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New York: Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Retired Navy Seal survived 37 surgeries and shares his story | Saturday Report


Retired Navy Seal survived 37 surgeries and shares his story | Saturday Report

Retired Navy Seal Lt. Jason Redman shares his story of surviving 37 surgeries after serving in Iraq – Via Newsmax’s ‘Saturday Report.’

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  1. RKBA 2 weeks ago

    I mistakenly supported Bush II until he and his wife disclosed their close friendships with the Clintons and Obamas.

  2. Terry D 2 weeks ago

    Your the real deal brother, bless you 🙏.

  3. Nolet Marlowe 2 weeks ago

    Nothing new here just confirms what all Americans have known for 6 months. The Biden administration has been backed into a political corner for 6 months they just wouldn't admit. |

  4. Me 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for fighting for us!

  5. Elizabeth Rienstra 2 weeks ago

    I see 14 thumbs down on this video….why?

  6. Nebal Deby 2 weeks ago

    This Gentleman is the epitome of a American Patriot
    And a true hero
    Unlike the POS politicians- Dem and Repub that supposedly love their Country, and care for their citizens

  7. Michelle Patch 2 weeks ago

    Need to start a new Govermemt,let Washington keep that pathetic crap.

  8. Linda Patrick 2 weeks ago

    Yeah Seal,,, Pelo has probably spent more on her hippocritical face
    Bless you Precious American

  9. Tom Staten 2 weeks ago


  10. Freddie Nerkury 2 weeks ago

    Armoured Forces need to go back in and identify recover or destroy those weapons and repel opposing terror forces. Doesn't have to be boots on ground to neutralise the threats. Some automated nuclear battery powered EV light battle tanks with 100,000 rounds of ammo each strategically dropped by parachute. 360 degree high resolution 3D cameras linked to an AI battle algorithm and powerful redundant encrypted radio transceivers to that can be controlled via satellite, aircraft, battle ship or base station. Capable of autonomous or remote controlled operation based on predefined mission objectives. i.e. based on neutralise threat, destroy or recover assets, rescue civilians. Parachute drops could restock these vehicles with replacement munitions. Autonomous VTOL assets would form a critical component of combat resupply.

  11. Lowell Pomerantz 2 weeks ago

    Please listen to what It. Redman Said, they need Support from the State Department and Congressmen . Please Call your Veterans Comgressmen and Senators Today.. We have Americans Stranded and Allies who's lives are in Danger Today.. Senator Graham, Senator Scott, Senator Hawley , and lots of Veteran Congressman.. Can Donate to Foundation 🌹 Today Too!! Thanks

  12. Lowell Pomerantz 2 weeks ago

    Love to Lt. Redman n Family. And Thanks, n Gratitude for the Pineapple Express Work force you Do!! 🌹💙🐩

  13. Dscott64 2 weeks ago

    God Bless our Troops**

  14. flowerj potter 2 weeks ago

    What an inspiration !

  15. God hates liberals 2 weeks ago

    Boom! Hero!

  16. Robert B. Seddon 2 weeks ago

    Endeavor to persevere!

  17. Don P 2 weeks ago

    Jason,…you are a hero in so many ways. We are all humbled that you still love a country you’ll fight for, …yet so many gutless, dishonest, morally corrupt politicians who hold power are actually your/our worst enemy!

  18. esther shelton 2 weeks ago

    GOD BLESS him. And he's still good looking. Thank you so very much. 🙏❤🙏 lot of respect sir.

  19. Not Me 2 weeks ago

    eh whatever, not like hes a chick or something

  20. Alexander Ackermans 2 weeks ago

    For both: as non American I thank you for your service. Respect and you always be welcome in my home.

  21. CATherine _ 2 weeks ago

    Thank you so very much for your service Hero! Adonai Elohim bless you

  22. tom allen 2 weeks ago

    Man I wish Bush was still president. God's speed Jason Redman.

  23. Where's the link for Pineapple Express so people can donate?

  24. No SMASH!!…Go covert…. He is gorgeous!! I thank God for men like this, their families who stand by them, and a country who stands by them. Our government needs a lesson in who America really is.

  25. Jim Kloeckner 2 weeks ago

    We love the person you are sir consider running for congress we need leaders like you that know what war is all about when we should go to war and when we shouldn't

  26. Samuel Machado 2 weeks ago

    I Curse the Satanist Pigs working against the Anointed Christians in America and the Anointed President Donald Trump in the Mighty Name and Blood of Jesus Christ of Israel….

    Amen and Amen….

  27. Samuel Machado 2 weeks ago

    Jason, You are a Champion…..God bless you

  28. Elizabeth S 2 weeks ago

    You would think that if this retired Navy Seal can do this, then WHY can't biden's administration?

  29. What an absolutely incredible man!!!!!

  30. Tracy Newberry 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for your service and sacrifice Jason….Salute.

  31. I and my family THANK you for protecting America, giving your "all" for our freedom, Sir. 🇺🇸🇺🇸😌 Your video is inspiring, to say the least.

  32. Pat O 2 weeks ago

    You guys are awesome! I prayed for our SF as I served too as an Army Chaplain in both OIF and OEF. Our SF is the BEST in the world!!!

  33. RMB 2 weeks ago

    Amen and GOD BLESS YOU.

  34. Van Wynn 2 weeks ago

    God bless you all man and Woman for service fight for freedom around the world!! 🙏😘🙋‍♂️

  35. Richard Willette 2 weeks ago

    I couldn’t serve because I got them bone spurs

  36. Ma Balyam 2 weeks ago

    Wow! That’s my preferred definition of a TOUGH GUY.

  37. Ma Balyam 2 weeks ago

    Thank you so much for your service. God bless our military 🙏🏽

  38. Ma Balyam 2 weeks ago


  39. Jack leone 2 weeks ago

    This guy displays a huge lapel flag! And our douchy President is micro-sized!(like his brain) We know who the REAL AMERICAN is!!

  40. Jack leone 2 weeks ago

    Biden is not worthy to polish this guys shoes! I don't know a single Democrat who's worthy!

  41. ROBERT Venegas 2 weeks ago

    God bless all of our Military personnel. ✝️❤🇺🇲

  42. Sharon Luther 2 weeks ago

    You are the most beautiful man I've ever seen. Thank you for your strength.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  43. Nat Mon 2 weeks ago

    He’s still good looking
    He’s charming

  44. Jerry Wiessner 2 weeks ago

    I am 70years old, and have been through many struggles in life, but now I am facing one of the worst struggles in my life. I am a proud patriot from a military family. To see our country being destroyed from the inside, It's evil what they are doing, pure evil. If I could, I would install small pieces of lead in many heads.

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POLITICS: Retired Navy Seal survived 37 surgeries and shares his story | Saturday Report - Video

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