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New York: Monday, January 18, 2021
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They've abandoned him | Grant Stinchfield


They've abandoned him | Grant Stinchfield

Grant Stinchfield advises us that Trump’s greatest risk was from the within – pointing out GOP members turning their backs on the president and more – through Newsmax TELEVISION’s ‘STINCHFIELD.’

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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  1. Victor Llereza 1 week ago


  2. C Dog 1 week ago

    Joe Scarborough's intern was found dead in his office about 20 yrs ago one morning, she was an attractive young girl who ran marathons. Joe claimed she had a "heart attack" and bumped her head on the desk. Joe suddenly left town and the state . Her parents are still seeking the truth.

  3. Brenda O 1 week ago

    Disagree. If the victim was black woman, they would do nothing cause in their mind she would of been a conservative black woman therefore not one of their people. That is how demented these people are.

  4. Kevin Long 1 week ago

    It’s time to shut these phuckers down.

  5. Butterfly D 1 week ago

    America don't do racist! Where were you and tRump when he sent that animal kingdom to the Capitol to claim something he wanted??? tRump ran the opposite way! Then condemned that riot!

  6. Procommenter 1 week ago

    “Jesus is the Lord,” Saint Ignatius wrote, but only creepy Joe Biden

    has the power to command corpses to rise from their tombs & vote.

    “Jesus is King,” Saint Neumann wrote, but only commie Joe Biden

    insists that every putrefying cadaver is entitled to cast 1 Biden vote.

  7. Samuel.B 1 week ago

    Abanonned with 80 millions people at his side

  8. BARR ROGER 1 week ago

    V0t3r fR4UD sure shows that they are not Americans !

  9. some guy 1 week ago

    Even on fake newsmax the trumptard are dwindling. In 6 months q anon will say they never really liked Donnie. The country will remember you, you traitors.

  10. Pattie Canders 1 week ago

    The Capitol belongs to we the people. We pay the salaries of people we hired.we pay the utilities to upkeep the house because we come to have our voice heard we are done in by another con job then Patriots are punished..we the people are who make America great but only for the elite time to look at this picture. Where would they be without us

  11. AE 1 week ago

    President Donald Trump is President of The United States of America now, and then for another full term, continuing for another 4 years as from January 20 2021. God will never abandon Truth. God Bless President Donald Trump and God Bless America.

  12. ClarksoninJapan 1 week ago

    Biden is pathetic! Biden is a fraud!

  13. A Seasoned Veteran 1 week ago

    This sounds like an invitation from the Deep South. They will be surprised how many of us are ready for them.

  14. Naked Golfer 1 week ago

    so now what, we all know the problem, what is the solution…is trump declaring martal law or not?
    if not, trump is part of the swamp, the end of america has begun

  15. A Seasoned Veteran 1 week ago

    Like the CCP cleansing its non-conforming citizens.

  16. Larry Welling 1 week ago

    She should be for inciting hate crimes

  17. Cameron heacox 1 week ago

    YOU ARE STILL MISSING THE POINT!!!! We attack democrats at every corner. At every corner democrats advance, at every corner republicans come after their constituents, cower, hide, or vote with democrats. ONLY TIME REPUBLICANS can be found saying what their constituent believe? When its time to get re elected.

  18. Larry Welling 1 week ago

    Why didn't he call for Joe Biden and Jon ossoff be arrested for offering money for votes in Georgia Senate race

  19. MrPh30 1 week ago

    Perhaps the 4 best years the US ever had , peaceful,calm ,with a Statesman working for everyone in such a excellent way than thousands of people combined. And that one throws away ,giving up the chance to prosper and mature to be a complete individual thst knows to take care of one self and be tolerant all persons around one self. What a shame and utter failure of so many people,but they are exposed for all to see now ,that they cant hide.
    And the Lion is scaring the hyenas away also,and that they dont like.

  20. johnpro2 1 week ago

    Big Vitory ..the most powerful man in the history has his rattle removed ..sorry..his FB & T account removed. He is crying his eyes out . How embarrassing

  21. maxwell geary 1 week ago

    What I wonder is just when America will have it very own Riechstag fire

  22. Al A 1 week ago

    Riot starters were Antifa dressed as Trump supporters …
    Check Rudy W Giuliani ch.

  23. Kevin Halsey 1 week ago

    All of these stupid people still wearing masks …. even after WE KNOW coronavirus was just a ploy to change election rules.

  24. Koen GO 1 week ago

    74+ Million PATRIOTS ….. Start your engine , keep your tools of self defense at the ready …..

  25. Bbug Kim 1 week ago

    Republicans sure did abandon President Trump. Rnc will never get a cent from me. I hate all leftist democRats for selling our freedom to appease ccp.

  26. Koen GO 1 week ago

    the " WEAKLINGS " are exposed and separated from REAL PATRIOTS ….. Stay strong , never surrender !!

  27. UnexpectedWonder 1 week ago

    That's mos def not true about Seattle. Where is he gettin' his info from?

  28. swiftkickinthaass 1 week ago

    We support our president! The left are the true Nazis!

  29. A coup. Done right in the open. I am not even a Trump fan but this is bad. The Politicians need to be hung on the Whitehouse Lawn. The Media should be in that line next. Biden should be going to Prison with his family. Our Country is finished, done, over.

  30. PaPaliciouss 1 week ago

    He is the real President.

  31. Rico Villanueva 1 week ago

    None of the mainstream media is posting anything about him condemning the actions and calling for everyone to go home and be peaceful. It kind of sounds like the Democrats don’t want any of it to stop.

  32. Shane Livingston 1 week ago

    unbelievable never seen so many commies comment on a pro trump news station. they are all comming out of their basement to tell everyone you lost get over it.

  33. Pat 1 week ago

    Social Media Is COMPLICIT In The Corrupt , Lying, BEIJING BIDEN , Election Vote Stealing Liberal.Dems , NOW SOCIALIST ! HYPOCRITES !! …. ALL VOTE STEALING LIARS ! This IS JUST SO PATHETIC , STILL BEING LIED TO AT EVER TURN ! Yes , The Corrupt , Lying " VOTE STEALING " Liberal/Dems Got Away With STEALING THIS ELECTION AND GETTING PRES. TRUMP OUT ! With The Lying Bias COMPLICIT MSM Fake News And A Corrupted DC Swamp It Was A Difficult Task To FIGHT THESE SOCIALIST ! Our America Is Lost To These Liberal/Socialist ! SAD DAY FOR AMERICA

  34. Truthseeker 1 week ago

    NEWSMAX is in denial! “Trial by Combat” Rudy Giuliani’s words!!

  35. Greg brown 1 week ago

    trumps is a fuckwit and so are you

  36. James Gardner 1 week ago

    Forget Washington DC, everyone there will get theirs soon enough,

  37. Sebastien Carlus 1 week ago

    You are in a desperate situation.
    USA wasn't able to support plainly the only guy who were fighting for the people !
    Now you'll endure what is like to live under a corrupt socialist government.
    They controls everything from the media to the law enforcement to the economy…..
    It's over ! There's no turning back !

  38. james p.rogers 1 week ago

    Doesn't matter anymore , This country will NEVER have another free and fair election , these criminals will never ,ever relinquish power again . This country will now operate under dictators. The media are the most guilty of treason .

  39. Dave Murdoch 1 week ago

    Trump is dead. Long live freedom from this imbecile

  40. L 1 week ago

    Trump fought for us. No Republican nor Democratic put his neck on the line as many times as Trump did for us for the last four years.
    No one, only Trump.

  41. Nadine Smith 1 week ago

    We love the President and his family!

  42. Nadine Smith 1 week ago

    I pray God protects all the Trumps from these crazy Satanist in government. We the people love President Trump not evil Joe Biden or Nancy or Chuck or the Obamas or the Clintons or the Bushes or all the Rhinos, especially Judas Pence!

  43. Sagar Tiwari 1 week ago

    It’s about me.

  44. Nadine Smith 1 week ago

    You are so right!

  45. Nadine Smith 1 week ago

    Evil is so outrageous. God has left the building and Satan has taken over the government. Thanks Judas Pence !

  46. SAVAGE 1 week ago

    Did anyone else notice that Pence left before they started to testify on the first Objection of Ballots…ARIZONA! NEVER CAME BACK. Nancy was extremely nervous from the very beginning of hearing. "It was really weird to me IMMEDIATELY!🤔

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POLITICS: They've abandoned him | Grant Stinchfield - Video

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