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New York: Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Parler Chief responds after platform axed by Amazon, Apple


Parler Chief responds after platform axed by Amazon, Apple

Parler Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff responds after Amazon and Apple have actually provided the boot to the self-declared ‘totally free speech’ social platform, which has actually seen a meteoric increase in appeal in late 2020 and early 2021, due to controversial polarization in viewpoints concerning the 2020 election. Peikoff information what’s to come next in the platform’s battle versus ‘huge tech.’ – by means of Get up America with Rob Finnerty, weekdays at 6:30AM ET on Newsmax TELEVISION

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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  1. 12LOOK4 2FAST 1 week ago

    Android can add parlor to there homescreen from Chrome. You don't need a download go to right corner of Chrome internet and select add to home screen.

  2. Yolanda Tauben 1 week ago

    Boycotting amazon…

  3. Gb Fisher 1 week ago

    censoring will destroy the union of the country and people

  4. Z Suurd 1 week ago

    People the big reset rockefellers pfffffffffffffff

  5. Fang Josh 1 week ago

    Anerican peoples should use their peoples( subscriber, consumer ) power. boycott the big tech. made them bankrupt !!!

  6. Susan Toler 1 week ago

    I saw a lot of planning of the March on Facebook. Did not see anything about it on Parler, jealous companies it looks like.

  7. Rafael Roces 1 week ago

    Republican Party and supporters should unite all over the country; support President Trump in using the insurrection act.

    The Democrat Party has established a De Facto Government:

    Cutting off, President Trump’s Twitter account is only the latest of many actions Twitter has done and still doing among a preponderance of evidence for insurrection, starting from the Russia Collusion among others showing the purpose of tweeter was part of an insurrection.

    Prosecute twitter for insurrection because it is clearly OBVIOUS they acted synergistically lawlessly with the News Media, Social Media, Democrat Party, Government Institutions e.g. FBI, DOJ and Judiciary together they connive with the Government of China to thwart the inevitable win of President Trump second term; WHOM CLEARLY DISRUPTED THE SWAMP.

    The Democrat party and its devices, their fake news media, their social media, acting with synergy to shape the narrative in government institutions "Democrats military arm Antifa"; have literally taken over governance to change USA subverting its Constitution, making it dysfunctional, lawless, and chaotic.

    The stablishing of Seattle’s 'autonomous zone' where no police was allowed, defund the police, decriminalizing crimes, eliminating bail, not filing on arrest, and standing down as the city is being burning, filing charges against McCloskey couple were charged with felony for defending their property. All this was a test run of their strategy to intimidate the people to instill fear so people will be paralyze, confuse not knowing what is lawful or not, if they can count on the police to defend them. Dems brought chaos as prelude to their insurrection plot.

    The election was a farce; laws, procedural rules, and the constitution critically not fallowed with the intent to defraud. Vote counting machines set to reject Trump vote ballots. Witnesses testified that some of the rejects for adjudication where brought to another room, and new ballots were came back counted for Biden, but all adjudication happening in the other room without witnesses, and the state’s voters registry having an estimate of hundreds thousands of invalid names, where not cleaned and updated before the election.

    From Campaign until day one in office Donald Trump, was calling out the unethical, lawlessness, and unconstitutional actions of the previous administrations; promising to make USA great again, bringing back jobs, the economy, resources independence, security and Military predominance for world peace.

    Is it not obvious, a revolution is the only just objective recourse in a country, where in an environment of suppression, Government itself lawlessly, unconstitutionally, tyrannically, and unjustly suppressive; arrogantly prevented the wanting of people to count their votes and thereby are hopelessly doomed?

    The latest attempt to impeach President Trump is just their latest move to remove Trump from the equation because they know that he will be active in exposing the swamp.

    Republican Party and supporters should unite all over the country; support President Trump in using the insurrection act to correct the situation and to arrest the criminals.

  8. Gary Ellis 1 week ago

    I no longer have Facebook, Twitter or Amazon accounts and you shouldn’t either.

  9. Eric Kelly E.K. 1 week ago

    Bring back parlor

  10. Brad K 1 week ago

    Why would anyone use amazon as a platform to begin with???

  11. Robert Martin 1 week ago

    Silicon Valley is more dangerous to the freedoms of Americans than Al-Quaeda.

  12. big tech panicking just like nancy

  13. fretbrner 1 week ago

    Considering Google, apple and Amazon hosting shut them down all at the same time, goes to show it was a concerted effort.

  14. Healing Dog 1 week ago

    The modern god fearings wear camo and carry guns, blatantly attaching themselves to the only one side of political spectrums.
    The siege of the US capitol is merely a glimpse of the danger of it represents in that they believe they are the center of the universe, basically “The Chosens”
    We’ve seen it countless times before in global sense, Crusade, ISIS to name a few.
    Does it really matter which language they use to speak to the flaming bush?

  15. Rosey Angelis 1 week ago

    The best action you can take is to delete your Fakebook and TwHittler accounts.

  16. Eddie Morin 1 week ago


  17. Kevin Deiser 1 week ago

    Hopefully Parler will come out on top like Goya foods did after being attacked

  18. Keith Sargent 1 week ago

    All tyrannies rule through fraud & force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force. :-George Orwell Boycott Amazon & Twitter.

  19. Donerica Coleman 1 week ago

    I believe the content was staged.

  20. How about Class Action Law Suites against Voter Fraud, Big Tech election intervention, and Big Tech and MSM1984 control of our thoughts.
    How about Recall efforts to bring down all Politicians involved in this voter fraud and in support of those executing this Voter Fraud!

  21. Adrian Woodstock 1 week ago

    The attack on Parler is a great example of a coordinated attack on a competitor and closing down of dissenting voices like you see in China and Russia. The US is being ruled by an elite, we are watching the demise of the republic and have lost the moral high ground to lecture on democracy and corruption.

  22. Paolo Randi 1 week ago

    Intellectual activity and awakening is seen like the devil by those delinquent.

  23. Living Stones 1 week ago

    All this talk about what the left is doing. My question is what are the people on the right going to do about it? Why all the talk?

  24. Paolo Randi 1 week ago

    The Big Awake is going on.

  25. Wave goodbye America 👋

  26. zzjimmai59 1 week ago

    #OccupyBigTech #OccupyMSM
    After our great march over the Capitol, let’s go march toward MSM’s studios and Big Tech’s headquarter’s filling their campuses with wave of red MAGA hats and Trump flags all over the place. Shall we show them what is concretely is the red wave. Make big tech regret their abusing of power.

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POLITICS: Parler Chief responds after platform axed by Amazon, Apple - Video

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