New York: Friday, February 23, 2024
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New York: Friday, February 23, 2024
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Post columnist Cindy Adams was crowned Miss Bagel in 1951 by the Brooklyn Better Bakers Bureau.

POLITICS: New Bob Marley biopic ‘One Love’ gets his family’s stamp of approval

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It’s a ‘One Love’ jam session

The late Bob Marley’s love letter — Jamaican songfest “Bob Marley: One Love” — unspools Valentine’s Day starring Brit actor Kingsley Ben-Adir.

Kingsley: “You take a role and you go to work. Bob was not simple. I wanted to understand his huge backstory. The love his family put into this is a communal thing.”

Bob’s granddaughter Zuri: “It’s about peace, love, rebellion and revolution. The world needs all that.”

Son Ziggy: “This respects Jamaican culture. And explores Bob’s humorous, fearful and spiritual side. Valentine’s Day of love is an appropriate time.”

In theaters Feb. 14.

Bring brownies. What’s in them is up to you.

Capital plan?

Larry Kudlow. Fox TV, WABC radio expert on economy, former chief economist for Bear Stearns, President Reagan and President Trump:

“We’re in decline. Wrong direction. Biden’s terrible on economy, the border catastrophe, foreign policy, values, parents, won’t allow Democratic party competition. He needs to cut taxes, be tough on trade, protect our technology, improve our military, stop strangling business, rebuild cities and start first with disaster Washington.

“I worry about the border, economy, inflation, wages falling, USA’s future, illegal immigration. Biden doesn’t care, doesn’t understand it or is not strong enough to stop crazy left-wing woke people.

Biden’s now mean. Nasty. He insults. His facts are wrong. He’s lost control of the economy, border, foreign policy. Always wrong on issues. The guy I knew has completely changed.

“Look, I’m 28 years sober. Clean. Rough time in the early ’90s. With Hunter he should’ve stepped in years ago. And for this I blame Joe Biden. It’ll have a bad ending. Haunt the Bidens for years. Joe’s been lying from Day 1 . . . But it’ll probably wind up that he pardons his kid.

“Nikki? No Republican Party support. Mediocre campaign. Probably knows things won’t work for her. I hope she drops out of the race.”

Yeah, OK, so meanwhile, in future, will you end up driving an electric car?


Novelty diners

So, whilst Columbia, the gem of the ocean, disintegrates, read great best sellers like “The Edge” by David Baldacci. Also James Patterson’s “Alex Cross Must Die” . . . IF into great steaks, friendly waiters — it’s Ricky Passarelli’s restaurant Bobby Van’s at the Helmsley Building, 46th & Park.

Say cheese

TV’s NY1 station announced that somewhere sometime someplace somehow somebody nominated— ready? —the Best Bagel in Queens.

Post columnist Cindy Adams was crowned “Miss Bagel” in 1951 by the Brooklyn Better Bakers Bureau. Courtesy of Cindy Adams

As a teenage model a lifetime ago, some Brooklyn Better Bakers Bureau crowned me “Miss Bagel.”

Minus the cream cheese or smoked lox, my coronation came with a huge tiara of shellacked bagels. I hate mentioning this. But I know if I don’t bring it up somebody else will.

There exists an unconfirmed whisper that Joe Biden threw out his back. The rest of his body — unfortunately — did not go with it.

Now being heard loudly except in Delaware, kids, loudly except in Delaware.

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