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[PREMIERING SEP 25] No Farmers No Food: Will You Eat The Bugs? | Official Trailer | EpochTV

POLITICS: [PREMIERING SEP 25] No Farmers No Food: Will You Eat The Bugs? | Official Trailer | EpochTV – Video

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Watch “No Farmers No Food: Will You Eat The Bugs?”

“NO FARMERS NO FOOD: WILL YOU EAT THE BUGS?” is an Epoch Original documentary exposing the hidden agenda behind global “Green Policies,” the untold stories of farmers forced out of business, the disruption this will have on our food supply, and why edible bugs are suddenly being pushed to the fore as a “Global Green Solution.”

EpochTV program “Facts Matter” host Roman Balmakov investigates the rapidly changing landscape of our global food source—the farming industry—through interviews with farmers in the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and the United States. This is the next global crisis that is being ignored by the world’s media.

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📣”Green policies” are devastating our farmers. We know because we talked to them personally – from the Netherlands to California. Now you can help us share their stories! 👉

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What Do You Think?

  1. Humans were never meant to eat bugs. When they showed the bugs in the bags (mealworms), I immediately thought of that as chicken food. Chickens eat bugs (and other birds and reptiles).

  2. Thank you Roman Balmakov (Facts Matter) & Epoch Times for the real true news. Thank you, Tucker Carlson, Redacted, Off Grid with Doug and Stacy, and Black Scouts Survival, for revealing the truth about what is going on with our government. People wake up and stop this tyrannical maniacal communist administration and the billionaire organizations that are controlling them.

  3. I would rather eat the food in a bureaucrat's fridge than eat bugs. This policy isn't being pushed by people we elected. It's being pushed by people we didn't elect.

  4. Genocide of 21st century. Did you not see what they did with Maui. Watch they will do this to us. They are already doing it. Wake up stop being ignorant. Do it for yourself, do it for your children.


  6. It's already bad with these water plants All over the world That Gives us a resource of water into our homes ,through our faucets that we're drinking our own recycled poop water. Water treatment Water treatment plans to recycle sewage water for human being to have a resource of water.
    Unhealthy, unhealthy in every level.
    You can turn ocean water into drinking water. But it costs too much money. And they do not get the results as they want to reflect onto humanity with the diseases of drinking, own recycled toxic water with bacteria from pills, shampoos, shampoos biological. Different toxins in every level that there ever is into this world. That has a agent of H20 and a drainage system. People need to wake up and see how unhealthy these people are in charge of our lives. Just a they can depopulate the world plus make profit off a human being's body. Do their big farma. Breaking the ecosystem of nature down by destroying vegetation for us to inject weeds and grass and different sorts of toxins to vegetation Jim and replace the foundation of modified sales. Which they are against and want to extinct.
    Different different cultures of the animal Kingdom. Into their cell system program, a human tissue. Modifying and different aspects to modify organisms into a Destructive environment culture.
    They are not gods, not even scientists, just evil dictators of controlling humanity. To eat unclean unnatural life source. Thor's to do a human Experiments against humanity, As the rich that makes the division as joe biden says Bottom-up, middle out, that would be poor people crossing the border and poor Americans.
    To the middle out Only to leave the remaining of the rich elites As he says to prosper can't be no clcame straight out of his mouth As they've all talked all the time. Whenever they do their campaigns, it's only about their investing in a bean investor. With other foreign nationalities. To pollute the air with their cpreparations engaging destroying land.
    Work for penny's as Porsche stagnant as they will disappear as they have been by the hands of your government. Then leaders with your dictators. They do not have the best interests of humanity but only their interest in there. Families Joe waves. Humanager is the only thing that I see and I see only thinking engaging. They can't even invest within their own people. They have soldiers killing soldiers. For what purpose destroy the land and buildings? Killing children, women and men for what purpose.
    Thread solve all the time everyday. Every hour. Every second and every minute into our stressful lives of of watching a horror picture show as the government presents itself. As they are superiod to humanity, as are destroying humanity by their own hands and authority and power. Just so they can rebuild infrastructure control.
    Oh Must not forget the children as Nancy Pelosi says. And as every one of these rich politicians, children have been engaged in c, p, s, social worker or a lawyer or judge, or a child as a child gets lost in their system to become a victim. And be prayed and groomed upon by evil traffickers within this organization of Washington DC see. The leadership of the citizens of the United States stealing the money and giving it to foreign land or giving for war for mass genocide around the world. He didn't waste no time when he went into offichris. Did not at all have any concern or empathy. Are proof or investigations of ingesting serum from another country? To ingest into huvanity, it went so fast, what happened? Millions billions of people around the world died, children died, brains blowing up, hearts, blowing up, lungs blowing up. All evidence into these labs in the United States. Fizers Johnson & Johnson, the link that they had with an evil Frankenstein doctor Falchi the does gain of function.

  7. Every tyrannical government that has come to power has taken away people's right to arm themselves & have starved them in order to create a more "manageable population".

  8. The world is overpopulated and there won't be enough food, so we should stop growing food and starve the world until the population is low enough to grow enough food.

    A logic so illogical it could only come from a politician.

  9. Your poor people eat bugs and lab meats but the elites are still eating meat. Lab meat is created from “cancer” cell, well don’t worry when you get sick there are hospital for you if you can pay the bills if not sell your organs

  10. This all accords with Scripture in Revelation Chp. 6 one of the seals. I think it's the third seal. War, famine and plague. Us True Followers Of Jesus Will not starve though. We have nothing to worry about. Thank you Jesus! HalleluYah to the Holy One Of Isra'el!

  11. Stand up and do what Nancy Reagan used to tell people to do…"JUST SO NO!!!". Farms have been here since Adam & Eve. But, NOW, these yo-yos want to proceed to tell us to eat bugs.

    Here's a novel idea… Let these politicians do THEIR part and let THEM eat the bugs.

    God in HIS infinite wisdom created our food chain in a way that our bodies in HIS DESIGN need it to be and man (especially these fartheads) should NOT be allowed to change it.

    If YOU folk allow them to do this (UNITED WE STAND) then "you" will be eating worms and other bugs. (DIVIDED WE FALL). We out number them. Which could be their reason for decreasing the population 🤔🤨

  12. Thank you Epoch times, Roman and the rest of the crew for being persistent in getting the word out to the masses as best you can. You are trying, and doing great work, it doesn't go unnoticed.

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