New York: Sunday, June 16, 2024
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New York: Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Politics: New York Dems Worst Fears Become Reality After Bs

POLITICS: New York Dems WORST FEARS Become Reality After BS Trump Conviction โ€“ The Beltway Report

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Real estate investor Grant Cardone expressed his concerns on the Fox Business Network following the recent Trump verdict. He believes that the outcome of the trial will have far-reaching consequences on New York Cityโ€™s economy.

Cardone stated that he, along with others, no longer trusts the political and legal system in the city, making it difficult for him to conduct business there.

Cardone, the founder of Cardone Capital, questioned the implications of the verdict on other businessmen, saying, โ€œIf they can do this to Donald Trump, a former president, regardless of how you feel about the politics, if they can do this to a former president, what can they do to Grant Cardone? What can they do to any other businessman?โ€

Having recently withdrawn his business from New York, Cardone warned that Trumpโ€™s legal troubles could lead to financial devastation in the city.

He argued that investors would be hesitant to invest in New York City, citing concerns about the legal systemโ€™s weaponization for political purposes.

New York City is already grappling with challenges such as crime, reduced revenue due to population decline, and the border crisis.

The reluctance of investors like Cardone to engage in business in the city will only exacerbate these issues, potentially leading to long-lasting effects that are difficult to predict.

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