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New York: Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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NY hospital stops baby deliveries as workers resign over vaccine mandate; UK drops vaccine passport


NY hospital stops baby deliveries as workers resign over vaccine mandate; UK drops vaccine passport

Another vaccine mandate backfired on an employer. A hospital in upstate New York is no longer able to deliver babies after six workers in its maternity ward quit their jobs over the mandate. While six employees doesn’t seem like a lot, they are however critical to the Lewis County General Hospital. The hospital will be unable to do any deliveries after Sept. 24th with seven more workers in the unit undecided about vaccination.

Over the weekend, the FBI first released a declassified document of what is expected to be detailing the investigations into whether the government of Saudi Arabia was complicit in the 9/11 attacks. The 16-page report written in 2016 was heavily redacted.

In the UK, the implementation of vaccine passports took another turn. The plan to mandate the passports for nightclubs and other large indoor events in England will not go ahead. On Sunday, the country’s health secretary, Sajid Javid, said on the BBC’s “The Andrew Marr Show” that he “never liked the idea” of forcing people to show vaccination papers.

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NY hospital stops baby deliveries as workers resign over vaccine mandate; UK drops vaccine passport

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  2. Jessica IsHere 1 week ago

    God bless you Michael and your entire family🙏🏻🥰❤️ I loove watching your news everyday.! Thank you soo much. Love ya and we must resist the jabs. I’ve seen the horrors of it first hand..

  3. Edward Samuel 1 week ago

    The FBI can't even be trusted in their investigation of 9/11. Are they the dumbest agency in the world, that they cannot find who did it? Or were they implicated in detonating the dynamite to bring the buildings down…….? President Bush Jnr had no emotion on his face when he was notified of it at the kindergarten school. Did he know about what was to happen and this was the reason why he did not show any emotions in his face? This man doesn't have any nerves of steel. They are all corrupt.

  4. Mark Skeldon 1 week ago

    Mandating a vaccine that has proven to be ineffective against the delta mutation of covid only proves the political nature of the fight.

  5. SomeGuy 1 week ago

    Great job sir!

  6. Xochil 16 1 week ago

    Does anyone still trust what the FIB says? I don't!

  7. Eva D. 1 week ago

    Exactly..last year heros now unemployed..

  8. LikeZ - 13 1 week ago

    Nurse know yhe covid jab are killing professional who work in the medical field. Read over 200,000 students this fall semester, have been injured from the jab.

  9. Soul Liker 1 week ago

    I never received the notification for this video Michael, I hope it's not a sign that you're in yotu's sight.

  10. packjim56 1 week ago

    When I early voted on September 11 to get rid of Gaven Newsom the poll worker printing out my paper ballot pulled a fast one on me. I hope Project Veritas is on point to expose these egregious violations of election integrity.

  11. Charles Seagroves 1 week ago


  12. lisa lange 1 week ago

    I want to know what happens if an owner of a business doesn't get the vaccine? does he fire himself??? LOL

  13. SunMoonStars 1 week ago

    America Syand up and say no! The people have the power!

  14. Ron Coon 1 week ago

    Saudi Arabian government complicit? They were accessories after, during, and very possibly before the fact.

  15. Kwich Zwellbreck 1 week ago

    People are just stupid! They just dont understand that "democracy" does NOT MEAN to have a government that does THE RIGHT THING (whatever that may be anyway!!!) but to have a government that does WHATEVER the MAJORITY of voters want them to do!

    But what do you expect from a "democratic" system where politicians DONT DO WHAT THEY SAID THEY WOULD DO during their campaigns to get voted in and furthermore switch their "opinions" on matters like a flag in the wind.

    An average of 4 years in between elections is far to long for the fast pacing world we live in anyhow. We need at least on urgent actual topics polls on what people want the government to do!

    = Why dont you ask people if they want lockdowns, shots and "rescuing the planet Earth from human made climate" (chuckle) while stating what actually COSTS and NEGATIVE aspects they will face???

    We dont have democracies in the West anymore (if we had it at any time before?!) but a system of Oligarchy ("elites" (name for those with power and not for skills or morals ^^) running the show!

  16. Ron Coon 1 week ago

    Forced Vaccinations?: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

  17. Rob Ski 1 week ago

    What is the biggest national security threat to the United States of America and the American people? Mr. Joe Biden.

  18. Mary Potter 1 week ago

    Wow! The CCP links to 9/11.

  19. rjet43 1 week ago

    Good for them! People need to fight back! Shall not comply babbling illegitimate biden

  20. Lisa Marie 1 week ago

    Good for them!!!

  21. on the far side 1 week ago

    I don't think the baby cares. The hospital is the tip of stupid.

  22. Ro Lau 1 week ago

    If doctors and nurses are refusing the jab that speaks volumes.

  23. Gloria Wheeler 1 week ago

    How come nobody is talking about how many people are dying or injured?
    Or Dr. Fauci lied about "gained of function?"
    Or our taxes paid for it?
    Over 1000 Doctors and Scientists are talking about crimes against humanity.

  24. Tony Ed 1 week ago

    My local area they'll pay you in cash $100 if you're willing to get the shot. No waiting, come right in!

  25. Tony Ed 1 week ago

    Where is the final 9/11 Commission report from Congress is Pelosi still refusing to let that out to the public? Even after twenty years we still can't get a report we paid billions for? If it's so classified and so secret who are they protecting?

  26. Tony Ed 1 week ago

    Why wouldn't the CEO of Pfizer be vaccinated? He was just refused air travel 1 month ago because he was not vaccinated. Why would I want to sign up for an experimental drug he won't?

  27. Tony Ed 1 week ago

    Hospitals don't have to comply. They can reply to the best of my knowledge all employees are vaccinated but under HIPAA law, we are not allowed to look at their medical records without their consent. 😁👍 nor are we allowed to provide you with their medical records without their consent. Furthermore, as a Medical Professional Organization we have to abide by HIPAA law.

  28. Goofin Hiemer 1 week ago

    What? No more "Papers please!"
    Our yellow stars are still being shipped from China and it is already over? Jeez.
    Leftists tyrants are going to pivot back to climate based propaganda.
    I fear there will not be an appropriate legal response to the leftist powergrab lies. The communist takeover continues, and it is a real future smasher.

  29. rh1507 1 week ago

    Ah the vaccine. Could have sworn that I saw a swastika as the vaccine symbol.

  30. Jenny Zehner 1 week ago

    Now if America would do the right thing with these mandates!

  31. neckarsulme 1 week ago

    Good, more push back will mean their tyrannical mandates get shut down

  32. Papa Woody 1 week ago

    The first time in history that we've had a vaccine so effective that the government has to force you to get it, four times.

  33. The Stuck Middle 1 week ago


  34. rico yourmom 1 week ago


  35. Marshall Law 1 week ago

    So the poor will get less coverage as medicare puts radical requirements on the health care providers. Entire hospitals likely to refus medicare and medicaid now. Alsi folks either become part of a lawsuit or quite if mandated or dont believe on mandates. The employers have to suffer for this confiscation of workers rights.

  36. Becki Lowry 1 week ago

    Check out alex jones on rumble, and listen to the doctors and scientist tell how dangerous the jab really is.

  37. DeepSouth Granny 1 week ago

    Those who allow evil to go unpunished demand it be done.

  38. LadyB 0511 1 week ago

    I was just thinking about the Audits. What is the scoop? Trump won and Biden was installed like a toilet.

  39. Greg Schroer 1 week ago

    Once again I'll say it read the Georgia Guidestones and ask yourself this question could these people be in on this? What did Bill Gates say we have to d popularize the world boy that's strange ain't it I believe he has stock in that vaccine okay just consider before you get that shot you may want grandkids things like that

  40. sob222 1 week ago

    How did the yhird towwer fall?

  41. Mone Latu 1 week ago

    Tonga has no case of covid 19 yet
    The Government has make vaccines mandatory.Everyone will have the vaccine.what is our world comes to.
    Wondering how much money involves

  42. sob222 1 week ago

    People are waking up to the satanic lies.

  43. Paul H 1 week ago

    Don't let the communist spread their evil ways into the USA

  44. Paul zimmerer 1 week ago

    All should quit their jobs if this becomes mandate I'll never go back to the department of transportation

  45. plumb crazy 1 week ago

    God speed Micheal

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POLITICS: NY hospital stops baby deliveries as workers resign over vaccine mandate; UK drops vaccine passport - Video

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