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New York: Saturday, January 16, 2021
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They're playing games with you | Joe Pinion


They're playing games with you | Joe Pinion

No, you are NOT insane – political leaders are playing games with your well-being, states Newsmax TELEVISION’s Joe Pinion.

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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  1. Lợi Lê 2 weeks ago


  2. Ssam Park 2 weeks ago

    Just at this time,
    Mr. Trump is in agony.
    God bless him…

    이 시각,
    고뇌하고 계실 트럼프 대통령님.
    신의 가호가 그에게…

  3. M McTest 2 weeks ago

    Amen to that. The Elites (lifelong politicians big media big money big tech) got caught trying to pull a fast one on the American people. A pittance for them and trillions for political pet projects. Now they're all scrambling trying to cover their tracks. Mr Trump told them weeks ago exactly what to do $2,000 per person, no pork, takeaway the immunity from the big tech companies for censorship. Now they need to get it done and in the process be responsible for it. Don't believe any of the other spin folks, hold them to it, make them responsible, and if their not throw them out. My opinion.

  4. michael moseley 2 weeks ago

    Legalize pot put a heavy tax on it and put every dime on the national debt. It will be paid off in 7 years.

  5. WHAT WABBIT HO 2 weeks ago

    Get em Joe!………#boycottwalmart 'THEY" are supporting the Chinese Economy while Destroying the American Economy FOR YEARS…….."Ma & Pa business"

  6. Barry Brookens 2 weeks ago

    We The People get the CRUMBS again from the establishment's Congress.

  7. Deborah Simmonds 2 weeks ago

    You are so right, and you dress as smart as you are. You are an impressive young man, love learning on your news shows.

  8. wow googlewow 2 weeks ago

    you sure about that because as someone that doesn't really care about politics I feel like I am going insane from the crap I see them doing.

  9. Larry Lord 2 weeks ago

    This money doesn't exists it's paper we were the money, it's not about money anymore, it's positioning for last man standing scenario i beleave the world is heading towards winner takes all

  10. Larry Lord 2 weeks ago


  11. MKT 2 weeks ago

    This is how corrupted politicians corrupted the money….. They want to “fund” whatever they want and turnaround the country that received fund will donate to their “foundation”… For more information, ask or checkout Biden’s foundation, Hillary and Barack Hussein Obama foundations….

  12. Johny Hansen 2 weeks ago

    all politicians over 70..80 and 120 should have their mandate revoked for not being mentally capable to bring informed decisions on their own. A good example ..senile biden with an advanced stage of alhzeimers the leader of the free world. God save us all !

  13. Luis Mdáhuar 2 weeks ago

    Debt to whom?

  14. Tony Poche 2 weeks ago

    Election integrity is bigger than ‘right’ or ‘left’, we need martial law until a full serious audit is done of all 7 states where Democrats rigged the voting machines and rigged fake mail-in ballots by the thousands, bags of ballots shipped from NYC to Pennsylvania ,Trump won by a landslide .We must correct this huge fraud perpetrated by Pelosi/Biden and China, must ban mail-in ballots just like most country did, this is America not A BANANA REPUBLIC like Venezuela where the voting machines came. True American patriots just want a fair honest election. GOP cowards or part of the swamp. Decertify the whole dawn election!

  15. gary powell 2 weeks ago

    Swamp things !

  16. Wayne Lingenfelter 2 weeks ago

    Why don't we the people just fire the government.

  17. Benjamin Nunes96 2 weeks ago

    America needs it's priorities straight Trump was the only One that has/had it right!! The rest are swamp creatures

  18. Kenny Blair 2 weeks ago

    A good bill for Congress is for Uncle Sam to award all self- employed, employers, employees, government employees and military personnel between $300,000 and $3million in a lump sum after 120 months of full time work, part time included in the total, regardless of the number of employers worked for, for the citizen or perminant residents business start-up or already existing business. The dollar amount issued is determined by the size and scope of the business, plus education and work experience. This is earned and is a Grant , not a loan. The printing and issuance of money is validated by any legitimate labor and productivity for society. The citizen must spend at least 65% of funds allotted on their business or business related items. Another bill for our Congressman is an Amendment to the Constitution limiting total taxation of the citizen across the board to 9%. No more than 3% federal income tax, no more than 3% state sales tax including toll roads, and no more than 3% local taxes. Homeowner property tax will be outlawed and the land that it's on. Social Security will be exempt and remain at 6.2% Social and 1.45% Medicaid, of which will be voluntary for participation every quarter or 3 months. Also a bill mandating U.S. Banks to pay their depositers at least 85% of all interest collected, because it was the depositers money that was loaned out to begin with. The Federal Reserve Bank needs to increase all depositers accounts every quarter and every year according to the inflation rate put out by the U.S. Department of Labor. I don't know what Political Party or U.S. Congressman or Senator to write for these proposals for a bill in Congress, but I do know there are other Political Parties like Reform Party, Christian Coalition, Tea Party, U.S. Taxpayers Party, and a few others.

  19. Jorge Barriga 2 weeks ago

    A disgrace!!!

  20. Lidia Gamez 2 weeks ago

    We were scammed one more time from the same people that we in good faith elect,after they lie lie lie in massive political campaigns,but I strongly believe God is watching and they will receive a payments for they corrupt actions

  21. J 2 weeks ago

    "In reality they're not after me they're after you. I'm just in the way"
    President Donald J Trump

  22. NotKingDavid 2 weeks ago

    This is what it looks like just before maxing out the credit card moments before filing bankruptcy. The global leaders intend to convert the financial system to an exclusively digital platform.

  23. Wally Paige 2 weeks ago

    I hope to see many Politicians and Judges Prosecutors FBI CIA Media Big Tech arrested in the New Year. That would be the best New Year ever. Lord Jesus Please stop these criminals and there evil ways.

  24. Jeff Baxter 2 weeks ago

    Yeah! Thank you.

  25. Kenny H 2 weeks ago


  26. I am Kesha 2 weeks ago

    The people who were elected by the people, to help the people, are failing the people and don’t care about the people because they are getting paid regardless if they do anything productive. And those same people have job security because they will not impose term limits on themselves.

  27. Robert Gwin 2 weeks ago

    .I have just watched the video, “Examining Irregularities in the 2020 Election”. I must tell you, I did not like what I was hearing. It seems as if they are going to try to let this ride. Do they have such little understanding of the American people, do they really think that we will let it ride?

    We are fighting for our nation, for them to think, that this is something that we can let ride and fix in the years to come, they seem to think that were fools, and have no resolve.

    This is the very reason why, the founding fathers made it possible for us to bear arms. The evidence has been overwhelmingly proved, that the election was fraudulently one by the Democrat Party.

    This is not something that can be Taken care of later, it must be resolved now, if Biden gets into office, you would have laid down that proverbial final straw, and wakened the sleeping giant.

    Have you forgotten who that sleeping giant is?

    The sleeping giant is the heart of America, it is the backbone of America, it is those that volunteer for service, it is those that volunteer for the Police Department, it is those that work for the Coast Guard, it is the very people that you Are trying to screw over.

    Do you not understand that the people that protect you, have taken an oath to protect the United States, not you! do you not see that what you are doing is wrong, we will not give up the United States under false pretenses, we know what will happen to the United States.

    The government has a track record, when it takes your Liberty it does not give it back. Talk about not being connected to the people, how can you live here in the United States and not understand who the lifeblood of this nation is.

    The very people that you look to for protection, are the same people that you are now trying to tell, move along, will take care of it later. Wake up, there is no later, there is only now, deal with it, or you will force the American people into action.

  28. Patricia Schoen 2 weeks ago

    Since they not helping the people i hope they don't get their defense bill either

  29. F Bart 2 weeks ago

    They've been "playing games" with us for decades. Anyone with "half a brain" should know that!

  30. Ima Elder 2 weeks ago

    "WARNING" ,You have till 1-6-2021 ,then "WAR ON DEMOCRATS" will commence.

  31. Uni C. 2 weeks ago


  32. lawyers9 2 weeks ago

    What has President Trump been trying to do for the last FOUR YEARS? DRAIN THE SWAMP! Yet the American people ignored his warnings and seem to have voted him out! We are getting what we deserve as far as crooked politicians. Sad but true!

  33. Albert A 2 weeks ago

    SPOT ON! 💯

    TRUMP 💯

  34. Think Twice 2 weeks ago

    Old morons that cannot help poor people for just once. TRUMP IS THE 👨 MAN

  35. AMERICAN SOLDIER 2 weeks ago

    Never trust government. Government is the most evil thing on earth. It must always be small, always controlled by the people, and always be in check.

  36. Mark Gazel 2 weeks ago

    To Mr. President Donald Trump, The World Leaders and the Americans People.

    Evil Xiang Ji Ping China Communist Party Governments Hates themselves because they wants to be number one but unfortunately God has destroys all their Evil Plans.

    Evil Xiang Ji Ping China Communist Party wants America and the World to Suffer what China is going through and having the worst Death in the World by their own China Communist Party Viruses the China Communist Party plans to Control the World.

    Evil Cunning Sly Xiang Ji Ping China Communist Party knows the World Leaders needs Investments Money with China Communist Party, the China Communist Party knows the Only Way to Stay in China.and Rules China, and the Plans is to Lies Corruption with the World Leaders Big Tech Companies. And Americans Government Officials and the World.

    China Communist Party Governments Officials are very very Fear with the Chinese People of China will Stand Up and have a Civil War with the China Communist Party Governments Officials.

    China Communist Party Governments Officials knows their Plans are Tarnish through their Own CCP Viruses.

    Xiang Ji Ping China Communist Party Fear of President Donald Trump if President Donald Trump is Elected 4 More Years.

    All the Democrats Officials Republicans Officials Governments is helping Xiang Ji Ping China Communist Party to Remove President Donald Trump.

    China Communist Party knows they DOOM if President Donald Trump is Elected for 4 More Years.

  37. John Denton 2 weeks ago

    Out of the money they blow on foreign aid garbage thry could easily give every American $1 million or more, or give us ALL of it, and WE vote on how it's spent. simple. not as many government 'middle-men' needed either.😎

  38. XXX 2 weeks ago

    Americans deserve what they are getting. They have been asleep for the past 50 years giving a blinds eye to what is happening, living in a fairytale world; playing games and watching fake sports. Allowing the deep state to manipulate them and change the laws. Now it is too late to do anything.
    We have lost all of our rights. Rights that were bought and paid for with American blood. These troubles will not be solved in corrupt courts. The constitution will only be restored in the streets when Americans buy their rights once again with blood.
    Power to the people
    God save us all.

  39. Jeffrey Dillner 2 weeks ago

    Hope that the gender studies thing works out…

  40. Sister Shae 2 weeks ago

    Nah we don’t need to worry about the debt….we’re just not going to pay it

  41. bob b 2 weeks ago

    Washington DC January 6th Be there it will be wild # geotus

  42. Jay Kent 2 weeks ago

    Have Legislatures become unrepresentative, unresponsive, unreachable, unaccountable, and "untouchable"? Has America's Lady Justice (Judiciary) become Blind, Deaf, and Mute? It appears that both have become only Conduits of Power, Enrichment, and Oppression of the People, responding only to the Wealthy Elite and the Deep State Bureaucrats. Legislatures, follow your Laws! State and Federal Courts, uphold your respective Constitutional Duties! “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.” “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

  43. Tova Lieberman 2 weeks ago

    These two alter kakers (old men) have to go!

  44. Margaret Osburn 2 weeks ago

    Rats! Rats! Rats! Rats come out of the wood work! God, please keep us in your hand!

  45. Kissalude 2 weeks ago

    They haven't forgotten. They have open contempt for Americans.

  46. Kissalude 2 weeks ago

    They haven't forgotten. They have open contempt for Americans.

  47. Lucky Lim 2 weeks ago

    American working too hard !

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POLITICS: They're playing games with you | Joe Pinion - Video

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