martial Law an clean the SWAMP out once an for all !

  8. Becky Page 1 week ago

    I don’t get why Twitter would even come at you like this. It is clear that all you are doing is REPORTING the news! You are one of the most professional journalist I have ever heard. You speak in a clear calm voice. Never once have I heard you get out of line.
    Appreciate you more than you will ever know.
    Have a good night Scott. See you on the other platform.

  9. Salisha Wheeler 1 week ago

    Pelosi seems to think she is above the President and when I say president, I mean Donald J Trump who rightly holds that title including for the next four years.

  10. Zarina Blanchard 1 week ago

    Type Gitmo updates on duck duck go . There's earth shattering articles there on Patriot news blog .

  11. Terry chenault 1 week ago


  12. Dustin B 1 week ago

    You make is compromised

  13. Max Barrett 1 week ago

    Big Tech has no authority to silence the President of the United States -That is Treason

  14. Jessie Haun 1 week ago

    Thanks Scott for your very informative report.

  15. MrBlueRoads 1 week ago

    The Lord has still got nine days.

  16. Sold to be Diers 1 week ago


  17. Joe M 1 week ago

    Why are you promoting Chinese company????

  18. Elisa James 1 week ago

    So many Democrats are brainwashed because big tech censors the truth. Over 4 years now, hearing nothing but lies. I have friends that do NOT believe the truth!

  19. CCP MUST be dealt with aggressively and decisively.

  20. They must be dismantled. Converted to a public utility at minimum.

  21. Joe M 1 week ago

    Youmaker is a chinese app. Sod that

  22. Teresa Ashley 1 week ago

    Oh but what’s coming these demonRATS and Big Tech won’t be able to survive 😂

  23. jean kent 1 week ago

    love and hugs Scott

  24. Paul Erlikhman 1 week ago

    Thank you Scott!!!🙏

  25. Teresa * 1 week ago

    Watch this lady turn loose on Chuck Schumer. This was posted today. Epic!! https://youtu.be/V7iNKwaVGyg

  26. M J 1 week ago

    Is that Youmaker Chinese company?

  27. breadandcircus1 1 week ago

    If you, people, did not believe in Karma, Twitter is proof of Karma: They banned President Trump, they wanted to silence him, and what's happening right now? It's backfiring, Twitter is going down and down. Twitter planted EVIL, and now it's picking up the fruits of its wickedness

  28. Justin Mathis 1 week ago


  29. Kween B 1 week ago

    Thank You great News. Trump is President and will be for four more years.

  30. Mary Annette 1 week ago

    Ccp trying to takeover Taiwan.

  31. Steve Smith 1 week ago

    Check mate with Taiwan. If Biden scraps the deal, then we know he’s in the CCP pocket. Over to you Joe

  32. Kirk Ryan Brandon 1 week ago

    People need to be careful, the Left is playing out progressive, utopian communism while Trump is promising a "better" world through "Law and Order". Both are scary and driven a wedge between the 2 sides just like the Cabal has done many times in history. Decide the people make them fight each other do we take attention away from the puppet masters that control the world leaders on both left and right. I hope Trump plans to give power back to the people, I am just very sceptical when I keep hearing Law and Order. If people in military or law enforcement cannot use critical thinking and refuse to carry out orders from corrupt leaders then we are in trouble. I respect that people are willing to protect others yet if they can only follow orders if the leaders are nasty and corrupt they are enforcing evil w/o question.

  33. Carole Lane 1 week ago

    That's funny it sounds just like the voting where they sent people home and voted without them hmmm??? !!!!!

  34. Philip Smith 1 week ago

    No one went after the Communist rioters in the USA but we’re suppose to give s%%t about communist and countries thousands of miles away ? Destroy the Maoist inside the USA or shut up !!

  35. Kat G. 1 week ago

    Where is Ali Alexander Founder of Stop The Steal?

  36. M. Romero 1 week ago

    to shut down a company like Parler during a pandemic, just because they can…this had to have affected jobs, peoples bread and butter. its just unjustly.

  37. Gabe Whisen 1 week ago

    Nice no virus fear mongering

  38. Leo Cadena 1 week ago

    Trump is not looking like he is planning to stay.

  39. Ted Phillips 1 week ago

    The ideological lynching of President Trump by big tech is a violation of the 1964 civil rights act. Big tech doesn't like Trump's creed. They are now unindicted, unconvicted felons.

  40. Ken 1 week ago

    Youmaker is really good.

  41. Sue Parker 1 week ago

    Thank you Scott for giving us hope!!

  42. Sujin C. Huber 1 week ago

    Germany Chancellor, Angela Meket is very wrong about Twitter blocked President Trump's acct. Is she also with Dems or China?

  43. maria winter 1 week ago

    Hello Mr Goulet, thank you for allowing a conversation about your news commentary to occur on your channel. I enjoy your topics and how you deliver them. I have even saved several of them on my email account for future reference. I haven't been in good spirits lately with everything that's going on and now that our voices are being silenced left and right plus the voter fraud and the coup against our president in early 2016. For years now there's an anti-American sentiment by many of our elected officials in the White House & citizens alike. There's also the coronavirus that doesn't seem get any better even though we thought it would only be around for 30 days maybe 2 or 3 months now it's going on a year and now there's a mutation. Between draconian lockdowns and some stores in short supply of many items, I must say it has been a hell of a trying year.
    So much has happened to human beings psychologically emotionally and financially and we're not even at the end of it yet. There doesn't seem to be any let up, we had riots and now big tech putting a gag order on us. Really it's a wonder we hold our heads up at all & I for one am so dismayed and angry that our elected officials have let us down on every side, but they're not the only ones. There are the appointed ones like the judicial system they're no better. Friendships are so important right now and God.. always God. I pray you & your family have been well, as well as your friends. It's not for nothing that you're news commentaries are a comfort sometimes the most comforting thing is the truth no matter how bad it gets.
    Well it's been a pleasure talking with you, and again thank you.

  44. Tess Martinez 1 week ago

    Youmaker isnt on A store

  45. breadandcircus1 1 week ago

    Scott: you have been like a ray of Light for me, and I guess for many people, in these troubling days of our country. Eternal gratitude for this, for your kindness, your brilliant, truthful reports. I love your style of journalism, your immense patriotism, your faith in God, your love for our country, your impeccable self. All this darkness is temporary, some day the sun will shine again over our magnificent country. God bless you, protect you, PATRIOT !

  46. JAYLYNN 1 week ago

    Can I send you some links I’ve found over months of research? If so, where do I send them?

  47. The Dink 1 week ago

    Pelosi's Laptop taken by Special Forces ( Must Watch)

  48. Nancy Sands 1 week ago

    WHY NOT THATS HOW WE GOT INCOME TAX !!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Raymond FERRETTI 1 week ago

    For what it's worth , the CCP has the biggest Tech of them all !!

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POLITICS: Trump declares emergency in DC; Big Tech censorship triggers international criticism | Front Page - Video

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