NATO launches Counter-Terrorism Reference Curriculum, no mention of Islamic jihad

NATO launches Counter-Terrorism Reference Curriculum, no mention of Islamic jihad

Rather like the nonsense put forth under Obama, i.e., the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program, whereby it is not mentioned that Islam accounts for the vast amount of violent extremism in the world and whereby a moral equivalency plane is assumed whereby Far Right extremists (quite few in numbers and respecting committed atrocities) are as much a threat (actually far more per this stupidthink) than the hundreds of millions of Muslims who are extremists, such Muslim extremists being either Muslims supporting fellow Mo extremists or actually engaging in extremism themselves, per what Islam in its theological blueprint demands from all Muslims. (N.B., Many Muslims are not ready to support or carry out the many despicable Islamic directives, of which there are many {e.g., death for apostasy, as to be found in Sura 4:89, and the sanctioning of the rape of non-Muslim women, as to be found in Suras 4, 23, 33 and 70} but it is imperative to realize that lazy Muslims, so-so Muslims, even silly, sincere Muslims who argue that Islam is something noble and good, should NEVER be allowed to distract from what Islam really intends for all the world—or how sick it really is)

Anyway, “merely” more politically correct idiocy, this time courtesy of NATO. Meanwhile, over 37,000 documented Islamic terrorist attacks have occurred just since 9/11 versus, what, a few dozen, a hundred or so, non-Islamic terrorist attacks done in the name of some other stupid ideology over the same time period? And yes, I wish to be very clear, completely unambiguous, I do most definitely consider Islam a stupid ideology. Unfortunately, it also has been able to masquerade as a major religion of the world and massive deception by Muslims, and massive ignorance by non-Muslims defending Islam, keeps this longest-lived lie alive.

But back to NATO. If it had any real guts and accurate knowledge (it doesn’t), it would have kicked out Turkey many years ago. PRECISELY to the extent this has not happened, then precisely to this very extent does putrid political correctness, moronic multiculturalism and continued ignorance of what Islam has in mind for all the world function as a continual indictment of NATO at present, which was originally (and nobly) constructed to preserve and extend freedom. No way Turkey under Erdogan is doing this. And no way Islam in general has ever preserved or extended freedom.

Farce all around. A given. It continues unabated.

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