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New York: Friday, January 22, 2021
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Pelosi's Impeachment Begins | The Charlie Kirk Show LIVE 01.13.21


Pelosi's Impeachment Begins | The Charlie Kirk Show LIVE 01.13.21

Charlie Kirk is LIVE on Salem Radio Stations throughout the nation with immediate analysis and breaking protection of the Democrats’ most current effort to eliminate the president from workplace with less than one week left in his term. Charlie is signed up with today by Turning Point U.S.A. Factor Isabel Brown to assist understand the insanity on Capitol Hill.

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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  1. Shoodii Armstrong 1 week ago


  2. Shoodii Armstrong 1 week ago

    WE, the Patriots of the United States of America will Constitutionally remove the Deep State and Central Banking System from our country.

  3. V 1 week ago

    getting a bit sick of all this bad news. nothing goes anywhere in our favour.

  4. shizzy nwa 1 week ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if the real agenda is removing Trump and his ideas from all the archives , when I search for Trump on the internet I will find nothing, that is their end goal.

  5. Darcy Allard 1 week ago

    Pelosi is an absolute piece of shit!

  6. robert smith 1 week ago

    It is time for President Trump to appoint special prosecutors for the Biden’s and voter fraud.

  7. ANJANA YADAV 1 week ago

    The problem is that there are many in the GOP who are against trump. They are the real backstabbers.

  8. Victor Bergman 1 week ago

    Trump said to peacefully protest and question the results, very explicitly he absolutely did not incite violence

  9. JBlue Humming 1 week ago

    Man continues to dominate man to his own injury. Do we stop? What is your way? What is our way? What is God's way? To me it looks like it's a commercial interruption!

  10. Victor Bergman 1 week ago

    Jefferson to overthrow tyrannical governments we should overthrow this one they are disobeying the Constitution

  11. Victor Bergman 1 week ago

    There has to be a legal basis for impeachment there is none

  12. Dawn Roper 1 week ago


  13. Dawn Roper 1 week ago

    What about the BLN

  14. Joannebagley16 1 week ago

    She happy now, but she won’t be for long, God is in charge Nancy, not you and your puppets! I’m celebrating God, Trump, and Justice! 🙌🏼

  15. Kevin Robbins 1 week ago

    How about justice for all the BLM and Antifa rioters?

  16. beatvampire 1 week ago

    the timeline is wrong they were breaking in before he had finished his speech

  17. mumstheword 1 week ago

    The lies grew and grew and took on a life of their own. How could this happen?? 😭😭😭😭

  18. Calliope Richard 1 week ago

    All because they stole her laptop and she is scared that she will find her ass in prison!

  19. Victor Bergman 1 week ago

    This is just like 1933 in Nazi Germany, the storming of the capitol was the burning of the Reichstag, and they blame it on Republicans who are Jews in this scenario. Now they will give less access to Republicans and might have no-Republican areas

  20. Gregory Jacobson 1 week ago

    The Conservative Right just used the Leftists Congress, on the ground hate groups and media definition of ‘Peaceful Protest’ as they were taught over the past four years. 🇺🇸Trump. Americans President 🇺🇸

  21. Gregory Jacobson 1 week ago

    She needs to resign for her being part enabling the 🇨🇳💰Joe ‘coattaler’ Biden 💰🇨🇳 in corrupt anti-American criminal enterprise.

  22. Diana 1 week ago

    I would like to shove that gavel right where the sun don't shine

  23. Gregory Jacobson 1 week ago

    #MAGA = Make AMERICANS (not Leftists) GREAT AGAIN!

  24. blaine devie 1 week ago

    This is going to cause civil unrest… but at this point the Democratics want an uprising to justify Marshall law and complete removal of freedom

  25. kaycee wilson 1 week ago

    Call to action, this impeachment is a smoke screen. H.J. Res 14 is a massive threat to our republic! It is an amendment to the constitution, it is to destroy the electoral college and move us into popular vote will decide the presidential elections moving forward. Majority mob will govern the minority. Call your representatives and senators today and tell them to vote against HJ Res 14!!!

  26. Gregory Jacobson 1 week ago

    There will always be an asterisk next to 🇨🇳💰Biden💰🇨🇳 election as POTUS. The corruption of an election.

  27. Fe Oyer 1 week ago

    That comparison of 911 is sick!!!!!

  28. amf 1 week ago

    If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly

  29. Lorraine Jones 1 week ago

    PELOSI is the most annoying witch on the planet!!!

  30. Nicole Pierce 1 week ago

    I WISH Pelosi was being impeached. She needs to go. Dominion voted her in and now she needs to go.

  31. Eddie E 1 week ago

    Almost everyone has fallen into the sly democrats Marxist tactics, my goodness check history, the same infiltration tactics was used and promoted and some buffoons still don't get it, Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals is the dems playbook and they outsmart and fool everyone. Even the courts are lopsided and NO Trump supporter will get a fair trial.

    Does anyone believe that these lawless crooked democrat politicians will back off once President "T" leaves office? Once they have power they will relentlessly pursue him, his family and all who were loyal to him, unlike the lame dead republicans, they won't be afraid to use their power even if they have to manipulate and create lies by twisting their (oppositions)words to do so, we have seen them do this even when they weren't in power. Unlike other presidents before him these hateful evil "ones" hate him so much that they will seek revenge, may God have mercy on him and protect him.

    Why do you think many politicians and presidents had to seek asylum once they were fraudulently voted out of office by a socialistic communist regime.

    Sad to say, the republicans knew about these questionable voting machines and DID NOTHING so now because of their failure tens of millions of Americans were defrauded – really sad. The majority of South Africa's news is derived from international fake news and so the majority have literally an evil view of your President "T".

  32. Pattie Canders 1 week ago

    Sad that we the people are not heard. To do this to our president is a sin may they rot in hell . Not even a chance to defend himself. Sick. Karma is a bitch

  33. Brenten Smith 1 week ago

    This is coming from the CCP playbook. Watch this afterward. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJDzK_gfK0k&t=192s

  34. Dee Bolin 1 week ago


  35. Tim P 1 week ago

    They are a Bunch of Crooked Politicians !!

  36. Maria Zach in need to talk with General Flynn asap she asked if anyone could get ahold of him and to find her asap on a XOF news report

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POLITICS: Pelosi's Impeachment Begins | The Charlie Kirk Show LIVE 01.13.21 - Video

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