The Forgotten President Who Was a Hero to Black Americans

The Forgotten President Who Was a Hero to Black Americans

I’m thinking, gravenimage, a fraction of 1%.

One of the most stunning ignorances in all of American history is how much the Republican Party—the third anti-slavery party after the Liberty Party and Free-Soil Party—from its birth after the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, did for black Americans. The Republican Party saved the Union, freed black slaves, passed the three Reconstruction Amendments (13th, 14th and 15th), which enshrined in constitutional law, respectively, the end of slavery, the many rights of citizenship, and the right to vote, all three said amendments getting practically no Democratic support.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party opposed all of these liberating Amendments, established Jim Crow, was the source of the Ku Klux Klan from its outset in 1866, found all kinds of ways (examples being grandfather clauses and poll taxes, if not outright intimidation) to deny black Americans the right to vote, etc.

Unfortunately, by the 1920’s the Republican Party took the black vote for granted, much as the Democratic Party of today has. Well, as I have written before here at JW, it is way overdue for black Americans, whom I wish well, to RETURN, yes RETURN, to the Republican Party.

FDR saw an opening for black votes because the Republican Party by the early 20th century did indeed take the black vote for granted (big mistake) and said, as I have written before here at JW, it is time to turn Lincoln’s picture to the wall. Well it worked, but I say it is time to turn FDR’s picture to the wall and welcome back black Americans to where their best interests lie and where their liberation truly began—with the Republican Party.

P.S. Also almost completely unknown (or deliberately covered up) is the fact that Republicans in Congress in greater percentages voted for the most monumental civil rights act in all of American history, the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Guaranteed this is not taught in American schools today due to agenda rather than truth being paramount. Well, lies as I know you know full well, gravenimage, are often more powerful, at least temporarily, than the truth. That’s because lies cheat and the truth does not.

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