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New York: Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Rep. ends prayer with 'gender inclusive' closing | REACTION


Rep. ends prayer with 'gender inclusive' closing | REACTION

After Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver ended his prayer with a rather distinct close, freshly-chosen Agent Beth Van Duyne (R) Texas, talk about the guidelines of Your home, and what she and other freshman Congressmembers are giving the table for the 117th Congress. – with Newsmax TELEVISION’s Sean Spicer and Lyndsay Keith

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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  1. Terd Ferguson 2 weeks ago

    "Our government is getting out of control."

  2. JS Williams 2 weeks ago

    The non-religious satanist may think amen was a gender reference. But people who follow and know the Old Testament know amen is Hebrew and means “it is true” or “let it be so”. I heard the Democratic Party had non-believers among them. Using this as a non gender reference shows how idiotic these people are.

  3. Richard Ahern 2 weeks ago

    I love the way the left pretend that Biden is some cool boss with his aviator sunglasses. He’s an OLD MAN with DEMENTIA, who think’s he’s running for senate but then remembered he’s just Jill’s husband and it’s time for a nap! 😂😂😂

  4. Nina Thomas 2 weeks ago

    Amen Awomen Amoron

  5. Tina Nursing 2 weeks ago

    What a disgrace so we’re did they leave the ones without gender.

  6. TastingCurve03 2 weeks ago

    What about HIStory

  7. Cheryl Oswald 2 weeks ago

    I work so hard. Why Why Why what a waste of time.

  8. C O 2 weeks ago

    Aman and Awomen fell off a cliff together……. Ashit.

  9. mackcrash 2 weeks ago

    A politician
    And a moron

  10. Ruth Belonger 2 weeks ago

    One Nation Under GOD

  11. Ruth Belonger 2 weeks ago

    Just give it up; USA

  12. King James 2 weeks ago

    High grade moron

  13. Atma Satya 2 weeks ago

    Then you Republicans should have supported Trump and not betray him.

  14. lance wolf 2 weeks ago

    radical evangelical terrorism has finally arrived ..led by Donald J Bin laden…

  15. American 2 weeks ago

    What about wildlife: can we call a male duck a drake and a female duck a hen or is that considered a hate crime?

  16. Thelma Dunn 2 weeks ago

    Foolishness and fuckery galore.

  17. Ralph Hayes 2 weeks ago

    Congressional TERM LIMITS NOW!!!!

  18. Daniel Myers 2 weeks ago

    Pelosi broke her own rule at the opening of yesterday's meeting.

  19. J B 2 weeks ago

    Don't let democrats rattle you, God allows people to do anything they want but they will be held accountable.

  20. Mary Grace Beyer 2 weeks ago

    This not funny. We are going to lose all rights.

  21. Mike Hatch 2 weeks ago

    Amen is a word derived from a Hebrew word meaning something else completely and it has nothing to do with gender, stupid.

  22. Mr.Mike Lewis 2 weeks ago

    That was embarrassing and beyond stupid…

  23. Gosia Gosia 2 weeks ago

    pelosi same clown as biden something not straight onther decsel🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈

  24. Paulo Vinicius 2 weeks ago

    Amen is a Hebrew initial for "Elohim faithful king"

    He just proved how democrats are retards.

  25. Karl Allitt 2 weeks ago

    they're trying to womanipulate us.

  26. Michael Green 2 weeks ago

    Its just starting

  27. Suphad 2 weeks ago

    Inappropriate to speak this sarcastic word on the bench

  28. Steve Adams 2 weeks ago

    Screw this crap

  29. karaline furby 2 weeks ago

    All I can say is the guy Must of went to dummy college,you know where they indoctrinate all the kids to be socialist Democrats !!! Lunacy pure lunacy God help America

  30. kc Cox 2 weeks ago

    Gender specific? Those people don't follow their own ridiculous rules!!!
    Enough of the insanity!!!

  31. Fresh Start Boys 2 weeks ago

    LOL! Just proves anyone can claim to be a Christian, but it doesn't mean you are a Christian. Amen has nothing to do with gender. Good grief the ignorance is astounding!

  32. Elestrago S 2 weeks ago

    Spicer, we all know you will not fight back if they make you follow the same rules. Sad that Republican men are slowly turning into cuckolded soy boys.

  33. Forever Country1776 2 weeks ago

    That's antisemitic and ignorant to the Hebrew language and meaning.

  34. Sara Essex 2 weeks ago

    Idiots. Amen isn't even english. This is that goddess worship crap. And, millions of people absorb this as if its somehow being "woke" to the equality of women. Words have meaning, and thus, knowledge if these words is power. Turn off your television, read a book or maybe your bible, and your constitution. The ignorance of our leaders is being reinforced by the idiots paid to tow the line.

  35. VetteMan David 2 weeks ago

    Buckle up conservatives!

  36. Moe Sila 2 weeks ago

    That is a mockery of God through the prayer. God is not mocked. he will get his share.

  37. wrathchild68 2 weeks ago

    Amen is Latin for "So be it"

  38. freesf ftrefv 2 weeks ago

    They need to just stop pretending to be Christians or whatever it is they're pretending to be!
    Maybe stick to what they know satanism

  39. Roland Reich 2 weeks ago

    “Amen” is not Latin, doofus. It’s Hebrew.

  40. WinGate Mose 2 weeks ago

    Drama Queen Sean Spicer !

  41. Angel TV Chang 2 weeks ago

    W hat,s the prayer. It,s insult to God. You will bring the wrath of holy God. Bad guy.

  42. Frank Hansen 2 weeks ago

    Socialist only use religion as a cover …they have no need for it

  43. Rene Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    This guy Is praying blasphemy ‼️‼️💪🏽👊🏽😡

  44. Oleg Budaev 2 weeks ago

    Newsmax should fire this guy, he is stupid and arrogant f

  45. Scott Tilden 2 weeks ago

    Has nothing to do with gender at all. The left is flat out stupid and crazy.

  46. John Russell 2 weeks ago

    Amen and a woman was a joke by Robin Williams years ago it still is a joke thanks for the laugh

  47. Adele Celeste TV 2 weeks ago

    The Members of the American Government are a bunch of illegitimate Fakers!

  48. lindsay jennifer 2 weeks ago

    no sane person cares what you think – why?
    trump lost
    maga lost
    GOP lost
    GOP in Georgia lost
    proud boys and these moronic insurrectionists lost
    my god, there's a name for people like that… losers

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POLITICS: Rep. ends prayer with 'gender inclusive' closing | REACTION - Video

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