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New York: Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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NEW: Private "Patriot" group pulls off harrowing American rescue in Afghanistan | REPORT


NEW: Private "Patriot" group pulls off harrowing American rescue in Afghanistan | REPORT

A group of private military members was credited by Representative Ronny Jackson with pulling off a rescue of more American civilians still in Afghanistan. Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson reports.

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  1. davegreenbitch 2 weeks ago

    They said everyone that wanted to come home was home tho

  2. rolback 2 weeks ago

    More lies from Biden and his administration. “All Americans that wanted out we got out” 10,000 lies in 8 months. Only the uneducated, uniformed, racist, cultists vote democrat.

  3. Alison Cole 2 weeks ago

    Put these people in jail! Where are the Republicans

  4. Lee Brewer 2 weeks ago

    State department needs delt with.

  5. Tito B. Yotoko Jr. 2 weeks ago

    The tragic part is that most Americans will never get to know about this because MSM will never report it.

  6. Sarah Grant 2 weeks ago

    Anyone still need convincing that the Deep State is real?

  7. Leroy Van Drie 2 weeks ago

    Good show

  8. Sean jackson 2 weeks ago

    I wish these same great patriots would take out this administration

  9. Zyz2x 2 weeks ago

    who is at the top of state dept? who is in that office that makes decisions?

  10. James Bracken 2 weeks ago

    The deep state department are lying through their teeth. You can't believe anything they say. They are traitors, this whole operation has bee sabotaged by the biden admin. They conspired a virus to conspire election fraud to collapse the economy to conspire the great reset so everybody is reset back to zero except them. There is a handful of evil billionairs that think they will make it to the end. The love of money is the root of all evil. GOD BLESS AMERICA! GLORY BE TO GOD!!! IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY!!!!!!!

  11. Sandra Sharp 2 weeks ago

    Shine light on the truth

  12. Blair Penny 2 weeks ago

    There is literally zero defense for the way our forces left Afghanistan and the way this disaster was handled. Now knowing that Biden told the Afghans to lie about the advancing Taliban forces and the territory they had taken coupled with us leaving in the middle of the night without even telling them we were going is inexplicable. The only 2 answers as to how this could happen are that it was intentional or complete incompetence top to bottom

  13. Suzu M. 2 weeks ago

    The adbidenstration is probably going to accuse these private patriots of treason for interfering. I betcha!

  14. JEB THE GOD EMPEROR 2 weeks ago

    It's literally Jimmy Carter all over again, Ross Perot did the same thing during the Iran Hostage crisis.

  15. Deanna Dearmore 2 weeks ago

    Send biden over there let him figure it out. We don't need him here anyway

  16. Tirzah Thomas 2 weeks ago

    Biden administration are NOT Americans, They are globalists. There was a coup by way of election fraud. The democrat party is a front for the Illuminati as it began as an Illuminati sub group named “democratic-societies”.

  17. Debbie Muratore 2 weeks ago

    Amazing how many people there are to save this country and its people… too bad others had so much hate for one person they elected to destroy us with this administration….shame on those who sold out america for hatred

  18. henry james 2 weeks ago

    Time to get the band back together

  19. Dyan Shane 2 weeks ago

    And when these rescued people come back, there going to tell us the ones BIDEN brought in are filled with the TALIBAN terrorists!

  20. Kenneth Krueger 2 weeks ago

    America is trying to pay off the Taliban. joe biden and his absurd administration are so very dangerous! We have to stop them!

  21. Lord Enki 2 weeks ago

    Did we just see a huge weapons sale at the American taxpayers expense?

  22. Melissa Steele 2 weeks ago

    Who on this earth could hit the thumbs down button. An American???? Maybe you should trade places with those left behind.

  23. Vulcan Studios 2 weeks ago

    Some of the groups responsible for those six planes asked Newsmax to not publish some details about this – due to the safety of the citizens involved. Pretty disappointed that newsmax did NOT listen to requests made to not publish sensitive info.

  24. Douglas Russell 2 weeks ago

    Great group of people we have at the state department huh

  25. RiSKeY ! 2 weeks ago


  26. Terry Buckalew 2 weeks ago

    May the good Lord surround these people left and people helping with safety love and peace

  27. Joseph 2 weeks ago


  28. Sara Burns 2 weeks ago

    Will Americans never learn? Thus kind of report only puts other Americans stuck in Afganistan in danger. Now they will be looking for those trying to sneak Americans out.

  29. Clifton Pyle 2 weeks ago

    Why do American citizens have to have credentials while Afghans only have to show up to fly out?

  30. runee spahr 2 weeks ago

    Traitor joe contacted other countries and told them not to offer assistance

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POLITICS: NEW: Private "Patriot" group pulls off harrowing American rescue in Afghanistan | REPORT - Video

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