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New York: Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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People are dying | Dan Crenshaw and Michael Waltz


People are dying | Dan Crenshaw and Michael Waltz

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw and Florida Congressman Michael Waltz respond the President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan – Via Newsmax’s ‘John Bachman Now.’

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  1. Michael Ruta 4 weeks ago

    its harder for the right to reach out cuz they straight politics, so its harder to make references…but i see you ty

  2. Michael Ruta 4 weeks ago

    the navy took your eye, they took my life and family…..

  3. AmPatriot Smith 4 weeks ago

    I think Biden & Company are diabolical. I don't think this is just incompetence, it's deliberate. They are the tools and puppets of the communist far left

  4. two birds 4 weeks ago

    DO SOMETHING CONGRESs to stop this evil administation!!!!Why do they have 85 billon dollars of milatary weapons paid by American taxes???

  5. I look at republicans when they gather to speak with no masks, fighting for freedom. I look at the democrats when they gather to speak and see all of them with face muzzles. That should tell you who's on the side of freedom and who's on the side of Tyranny.

  6. Jay Saldivar 4 weeks ago

    Political Correctness??
    How's that working for you…Joe??
    The tally bann is OK with it.

  7. Erection Integrity 4 weeks ago

    Crenshaw does NOT stand for election integrity, he is a deep state traitor RINO!

  8. Bonnie Wilson 4 weeks ago

    Now China too

  9. Bonnie Wilson 4 weeks ago


  10. Tony R. 4 weeks ago

    With all the power in Democrats hands, there is little way to get accountability. They have shown allegence to their party over their country. What options are there? The supreme Court could step up and make extraordinary rulings for these extraordinary circumstances, but they have too many weak members. They are too afraid to even hear cases about the election because they are afraid of the truth that will be exposed, so they hide behind black robes. The senators could find one single democrat with a conscience who sees what is happening to cross over and be a republican, thus having control of the Senate, but there are weak rinks who ally with corporate donors over their country. There could be widespread general strikes of the public to the point that the politicians and elite can no longer live uneffected by their actions. There could be civil war or a military coup. Those are the last options. But if all other options have failed, it will soon come down to a choice of living under facist rule or fighting for freedom. Nobody wants it to come to these choices, but we are heading there very fast, and the supreme Court or Congress need to act very fast and decisively if they want to stop this runaway train.

  11. Tony R. 4 weeks ago

    Powerful speeches.

  12. voxelraster 4 weeks ago

    Hey Crenshaw – "People are dying" because of self-serving traitors like you and other weak-kneed Repugs and RINOs who didn't want to bother fighting election theft. You and the others could've saved the country. Instead, you threw it and all those poor people in the trash! You have no right to complain now!

  13. Sharon Fahey 4 weeks ago

    Like Obama/Clinton did to our SEALs.

  14. Sharon Fahey 4 weeks ago

    Sounds like Obama 2.0.

  15. Sharon Fahey 4 weeks ago

    Impeach and remove them all!!

  16. Laura Richter 4 weeks ago

    They will never step up and never claim accountability you know it, the American people know it! Immediate Action is required!! You will have to hold them ALL accountable
    So the question at hand is how do you get them out of office.
    Yes, We need to take back the house in 2022 but I'm concerned about how much this Country is going to Fall before that.

  17. Laura Richter 4 weeks ago

    Bingo! You are exactly correct when you said this is the same team around Biden that was with Obama!
    Truth is Truth

  18. dan houstin 4 weeks ago


  19. Laura Richter 4 weeks ago

    The Taliban shouldn't have been dictating to us anything absolutely nothing!! but this Biden Administration
    did not have the spine / backbone to stand up to the Taliban. When we have the greatest military power!, our air power alone is the Best of the Best, so why then was the Taliban dictating to us?? A question that, we have not got a answer for!!
    This literally was a complete epic failure by Binden and his civilian staff, high-ranking Generals who joined the political Arena, and the Secretary of State himself and all the bureaucracy he brought with it.
    Truth is Truth!

  20. Carolyn Olinger 4 weeks ago

    America has a government with no conscious, no love for America or Americans, no heart. What can Americans do? Pray and ask God to help 🇺🇸

  21. Laura Richter 4 weeks ago

    It was done intentionally, recklessly from a far left Administration who want to turn this country into a woke, socialist democracy., that is Dangerously treading evil Waters. It was implemented by heartless cowards in high ranking positions in our Military that decided to join the political Arena. All in the name of deep pockets $$$, as they turned their backs on the United States military and to the demise of 13  service members. Your own soliders were taught by you to never leave anyone dead or alive on the Battlefield. These very soliders present and past are the ones that have allowed you to live free!!. They turned thier very backs on The United States of America PERIOD! They turned the other cheek as they left Service Members, US citizens and Afghan Allies in the hands of blood thirsty barbaric terrorists.
    Each and everyone of you will reap what you have sowed!

  22. Laura Richter 4 weeks ago

    It's such a colossal disaster on so many levels!. We had many opportunities to jump in and handle the situation, so the outcome would have been different.
    This sits on the shoulders of the  Biden Administration, joint Generals and the secretary of Defense.
    We need a investigation to figure out with this many people on this level could drop the ball simultaneously, in this big of a way!.
    Another question is why we left equipment over there? The Tailban became one of the most powerful military overnight in that region.
    Why didn't we step in to destroy it before they took power over it?
    Right Now I'm more concerned  about our "totally opened Southern Border" this allows whoever wants to come in can. Whether it is terrorist, criminals, or what have you. We need to do something about our overall security, really our overall foreign policies. It is apparent our country is at a freefall between our economy, Afghanistan, and Coronavirus. It's hard to believe Biden has been in office for only 7 months.
    I understand Leaving Afghanistan has been in the making for many years. It was the way it was executed! Not reckless but deliberate.
    I think going foward we should run ooerations the way Trump did with ISIS and Syria that should be the methodology going foward. Very few boots on the ground, special operators, and many airstrikes to keep us from getting involved in another twenty year war.
    We could have gotten out of Afghanistan in a way that did not embarrass our country and that is a route we should have taken.
    Obviously there are 13 families that probably preferred we took that route.
    Biden should resign, joint Chief should resign.
    Yes, We need to take back the house in 2022 but I'm concerned about how much this Country is going to Fall before that.

  23. Lyn Hodge 4 weeks ago

    We didnt vote Biden.. he is evil

  24. Laura Richter 4 weeks ago

    Why the spin on the real truth? Why the boastfulness? Its a classic thing that happens with incompetents is that they create crises and then they want credit for the heroic actions they did, to mitigate their own crises they created.

  25. Marianne Mitchell 4 weeks ago

    Military needs to take over our government. There is no commander and chief.

  26. Theodore Bennett 4 weeks ago

    BTW, This is the second time in my lifetime that the criminal USA has done this to it's soldiers and citizens.

  27. Sally Brown 4 weeks ago

    You republicans should have done your job, and stood up with PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  28. magusomega 4 weeks ago

    Why do you think they fortified the capital…… People are gonna have to stop the daily grind and save this nation from the corruption in our government. Get involved America

  29. Pamela Callahan 4 weeks ago

    Dear God…. Please bring Donald J. Trump back while we can make a difference!!!!!

  30. These republicans forget they could have stood up ,but let the fraud happen you hold some of the blame

  31. AngelofDeath 4 weeks ago

    Dan and Mike…Thank you for your service and sacrifices from another Brother-in-Arms!!!

  32. Barry Dingle 4 weeks ago

    Crenshaw, you have no honor! Yes I said it just because you were a Navy seal once apparently means nothing, but a way to make people think your honorable. You said there wasn't any fraud! You still feeling that way?

  33. JOHN YORK 4 weeks ago


  34. Jo In 4 weeks ago

    To see these murders wearing our uniforms and flying our planes makes me so sick! They literally are flying helicopters with Americans hanging by the neck around Afghanistan. While the White House claims "success". America will burst from this as the LEFT (communist, socialist, terrorist, traitors) laugh in our face. Obama finally got what he was after; death of America!

  35. Jo In 4 weeks ago

    If you believe the anti Christ is still not involved, you're just dumb. Obama, Barry or who ever he calls himself today is now in charge again. Keep your faith people, Revelations predicted all of this but we are on the right side and will win in the end.

  36. Kevin Freitas 4 weeks ago

    Crenshaw the Rino thinks that the election wasnt stolen. Vote him.out hes a traitor. You can tell hes a phoney

  37. Roxirox 4 weeks ago

    Probably worst treason ever 😞

  38. bernardo bolanski 4 weeks ago

    Great words but they do not care

  39. John Pauritsch 4 weeks ago

    It's time for the people of the United States to impeach every one of these democrats they are treasonous murderers hate-filled satanistic manipulative evil people. The people of the United States have woken up

  40. Alandra Sochia 4 weeks ago

    Panjier valley province, Tajikistan??? They are fighting Taliban control. So why wasn't the C130 h loaded with 20 to s of weapons equipment flown there in 45 minutes?????

  41. Don't Panick 4 weeks ago

    Dan Crenshaw needs to go

  42. Brennan Eid 4 weeks ago

    Dan Crenshaw will say some good things but he will NEVER do anything! He is a Rino! Controlled opposition

  43. Brennan Eid 4 weeks ago

    Dan Crenshaw is a Rino! Don’t send your money to him!

  44. Cay Mann 4 weeks ago

    How is the enemy of USA allowed to be in charge of US? Democrats are the enemy of the USA, how is that not obvious and something be done about it. Just mandating vaccinations that according to real experts and real science are still experimental is a crime. Leaving Americans behind to be tortured and bringing in Afghans who have not even been vetted properly is STRANGE BEHAVIOR. Republicans seem to be asleep, we don't hear much from them.

  45. JP Merrick 4 weeks ago

    They are doing it in purpose they were paid

  46. JP Merrick 4 weeks ago

    All done on purpose paid the leaders fearing china russia one world govt exposing their treason

  47. Timothy Plumley 4 weeks ago

    I’m going to say this because others may be afraid that they will have their accounts canceled. I am just sorry that it was not Biden dangling by the neck under that Blackhawk. You can bet your life that given half a chance the Taliban would gladly do just that.

  48. Ron Sanderson 4 weeks ago

    Biden administration is our worst enemy 😤 they have done more harm to our country than any enemy in America history 🙄

  49. Mary Speidel 4 weeks ago

    Quit talking. Do something.

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POLITICS: People are dying | Dan Crenshaw and Michael Waltz - Video

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