New York: Sunday, December 10, 2023
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New York: Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Senate Republicans EXPLOSIVE Press Conference Over Ukraine and Israel Funding!

POLITICS: Senate Republicans EXPLOSIVE Press Conference Over Ukraine and Israel Funding! – Video

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Senate Republicans hold a news conference to discuss a stand-alone aid package for Israel and one for Ukraine. Biden is threatening to VETO the bill because Joe and the Democrats demand that both aid packages be lump together,

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What Do You Think?

  1. When people in America are struggling to live 14 billion dollars of my tax dollars is not a small amount. People please wake up to reality

  2. I can’t find one instance where Israel or Netanyahu has even asked for any of our money. And why would they? Why can’t we just be supportive? Why do these drunken sailors think we need to throw money at people to show we care?

  3. America first close the border until shit gets sorted out.
    Pull the "OUR" military from other parts of the world and protect our borders..



    Why is OUR🇺🇸 Money Being Used To Fight Other Countries WARS💥


    and…please do not give me that "BS".. LINE ITS TO KEEP US 🇺🇸 SAFE


    OUR MILITARY IS THE BEST And THE STRONGEST IN THE 🌎 World they would be fools to even try

  5. no more sincere for Ukraine to now focus on Brandon's institution is the cause of all this economic problem of illegal immigration that the pro-Palestinians have desecrated the statues of the White House that is called insertion

  6. As long as ppl keep voting democrat for God knows why nothing will ever get done anywhere. Because the rest of us aren’t changing our votes over to evil so we are at an impasse.

  7. I find it mind boggling that these elected officials…both sides…can't agree to CLOSE THE BORDER! That should be priority One. Trump had essentially shut the border to illegals. Biden reversed those policies and instituted his own…policies of self destruction. Priority Two…deport every single illegal immigrant.

  8. Hello People. So if you have not heard already that the DEMATARD Donkeys wants to get more money for Ukraine without any check ups of exactly what the money is going to. It’s like having an open and A Blank Check. Hello People. That’s because they want to LAUNDER the money back to themselves and they don’t want to stand Accountable For Their Treasonous Actions Against America 🇺🇸. It’s all very very obvious that we must not just give them what they want. Because it’s time to Get our Country back in order. ISRAEL 🇮🇱 is the only Free Country in the Middle East and ISRAEL Is The CHOSEN People of ALMIGHTY GOD. Period. Hello People. That’s not just what I said. It’s What ALMIGHTY GOD Has Said. Period. And ALMIGHTY GOD Has CLEARLY said that I will BLESS Those WHO BLESS you and I will CURSE Those that CURSE you Wake The HELL up people and Smell The gunpowder Of treason against America By The DEMATARD Donkeys And The Rinos. Most people don’t know That back when the SOVIET Union Broke Up there were Treaties signed that clearly said that the West would not ENCROACH on Russia 🇷🇺 Russia 🇷🇺 Russia 🇷🇺. And Russia 🇷🇺 was not to Pose Any Threats to Western EUROPE. Hello hello People. Those TREATIES were all BROKEN. Not BY Russia 🇷🇺. But By AMERICA 🇺🇸 and the EUROPEAN Union. Yea it’s all that Damned SIMPLE. So Russia 🇷🇺 is not the GUILTY PARTY. And During that time All of the Different Countries had to be able to Establish Their own BORDERS. So out of all of the Countries that used to be a part of the Russian empire. Only one could not Provide that their Borders were Legal and Legitimate. Hello People. That is UKRAINE. So if you have any Damned Sense at all. You Will see That Ukraine is part of Russia Russia Russia 🇷🇺. So Russia invaded Russia Russia Russia 🇷🇺. Is that any of our Damned Business. Not just No but HELL NOOOO. And it’s all very very obvious that the DEMATARD Donkeys and especially PEDOJOE and Yes BATHHOUSE BARRY SETOREO aka Obama Bin laden Biden and the other DEMATARD Donkeys have been doing some very very Evil and Illegal Things in Ukraine For a very long time now and they are all trying to protect themselves from their own Treasonous actions in Ukraine against America 🇺🇸. So now they want you to have to pay for their own crimes against the Children and yes it’s all about the money from you and your family. Hello People. It’s time to Wake the Hell up and Smell The gunpowder Of treason against America By The DEMATARD Donkeys that are the Enemies of America 🇺🇸. Period

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