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Politics: The Left Wing Media Has Seen The Decline Of Joe

POLITICS: The left-wing media has seen the decline of Joe Biden for years, and now it’s out of the open

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Carl Bernstein just let the cat out of the bag about the media conspiracy to hide Joe Biden’s long-running cognitive collapse from voters. 

The former fabled Watergate ­reporter-turned-Trump-derange-ment merchant told CNN this week that he knew of 15 or 20 occasions in the past 18 months when Joe Biden’s brain has malfunctioned as it did during last week’s debate

Several people “who are very close to President Biden . . . are adamant that what we saw the other night, the Joe Biden we saw, is not a one-off . . . In the last six months particularly there has been a marked incidence of cognitive ­decline.” 

Bernstein cited “numerous instances where the president has lost his train of thought [and] can’t pick it up again,” including when he froze at the podium as if he had “rigor mortis” during a fund­raiser in New York in June 2023. 

“This was a year ago almost exactly at the old Four Seasons restaurant on Park Avenue. And he became very stiff and a chair had to be brought for him.” 

Bernstein said it was “significant” how many people around the president “are aware of such incidents, including some reporters, incidentally, who witnessed some of them.” 

Why wait till now? 

Why didn’t Bernstein and his journalistic colleagues tell us all this before the debate? 

Anyone with common sense could see Biden was aging badly.

Democrats and their donors now feigning surprise only have themselves to blame.

Their ignorance was willful and deliberate. 

They would have elevated a corpse to the Oval Office in 2020 if it meant dislodging Trump, and they’ve maintained the deception ever since.

All they are worried about now is that Biden might lose the election.

Otherwise, they’d keep propping him up. 

It was obvious to every reporter on the campaign trail during the 2020 campaign that Biden was suffering from some form of cognitive impairment.

His aides had to haul in a teleprompter to even the tiniest event in Iowa and New Hampshire for a basic stump speech that other candidates could do in their sleep. 

Having covered up Biden’s cognitive deficits and corruption (Hello, laptop from hell!) for four years, now the Pulitzer Prize-winning newsrooms are gaslighting us again, pretending they didn’t ignore signs of dementia in the commander in chief or harangue the few reporters in DC who tried to ask questions about it. No siree, they would have us believe they covered the story relentlessly. 

Biden imploded for 90 minutes on live television, and now they are like cockroaches scrambling to get out of the light that exposes their fakery. 

Just two weeks ago, they were echoing White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s claims that videos of a seemingly disoriented president meandering around at the G7 or having to be led off stage by Barack Obama were “cheap fakes,” manipulated or deceptively cropped by right-wingers. 

The Washington Post fact-checker awarded “Four Pinocchios” to the videos that it said were “especially pernicious [and] intended to create a false narrative [that Biden] is too old for the job.” 

The New York Times defended the president: “How misleading videos are trailing Biden as he battles age doubts.” 

White House spokesman Andrew Bates claimed: “President Biden’s right-wing critics . . . resort to misinformation and cheap fakes because his performance in office . . . is so threatening to them.” 

The ‘best ever’? 

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough summed up the attitude with words that will forever haunt him: “This version of Biden, intellectually, analytically, is the best Biden ever.” 

Biden himself mocked New York Post White House correspondent Steven Nelson, who called across the tarmac at Philadelphia International Airport in May with a crucial question: “President Biden, will you be serving your full four-year term or handing over power to Vice President Harris?” 

Surrounded by giggling sycophants, the president sneered at Nelson: “Are you all right? You’re not hurt are you? . . . Did you fall on your head or something?” 

Because Nelson was one of the few in the press corps to ask such questions, he was frequently punished by being ostracized, blackballed and banned from events. 

Even on Wednesday, he was told there was no room for him at Biden’s event in the enormous East Room.

The White House relented after the Correspondents’ Association intervened on his behalf but the message was clear.

“Ask the wrong question and we’ll cut off your access.” 

That explains in part why the Washington press corps’ coverage of Biden’s dementia has been limited, but it doesn’t absolve their editors’ failure to treat the story with the gravitas it deserved ­before they were forced to. 

James Rosen of Newsmax was blackballed in White House briefings for eight months after he asked Biden in January 2022: 

“With utmost respect for your life accomplishments and the high office you hold” — about a poll which found 49 percent of registered voters did not think the president was mentally fit — “why do you suppose such large segments of the American electorate have come to harbor such profound concerns about your cognitive fitness?” 

Biden snarled, “I have no idea.” 

When ex-UN envoy and GOP primary candidate Nikki Haley last year questioned Biden’s ability to complete a second term, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos barked at her: “ Excuse me! Excuse me one second, Ambassador! How do you know Joe Biden is not going to finish his term?” 

In September 2020, the wrath of the Fourth Estate rained down upon veteran Fox News political analyst Brit Hume when he said, on the night of the first presidential debate: “I don’t think there’s any doubt Biden’s senile, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to show up tonight.” 

Politifact declared Hume’s statement false and quoted an outraged geriatrics expert accusing him of “a shameful display of ageism and ignorance.” 

Establishment media had an excuse to redeem themselves in February when DOJ special counsel Robert Hur concluded that Biden was not fit to stand trial for mishandling classified documents because a jury would have sympathy for him as an “elderly man with a poor memory.” 

Instead, the media doubled down, attacking Hur as a Trump supporter. 

MSNBC’s Scarborough said Hur’s report was “garbage” full of “Trump-like ramblings.” 

Now that it’s impossible to justify the cover-up, the phony soul-searching has begun. “Shame on the White House press corps for not [having] pierced the veil of secrecy surrounding the president,” former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson told Semafor.

Pity she didn’t say anything four years ago. 

Now donors whine 

Those wealthy Democrat donors now whining that they were hoodwinked by the Biden campaign should be aiming their ire at their preferred august media organs that lied right up until it was impossible to sustain the fiction that Biden was “sharp as a tack.” 

If they read The Post, they would not be caught by (pretend) surprise — about a lot of things. 

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